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For anyone checking up on this site for me let me open with my most sincere apology. Your readership means the world to me and I thank you for your time. Now, recently I endured a period of transition from fed to state, or should I say, back to the state. That’s pretty rough on you. If you don’t know what displacement is like through divorce or incarceration then know it’s pretty damned traumatic. Especially for me. I’ve just completed a 19 year sentence in the feds, I did an actual 18 years, four months on it and before that, eight months in the state before the feds dropped their case on me. I’m lucky to be here actually, it only took a black president and the best lawyers in Ohio to get a reduced sentence from 46 years, nine months to 19 and change. But along the way I picked up two more indictments. Every time I won the state or feds had some prosecutor hit me with more charges. They play a dirty game. As we speak the state is trying to renege on the plea I made in 2000. The fight never ends for real niggas. I knew this from a young age, and the struggle will ensue ‘til I die, I know it, but fuck ’em, they’re gonna have to kill me before I betray the principles given to me from generations of enslaved black men.

Enough of that though, it was hard leaving the feds as strange as it sounds. I’ve been with my brothers from all over the U.S. for most of my adult life. I know many of them better than I know most of my own family. I couldn’t deal with seeing young and old men cry when I walked out that door. We’d fought against the Mexicans, whites, administration together. We’d been teargassed together, locked down in holes with little or no food together, fighting the system by learning and teaching one another the law and shit like that. And almost all of us were FUCKED UP with respects to the amount of time we were doing. So it wasn’t like the core guys were going home, we were stuck like chuck doing decades. I’ve bonded with enemies in those years, found myself back to back against the police with Arian Circle and California AB’s. Slavery, which is what prison actually is under the 13 Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, will show a man how superficial racism really is. It reveals a man to himself and forces him to make compromises that allows one to keep track of their manhood.

So I get back to the turf, and it’s like a hero’s welcome. I forgot who I really was in the mountains of North Amerikkka. I was all but put on the homies shoulders and carried down the compound when I finally got to the state. It took me three weeks to finally realize that I was home. I’d written off seeing my real homies ever again because the game is so cold that when a man like me chooses to honor the game and keep his fucking trap shut you automatically adjust to the inevitable fact that you’re never going to see your school yard friends again. Then I get here and all my real niggas are waiting for me, because the ones that weren’t indicted with me got twenty year sentences shortly after me.

Then it took some time for me to use to all the love I’m currently receiving. Most of us in the feds don’t get a lot of visits. And by a lot I mean weekly. Even the best of us miss weeks, realistically most of us miss months unless you’re close to home. But now that I’m back in Ohio, not far from the crib I can’t put everyone on my list because I’d never get any peace. It’s hard hugging and kissing the folks all the time, but I’ll take it!

My beloved Ohio is a sick place now. I’ll save that for the next blog, but its back on track, holler front!

Oh, if anyone wants to holler at me directly go to www.JPay.com and submit your email address and whatever else they want and I’ll get at you (LaMont NeeDum 677-302). Once!!!!