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Lost and Forgotten Soldiers

SHAKIM'S HOODThis is a tribute dedicated to all the lost souls, lost lives and casualties of war in this life we call the game. A game is where there are very few winners but way to many losers. To all the soldiers who hugged the block, whether it’s a city block or jail house to prison block. All the street generals, colonels, sergeants and lieutenants, who all had that same great American Dream to generate that capital (money) and get right and be rich. Get rich or die trying.

The street corporate CEO’s and entrepreneurs who knew how to grind and get money no matter what field or arena of the street they were involved in. Those who were shot, crippled, sold their souls, locked up or lost their lives. Those who really lived that life. The life glorified by these so called fakers and gangsta rappers. The ones the young generation that’s now on the grind mimes and looks up to. The ones who paved the way. The ones who shined and did their thing.

The lost and forgotten that’s dead and buried in cemeteries all across the country. Where there is no coming back. The lost and forgotten that is breathing, but still buried alive in these prisons whether federal or state all across the country. The lost and forgotten leaders who were only leading us to the hell fires and paths of destruction. Twenty-one gunshot salutes.

Your name may not still ring the same bells but you are still remembered and honored in the hearts of the real ones representing the same struggles and carrying on the same traditions, salutes!

Those staying true to the same rules and values that didn’t stay true to them. Those who bussed their guns or went down in a hail of hot lead. Those who stood tall and are still standing tall despite their current situation. Salutes! You know who you are.

Hold your head up high. This is for you, for all you did for the community, good or bad. Today you are being saluted. Lost and Forgotten soldiers.

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