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Studio Gangsta William “Rick Ross” Roberts Continues to Deny he Stole Street Legend Freeway Ricky Ross’ Name, Image and Likeness

rick ross rapper 1Rolling Stone magazine called him “the William Howard Taft of the rap game; the self-proclaimed ‘big fat black nigga’; the guy T-Pain once called ‘Boss’ 20 times in 11 seconds; the only man alive with a diamond encrusted medallion of his own face. But with all the negative p-press the rapper has been getting lately, which has been shattering the gangsta image he has so carefully constructed, will the love affair with Rick Ross finally be over? And when will the rapper come clean and admit he stole ghetto superstar Freeway Ricky Ross’ name, image and likeness to certify his well-crafted caricature?

Ever since 2006, when Ross exploded onto the scene with his monster hit “Hustlin” he has tried to live up to the reputation he created as the biggest, baddest, boss motherfucker and rapper around. “It wasn’t like he turned into Rick Ross overnight,” Miami rapper Trina said. “It was almost like he was speaking money into reality. He spoke of it as if the non-existent was already existent.” At first Ross went by the name Willow for his rap moniker then he changed it to Teflon and finally settled on Rick Ross. The self-described Godfather movie and gangster aficionado even titled his latest album God Forgives, I Don’t to substantiate his larger than life persona and studio gangsta facade.

From the jump Ross injected his alleged drug dealer exploits into his mythology. His claims in interviews of getting “rich off cocaine” before he ever started rapping are infamous but also ring hollow to those in the know and to the real soldiers in the belly of the beast. “Will didn’t have much money,” his baby-mama wrote in her memoir Tia’s Diary: Deeper than rap- The True Story of Rick Ross’ Baby Mother. “One time we went to get some dinner and he pulled out a debit card and I saw his mom’s name on it.” And the rapper 50 Cent calls “Officer Ricky”, became a corrections officer in 1995 but in the recent Rolling Stone interview he gave his reasons for that move after years of denials and a campaign of smoke and mirrors.

He told Rolling Stone he became a C/O to avoid the drug game and has hinted that he was actually a crooked C/O. It seems the story always changes with William Roberts. After claiming affiliation with Pablo Escobar, Manual Noriega, Convertible Burt and the Boobie Boys- Ross now claims he was up under the notorious Miami Boys, another infamous Florida drug organization that operated and was indicted in the mid-90s. Instead of calling his album Deeper Than Rap he should have called it Deeper Than Shit, like put on the boots and break out the shovel, because the shit is getting deep in here. To label the rapper a fraud or a phony isn’t even credible anymore because everyone knows he is just playing a gangster on TV.

But Rolling Stone misses the point; they wrote that “Rick Ross is essentially just a character that he’s created. And if there’s one thing Ross is really good at its playing Rick Ross.” The truth of the matter is there is a real Rick Ross, Freeway Ricky Ross and he takes offense at the rapper’s exploitation of his birth name. The real Rick Ross is the person kids should listen to rather than this phony Disney rapper. Freeway Ricky Ross, who is now out of prison, is a wise man who understands why the CIA introduced crack cocaine to the black communities to destroy them and drive up the incarceration rates of young black males. He was one of the original dealers but now speaks out to try and help kids avoid the wrong path. Unfortunately the rapper Rick Ross and the music industry leaches perpetuate and glorify the death, destruction and devastation that the so called drug game and gangsterism has wreaked on the black community.

Freeway-Rick-RossFreeway Ricky Ross of the infamous CIA/Contra/Noriega cocaine connection has a right to be mad at the rapper who had the nerve to use the real Rick Ross’ popularity of contributing to the genocide of thousands of children in the hood to sell records that glamorize the genocide of the black community. And the truth of the matter is that the rapper is selling an illusion to white kids in the suburbs, who are the main audience for rap. The suburban youth of American are getting their look into street life and the dope game three minutes at a time courtesy of studio gangsta Rick Ross. It’s no different than Hollywood’s romanticization of the Mafia in Goodfellas or other mob movies.

But Freeway Ricky Ross has taken the rapper to court now. He wants his piece of the pie and why not? Not a very gangsta move but when you go at suckers like William Roberts, going to court might be your only option. “The reality is I want justice done. I know that he took his name and image from my life and believe he is unfairly profiting off my story,” Freeway Ricky told allhiphop.com. He even commented on the Rolling Stone interview Rozay did. “The answers by Rozay to being a correctional officer were BS, this is scripted to make it look like he had some struggle. No one tells you to go be a correctional officer before all the other jobs that build our community such as a carpenter, mechanic or preacher. They especially won’t say it when their son just got convicted for a long sentence behind unfair drug laws. They tell you get a job and don’t do crime. They don’t say ‘William, my son, is in jail for 20 years for a nonviolent offense, save yourself and go become his guard, be a correctional officer.’ William never sold drugs, so the whole idea he had to wash his hands is never cleared up. Why would you wash your hands for somebody else selling drugs, that you happened to know. Rozay needs to read Michelle Alexander’s book New Jim Crow to understand why that’s the case and his real place in the crack epidemic. This is a disrespect to everyone who actually lived the game, people are serving 20 years because they had to for survival and his guy is using my life and name this way.”

The rapper Rick Ross has also been having problems with the Gangster Disciples for using their leader Larry Hoover’s name in his BMF song. It’s been said the Rick Ross canceled the rest of his Maybach Music Group tour because of safety concerns and YouTube videos posted by members of the gang who threatened to step to the rapper and make a move on him. And recently the rapper was the victim of a drive-by shooting. So where this all ends we don’t know but one thing is for sure the rapper Rick Ross’ past is catching up with him. The lies he has told to build his rap career are finally coming back to haunt him and the man whose story, likeness and image he stole to create his rap persona wants his piece of the pie. Can the rapper get through all this or will he go down like Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer or other entertainers who got exposed as frauds. We will see.


  • CASH says:


  • south central says:

    officer ricky ia a straight phony nobody in the hood bump his music only the white boys bump his music freeway rick ross is the real deal a living legend with all the street credebility….

  • As an original facilitator of the hip hop movement in Chicago and an individual who was unfortunately part of the street life here in the 80’s & 90’s, I look at William Leonard Roberts II in disgust and disbelief. We are currently reaping the effects of the misery we planted in the 80’s and 90’s through the sale of illegal street drugs.
    The women we sold crack to then had children and they are the ones shooting up our streets now; giving us the highest homicide rate in the nation. They are also the ones listening to the lies being sold by Mr. Roberts II. If William could have simply remained himself and used his lyrical ability along with his REAL background he would have been a shining example of what hard work and determination can flourish into.
    There has never been any shame in working an honest job, supporting your family and still pursuing your dreams. The story that could’ve been derived from the perserverance of Mr. Roberts in pursuing and attaining his goals would’ve been phenomenal.
    However, Mr. Roberts chose to steal the life of a totally different individual. How can a person look in the mirror and be in acceptance of himself knowing that EVERYTHING he has acquired & all of his accomplishments is due to a lie that he is currently living out.
    My article which discusses this in detail, Who Stole the Real Out of Rap is at: http://reignmaker1911.blogspot.com/

    As for the first commentor. We who have lived that life are not proud of it. Furthermore, NEVER would a individual from that side of the tracks rap about some of the content Mr. Roberts places in his lyrics. We would be considered a snitch & dealt with accordingly. Please develop a mind of your own and stop being a follower. Mr. Roberts has NO real street credibility, not from where it counts. Had situations been different, “The Old Man,” would have never allowed Mr. Roberts to use his name in anything.

  • socalboy says:

    werd! straight up buster. to everybody who been in the game this clown aint got nuttin coming but a beat down. come to so cali mrs ricki see what happens?

  • dexter jay says:

    straight bitch no doubts about that punk ass police ass nigga

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