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Uncle Fridge’s Pulpit

The Game God

Only real hustlers know about the Game God. He’s one of those mythical entities that exist for the purpose of keeping order in the land and establishes law where there is none. He’s also a crutch for real niggas. I was twelve or thirteen the first time I heard about the Game God. Uncle Tone and I were sitting on the cut and this fine woman walks up to me and asks for a dubb. I was still wet behind the ears a little (1988, I remember because Big Daddy Kane was bumpin’), my lame ass said, “You’re too fine to be smoking this shit.” The woman didn’t respond, she smiled, I served her, and she rolled out. After the woman left Uncle Tone punched me in the shoulder and said, “Nigga, you don’t preach to no other street nigga about they bid-ness! Game God don’t like that shit!”

I frequently heard about the Game God after that day. Some questions you simply don’t ask in the streets, you just absorb the game and try your best not to look like a sucka. I discovered exactly what the Game God really was in the end and like many a hustler before me, I believe in him. When my co-defendant Sherm’ won his crack reduction the first thing that flew out my mouth was, “That’s the Game God!” It is said by street niggas that, “Everyone gets a turn.” This is one of the laws put forth by the Game God. He’s a cruel master. But if you abide by his rules you will see a better day, during and after the game. The Game God also says, “The game is cold, but it’s fair.” Let’s examine what these maxims mean.

“Everyone gets a turn,” and “The game is cold, but it’s fair,” speak about the fairness of not only the dope game, but the game of life. Every man that enters the streets has the same opportunity as the next man. Rather or not they choose to take advantage of the game is on them. Being born in Amerikkka, Black Men get the short end of everything. You see niggas playing in the NBA and rappin’, but it’s really just a few niggas that are making it like that, most of us suffer immensely in our lives and no one really cares. But we’re still men, and a man knows that excuses don’t feed crying babies. We also know that no one wants to hear our asses moping about what we have and don’t have; you can save that shit for the preachers. Since we are born in sin (inequality), we must find a way to balance the scales and suck it up. The same way we created numerous deities in Africa, we created a mean one when we hit the cut; hence, the Game God was born.

In the streets you’re either gonna fly or die. Every man reaches an apex in his street life and needs the beauty of the Game God’s guidance and wisdom to get as far as he can in the game. He’s the God of the concrete jungle, and author of the REAL Jungle Creed. Every man is gonna get a chance to make a nice little dollar. But what will he do with it? Every man gets a chance to prove he’s a goon, but will he ho’ up or blow up? And most importantly every man gets a chance to taste shit on a shingle, that classic jailhouse breakfast. Will he abide by the rules of the game when he falls? Or will he violate the game and join Uncle Sam’s ho-house?  You’re also not allowed to feel sorry for a man that was getting money and blew it. It makes you soft. You can throw him a bone to help him through a rough day. But you can’t feel sorry for him, the Game God frowns on that.

The Game God sounds like a shitty guy, right? THAT’S BECAUSE HE IS!!!!! He’s the last chance at life for many of us. He’s tough, but he’s fair! He either makes you a man or a complete and total bitch without question. The young homies now got it messed up. They try to bend the rules of the game and it’s not working for them. And because prison has separated an entire generation, many don’t know how the game is supposed to go. They let rats and dry snitches get away with shit they shouldn’t. They accept people they should reject. In my lifetime I have met some rats that will make you think they are sho’ nuff a man! They seem cool as the other side of the pillow. But when the noose tightens, they throw your name to the beast first. The Game God removes all doubt. One of my favorite sayings is, “Tell a little something, tell a whole lot of something.” It’s an indicator. If you see this behavior on a small scale, that’s who you’ll be dealing with on a grand scale and you should move away from them.

If you live by the rules that the Game God set fourth you won’t have a lot of friends, but the ones you have will be REAL friends, even if YOU’RE your ONLY friend. You may not get rich, but you’ll be rich in courage and live a life of self-reliance. If you do become rich, nobody will be able to dupe you because the game will have so thoroughly fucked you over you’ll know bullshit miles away. And when you’re stranded in jail with no relief in sight, just remember that everyone gets a turn and you will get yours again if you survive the game and play it properly. You might be older, but look at all the young homies that didn’t make it to see fifteen! You may not come home to a party, hell the feds are washing niggas up so viciously that we’re going from legends to myths!(ha!) But you’ll be tough enough to make it from nothing, because the Game God says things like, “Make it where you at!” and “You can make a dollar out of thin air,” and it’s true. In prison I write. People pay good money to buy my books. But that’s making money out of thin air. The game is so cold people pay to read about our life experiences. The Game God wants to see you prosper because he’s a black god. He makes it hard on us so that the cream will rise to the top. Stick to the rules delivered to you by the Game God and you’ll be one hell of a nigga. But better still when he’s completely done and you FINISH the game strong you will also be the MAN you dreamed you can be, and remember the truth of the matter, White men created niggers, no matter how we try to justify it. But GOD, and I mean the REAL God of the universe made MAN in his image. That’s what any of us with any sense are truly after.

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