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New DVD on Philly’s Junior Black Mafia

Tailormade: The Bucky Davis Story, A Junior Black Mafia Boss is a new documentary written by James Anderson and Damony Giles. This documentary looks into the life of Bucky Davis, a promising young amateur boxer, who put his dream of becoming a professional fighter on hold, when he joined the ultra violent JBM. “Get down or lay down” was the credo of the Junior Black Mafia and the organization used violence and murder to expand its grip on the sale of cocaine in Philadelphia. Aaron Jones was the street boss of the JBM and has gone down in the chronicles of gangster lore as an American gangster legend. But many in the know say that Leroy “Bucky” Davis was right up under Aaron Jones, in the mix and very present and accounted for in the hierarchy of the JBM.

This DVD looks at his life, story and death, within the framework of the rise and fall of the Junior Black Mafia narrative. We got with the writers and producers of the documentary, Damony Giles and James Anderson to get the 411 on this exciting and exclusive new film on one of the most intriguing drug crews from the crack era. Check out their comments on the film, Aaron Jones, Bucky Davis and the JBM in general.

Damony Giles is the producer and cousin of both Bucky Davis and JBM member James Anderson, who is serving a life sentence in Pennsylvania, for his role on the case in which Aaron Jones received the death penalty for. You know Gorilla Convict brings it straight from the penitentiary to you, but don’t let us tell it, let them.

What made you decide to do the documentary on Bucky and the JBM?

Damony Giles- I was inspired to do the documentary by my cousin Jaymo (James Anderson). I always wondered what happened to my cousins Bucky and Jaymo. I heard all the crazy street stories. So three years ago I went to visit Jaymo, who’s locked up and he told me the truth about a lot of things. He then convinced me and my cousin Mike to do the documentary film about Bucky.

Is the documentary through Bucky’s eyes or is it his story in the framework of the JBM story?

DG- The documentary is through the eyes of family, close friends and ex-JBM members. Bucky’s story is a major part of the JBM story, in fact Bucky was a key cog that made the JBM engine run and reach its level of notoriety.

How did Bucky get down with the JBM and what was he responsible for?

Jaymo (James Anderson)- Sam Brown aka Black Sam or Magic introduced Bucky to the game in early 1986. By 1987 Bucky had risen in rank. At his height Bucky was responsible for distributing over 50 kilos of cocaine a month in Southwest Philly, West Philly and other parts of the city, and neighboring states.

What was his relationship with Aaron Jones like?

Jaymo- Aaron Jones aka AJ was Bucky’s mentor, big brother and close friend. Bucky thought the world of AJ.

Did Bucky have any interaction with other dudes like James Cole or other JBM leaders or big names?

Jaymo- Bucky knew all the high ranking JBM members. In fact Bucky was part of the JBM upper echelon. Before his death Bucky was ranked 1 or 2 in command behind AJ.

Does the documentary explore how and why Bucky was killed? Explain.

DG- Yes, it does. In the film people speak about their sentiments as to why they think Bucky got killed. We decided to leave it up to the audience to decide who they think may have done it. And why?

What type of impact did the JBM have on Philly and what is their legacy?

DG- The JBM set the tone for the escalating violence we see today, the JBM’s legacy could be looked at from two perspectives. From the street point of view it’s the gold standard for how the game is played. It could be argued no one put it down like they did. And two, they are part responsible for the madness we see today in the streets of Philly and other low income cities.
 Bucky and Aaron Jones 

Was Bucky known as a fighter in the hood and his areas?

Jaymo- Bucky was well known locally and nationally for his phenomenal boxing and fighting skills. Had he stayed the course of boxing, we would be telling a different story today. Bucky could have easily been world champ. He was that good.

How did he rise through the ranks of the JBM?

Jaymo- Bucky was extremely ambitious and driven. Anything Bucky set his mind onto he became the best at it. He had that Midas touch. Bucky got into boxing and he became a great amateur fighter (won over 160 fights). Bucky got into the game and he became head of his own JBM faction. Bucky was a winner and a leader of men. One thing about life, people love to be on the winning team. Bucky was also very beloved and popular among the people where he grew up at because of his boxing accomplishments.

What do you think about Aaron Jones Don Diva interviews or James Cole’s F.E.D.S interview?

Jaymo- Yes, I read them, but I have no response good or bad. We’ll let the interviews speak for themselves. It’s their truth.

Have you read Street Legends Vol. 1? What do you think of the chapter on Aaron Jones?

DG- Yes, it was well deserved to have him highlighted as a street legend in the game along with the other key players from around the country. AJ definitely put on for the City of Philly, that so many would try to follow. You don’t run across these type of guy’s everyday, that possess that it quality. While reading the chapter I could paint the picture of what it looked like, from what I heard growing up in the same neighborhood and being a close family friend. In our society to many times people wanna sale the bullshit, just off of hearsay, no research or direct contact with any of the people who were involved in the situation but from people who were in the house with the covers over their heads scared to death of the realness.

What happened to the JBM at the end when the violence jumped off the scale and they started killing their own people?

Jaymo- Everyone knows hustling and violence don’t mix. When people start getting plucked the police will get involved. Pure and simple. But I believed Bucky’s death nailed the coffin lid shut on the declining JBM organization.

What do you think of the movies like State Property and books like True to the Game that capitalized off of the JBM’s notoriety? 

DG- Good entertainment, but their works are fiction and our film is based off of facts, it totally supports their works. In the entertainment business we’re not in it to hate, we’re in it to make it. So kudos to Philly’s Teri Woods and Beanie Seigel. I wish them future success.

What type of impact and what do you want people to get out of watching your documentary?

Jaymo- My purpose for making the documentary is that I wanted to bring awareness about the choices we make in life. My cousin Bucky had everything going for him in boxing. But one bad choice led him to become head of one of the largest factions inside the JBM. One bad choice can destroy a family, a community, a nation and future generations. So I encourage readers and those who watch the documentary to make good choices that allow you to tap into your own personal potential so you can reach your highest destiny in life.

Where can people order the DVD and what other entertainment plans do you have?

DG- Tailormade will be premiered at the African American Museum located in center city Philadelphia, mid-May 2012 followed by the release of the DVD shortly after in late May 2012. The DVD will be available for purchase at the company website, woollycrown.com, amazon.com, stores like Black and Noble and Black Star Video.com. Woolly Crown will be dropping the book later on this year and it will include more in-depth facts to the rise and demise of the JBM. The next documentary will touch on the topic of children serving life sentences, and why that law should be abolished.


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