Frank Matthews T-Shirt

Frank Matthews T-Shirt

The Frank Matthews “Black Caesar” shirt has arrived!  Inspired by the fascinating life and 1973 disappearance of a true gangland legend, this collaborative effort from Knokaround Apparel and Gorilla Convict is a stunning throwback design. Metallic silver ink accentuates the imagery of Matthew’s arrest on the front & the still-at-large gangster’s historical chronology on the back of this 100% organic cotton ringspun tee.


  1. James

    This is the baddest of the Big Names. But they will never allow themselves to admit it.
    No so called mafia would even try to cross him they knew that he would have cleaned house.
    Never want you know how truly strong you are once you are orginized.
    I hate that he allowed it in the community but if he didn’t they would have seeked it elsewhere.

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