Street Legends

Wayne “Silk” Perry

Wayne “Silk” Perry is the most infamous gangster to ever walk the streets of Washington D.C. aka Drama City. He’s been called the Michael Jordan of the murder game. A professional head hitter and alleged killer. The streets hold a definite respect, a curious awe and a healthy amount of fear for the man they called Silk. “Wayne was one of those niggas that lived by the code, but played by his own rules.” Says E, a gangsta who came up under Silk. In the Chocolate City it was by any means necessary and Silk took this attitude to new extremes with his boldness in the face of adversity and challenges. Nobody was off limits to Silk and nothing was undoable. According to police, Silk was legendary for his willingness to kill at will- in broad daylight, up close and personal, in front of the police- it didn’t matter if you were on his hit list you could be killed anywhere in front of anyone. There was nowhere to hide, it’s alleged that Silk would lay in wait for his prey all night until he got his opportunity to strike. Murder, robbery, drug dealing and extortion were said to be his business and he took it seriously. He prided himself as a man that could put his mind to whatever he wanted, as he conquered all aspects of the game.

Wayne Perry is the man who protected self-proclaimed Harlem drug lord and notorious snitch Alberto “Alpo” Martinez. Working as an enforcer for the so-called Martinez organization, a powerful DC-based drug ring, Silk acted as bodyguard and hitman for Alpo, who after he was apprehended by the law and arrested snitched on his too loyal right hand man, Wayne and countless others. But Silk didn’t get down like that. He took his on the chin and kept on fighting. He held true to the code of the streets that spawned him. He’s gone down in infamy, as one of the top soldiers from the Murder Capital. A true warrior and hustler who lives by the creed of death before dishonor. The Washington Post called him one of the District’s most heinous murderers, and almost fifteen years after his rise, the streets are still talking about him.

“Wayne was so smooth with that murder shit that when he first started killing for money in the city niggas didn’t even know who was knockin’ them heads. Niggas was talking about it was a hit man in town from Detroit somewhere,” a dude from the era says. And as Silk’s name took on the eminence of his actions, he quickly became one of the most feared dudes in the city. “Some niggas used to try to feed slim to keep him off they ass.” Manny says. “Rayful Edmond used to try to drop loads of shit down 203, but Wayne used to be like, ‘Nah, I’m cool. I don’t want nothing from you.’ He wanted to make his own way. He had a game plan.” It was said that when Wayne was on the streets, certain hustlers wouldn’t even drive nice cars because they didn’t want Wayne to think they were getting money. And weak dudes or those that were punks weren’t supposed to have shit as far as Wayne was concerned. Eighty percent of the dudes that fucked with him back then did so out of fear. When he started taking money for hits nobody was safe. If the price was right and the joker wasn’t in Wayne’s circle he had no problem killing them. There are stories of Silk sleeping in the yards of dudes that had money on their heads until he could get them. “I don’t play that across the street shit,” Wayne says. “I walk right up and put seven in the head like it ain’t shit.” The fear that he put in the hearts of some people was like no other.

In every hood there’s an individual whose supreme talent seems to be a penchant for murdering others for whatever reason. These individuals are elevated and upheld as heroes in their hoods and for good reason. “He went home in the late 80’s and looked out for all the men he left behind,” Sop-Sop says. “He did what he had to do to survive as a man in the streets.” And those things included terrorizing the streets of D.C. with homicides, shootings and armed kidnappings. It was in the heavy drug trafficking areas of Drama City where Silk plied his trade and made his name. Silk was a master philosopher when it came to that street shit. He played the streets like a game of chess. He was more than feared. “People feared Silk because he was said to have a lot of humps in the ground. People didn’t only fear that, they feared the fact that Silk got away with the shit he did.” Manny says. His reputation itself put an end to any investigations or court cases against him. Sop-Sop explains it another way, “I don’t think it was fear, but the possibility of what Wayne can manifest.” The dude was unpredictable. He kept people off balance and witnesses in check. Nobody knew what to expect. Maybe not even Wayne himself. That’s what made him so dangerous. In a world of ups and downs, betrayals and double-crosses he reigned king.

“He knew how to use fear and mind games real well.” E says. “He was one man that had a large percentage of the masses shook. He didn’t give a fuck what you thought about him as long as you didn’t cross the line. There were a lot of dudes in the streets at that time that were head hitters, but some of them moved on the D.L., you didn’t know they were killers unless you knew them. With Wayne it was a fear thing. Niggas knew he was about murder, it was no secret.” Wayne once bumped into a dude that was like that down Lorton, the dude thought he was still like that on the streets, Wayne told the dude, “You ain’t heard, I run the city.”

He was feared because of the many reasons that set his name to ringing. His name was behind a lot of things that were going on throughout the District. “A lot of people couldn’t understand how he was supposed to be behind so much shit and he was still moving around the city as if nothing was a problem.” E says. When shit went down and the drama jumped off dudes were like, “It was Wayne Perry and them.” He had a whole team of dudes that were very loyal to him. Wayne was the type of dude that if he came up on some kilo’s, he showed love, breaking it down with all his dudes. He might hit 30 dudes off with a couple of ounces each just on G.P. Just to inspire that loyalty to that do or die attitude. His team would go all out for him. No questions asked. They were a bunch of youngsters, and in their eyes Silk was a god.

“On the real, I think Wayne’s name started ringing because he was bussin’ ass. He wasn’t talking, it wasn’t no playing when it came to putting that work in, plus he had some serious killers on his team.” E says. Silk had a whole squad that he could sick on dudes in a minute. Wayne was the type of person that if dude had something and dude was weak or a sucker, then dude wasn’t supposed to have it. It didn’t matter what it was, Wayne was taking it and if dude didn’t like it, fuck it. Wayne only respected men. If a dude was a rat, he wasn’t supposed to breathe, let alone come out his hole. No matter how much money the rat had, spent or flashed or how hard he flossed, that shit meant nothing to Wayne. He was coming to get that. That bling-bling was his. Only integrity and heart counted to Silk. The whole, “he didn’t tell on me thing,” didn’t fly with Wayne Perry. Dudes had to play their position. And if their position was to be up under him and do what the fuck he said, then so be it. That’s how Silk played it. It was all or nothing with him. No half-stepping or in-betweens.

“One day me and Wayne went to pick up a bucket he had parked across town. He used the car to stash stuff in.” Manny says. “Wayne popped the trunk and he had hand grenades, sticks of dynamite and a rack of guns, coke and some more shit. We had this other dude with us too. Wayne threw the dude the keys to the bucket and told him to drive the car back around Potomac Gardens. The dude was like, ‘I can’t drive all that shit back around the way.’ Wayne pulled out his pistol and told the nigga, ‘You better get your ass in that car and take it around the Gardens and if the police pull you over tell them it’s my shit and if they take it I’m a kill your muthafuckin’ ass.’ The nigga got his ass in the car and did exactly what Wayne said. Silk ain’t play no games.” And dudes were wise not to fuck with him or try him in any way, because Wayne was quick to expose a dude and in vicious fashion. “One thing about Wayne, he went at whoever. If you was supposed to be like that and he had to see you he was gonna knock your head off. You would think he was some big 300 pound nigga, but when you see him he is this tall, skinny, funny nigga. Always joking and playing, but dangerous. Niggas didn’t want to be on his shit list.” Manny says.

There was no limit to the way Silk played either. He didn’t care who you were supposed to be, he was still going to play with you. He would play with you even if you weren’t trying to and if you got serious, he was cool with that too. A lot of times Wayne would try dudes he didn’t like by playing with them. “One time, me, Wayne and two other dudes were in my Benz on the way to the mall. Wayne knew that one of the dudes with us wasn’t who he thought he was in the streets. The dude was supposed to be a killer but Wayne could see through him. Wayne hated fake niggas. So Wayne starts playing with dude, trying to provoke him. When the dude gets fed up, he told Wayne to stop playing with him. Wayne said, ‘Nigga fuck you, I play when I want to and if I wanted to I could fuck you. You’s a bitch, you should be taking that dick.’ The dude gets heated and tells Wayne can’t no nigga fuck him. Wayne laughed at him and told him, ‘I ain’t no average nigga, I’m Silk and if you keep running your mouth I’m a leave your fake ass in this back seat with a hole in your head.’ I tried to tell the dude to leave the shit alone because I saw where it was going, Wayne was going to end up smokin’ the nigga. The dude wouldn’t let it go, his pride was in it. Wayne ended up telling the dude they could fight if he had something he needed to get off his chest. When we got to the mall Wayne took off his jacket and slapped the shit out of dude, he tried to make the nigga fight him but the dude wouldn’t fight. Wayne looked at us and said, ‘I told y’all this nigga was a bitch.’ Wayne then pulled out his pistol and makes the dude strip ass naked right in the parking lot, then he shot him in the ass and told him to get the fuck away from us. Everybody was laughing. Wayne exposed the nigga and it was all a big joke to Silk.” A dude from back in the day relates.

Wayne was on that extortion time real hard too. “He put me on a nigga one time, he wanted me to lean on the nigga.” Another one of Wayne’s old partners in crime says. “I put the squeeze on the nigga, told him I wanted 50 grand. I worked the move about two or three times and broke down with Silk every time. At the same time Silk was playing things with the nigga, getting close to him, making him think they were cool. Then Silk acted like he found out I was squeezing the nigga and told the nigga that he would get me to leave him alone for 50 G’s. From there he was milking the nigga for 50 G’s anytime he wanted to and he would still hit me off. Silk worked that move so many times on different niggas too, even some niggas that was supposed to be like that. It was like taking candy from a baby for Silk.” And when Silk’s friend came home from jail he used his reputation to put him back on his feet.

“I remember when I first came home from Lorton and was in the halfway house,” Manny says. “Wayne came to get me and told me to get in his CE and took me uptown. He asked me if I had money. I was just coming home, I was broke. I told him, no, so he said he was going to take me to get some money. We pull up in front of a well known spot that’s owned by some dudes that supposed to be major in the city. Wayne looked at me and said, ‘Go in there and tell such and such to send a bag of that money out here and don’t make me come in there and get it either.’ I thought Wayne was playing, he’s a real funny dude, always playing, but he was dead serious. So I went in the spot and told the dude what Wayne said and with no problem the dude gave me a bag full of money. Wayne had niggas scared to death.” He didn’t stop at street figures when it came to his extortion game either. It’s said that he went as far as extorting lawyers and Italians in Georgetown too. Silk was cool and calculating but he also fortified his bourgeoning reputation as the most feared man in D.C. with sporadic outbursts of violence that seemed to come out of nowhere with no rhyme or reason.

“I had a spot over Southwest on Orange Street. I had a few young dudes hustling for me,” another dude from the era relates. “One day Silk came over there to holla at me and me and slim was sitting in the apartment talking shit and joking when my little man came in the spot and told me that a New York dude around the corner told him that he couldn’t hustle until he was finished with his shit. Me and Wayne looked at each other and shook our heads. Wayne told shorty to go back outside and stand on the corner and sell his shit. Shorty acted like he was scared so I told him that if Silk said it was cool, then it was cool. The young dude went back outside and started pumping. As soon as the New York dude bent around the corner to say something to shorty, Wayne stepped out of the cut beside the building and hit his ass in the head with everything he had in the clip and stepped off with the hammer smoking. When the police and ambulance arrived, Wayne popped back up with a different set of clothes, just to see who was talking to the cops.” It seemed Wayne did what he did just because he could. His aura of fear was impregnable.

This is an excerpt from Street Legends. If you want to read the rest order the book right now.


  • Jayhah says:

    DC to the fullest.

    • These people can't be serious says:

      The fact that anyone could glorify this guys is completely ridiculous to me. It really burned me up to read this! Stating the facts is fine but to glorify a cold hearted killer is complete bull shit. People are so ignorant its sad. it sounds good to you because you did not really live that life and you obviously were not affected by it. My dad was one of the many people he killed all because this dude was a yes man to some snitch nigga that got both of them knocked. Wayne perry is not man alpo is not a man…and though they may still be walking this earth both of their days are coming….firrrey pits

      • DreDay says:

        I feel you. Unless you were closely effected by this shit it is a movie or a book. After the movie is over the actor goes home. The people who watch it comment on the movie or book. The real people that shit effected had to try and go on with this thing called life. The game is rigged. You can’t win. It may allow you to think you’re winning for a long time until the Alphabet Boys or the Grim Reaper comes. Then it’s Game Over.

      • JPez says:

        Glorifying these fools is ignorant. This article makes Silk out to be some hero because he bucked the system, but all he did was just end up getting snitched on by the coward who he murdered for. How many of the people he murdered were better men than his boss? How much poison did the man he protected sell to his neighbors? He might as well just go work for the government. They make money poisoning people and kill anyone who gets in their way. Same game, different players. He was just another dickhead who wanted to make money by hurting people. No different than the white boys in suits that scam grandmas out of their retirement.

        If he were a real hero, he would’ve just killed drug dealers instead of working for em.

        • Selfless nigga turned selfish says:

          Government don’t higher us. And if they do they they treat us as worthless n we gotta kiss ass.

          • Ni says:

            I wouldnt hire you either talking about “higher” and you refer to yourself as a nigger why?
            Speak like a king and you get treated like one.

          • BigMyke says:

            Ni, I love your response! totally agree with you!!

          • AREALBLACKMAN says:

            So THAT gives you the right to go out and kill people?!?!? Man you need to get your head out of your selfish, self-absorbed asshole.. And be a FUCKING MAN! —Hell we ALL have to put up with “the man” so fucking what?!?!? GROW THE FUCK UP, AND GET OVER IT!!!

      • dee que says:

        it appears that the only people affected were people in the streets. im from dc but this is either before my time or I was too young to even notice. and I was born in 84. but from what im hearin this was just in street crime. doesn’t sound like many regular citizens were involved. so if im correct then I don’t see a big deal in it.

        • HUH says:

          The victims are regular citizens. The fact they were doing illegal crime does not change that.

          • Jsmoove says:

            Everyday we judge thinking we kno someone till we know some one . First and foremost I know a lot of you guys talking crazy only talking because he got caught . Not to disrespect any ones loss ones but I learned in life you don’t know who u think you know . If my dad was a drug dealer and got smoked he knew the game and still chose to do what he did. Wayne knew the consequence and now he paying for it. That man is a whole different person today. What if my dad did harm to some one I didn’t know about but I blame the killer who killed him but idk who my dad really was. Who is to blame? Ima say it again I do t want to offend any one and sorry for all of ya losses but let’s be real ain’t none of us sinless enough to judge anyone else look at yourself first

          • Lashaurn Leaks says:

            My B
            day Dec 12

            2, I totally Agree with you. Know the consequences of Do What the F You Want to Do

      • indiana jones says:

        I respect wayne perry dats my dude snitchin’ bitch niggas must go

      • Kenny King says:

        Sorry to hear that your fam was affected by the madness in the city. I don’t give praise to our ignorance. I was simply speaking on what I know of dude. I will never debate with you because of your loss. I pray that you and your family is well and that you are educating our youth, just as I am, on the results of swimming in the madness.

      • Finess says:

        Dayumm bro. Im sorry to hear that about your Dad. You’re right, they will get their day

      • Dirk says:

        Say That! It’s unreal how many people suffered at the hands of these two fools. Neither of which represents the true colors of a Black man. Taking lives is not to be glorified, it should be looked upon as a travesty!Peace Black people……….

      • Dan Medlen says:

        Don’t be a pussy, bro. Grow up! It ain’t like you didn’t vote for a presidential candidate not guilty of similar atrocities, however, they don’t have any honor, respect or integrity. Guys like Silk are unpredictable and dangerous that’s for sure, but at least people who are true can rely on him to be him regardless. They’re still getting a fair shake when they participate. The government’s leaders, who draft and fraudulently vote in the very laws you so vehemently support to the strict opposition of anyone supporting contradicting laws or the people who don’t observe your laws at all, are spineless, underhanded slimy, degenerates who will kill their own friends, supporters, constituents and (just as easily) children for a few bucks. Silk didn’t prey on squares or uninitiated civilians (maybe to eat a little), but your leadership will burn down orphans like they’re brushing their teeth for a dollar. So how do you judge and condemn someone whose similar behavior can be more confidently relied upon to be less reprehensible or heinous than that which is perpetrated by the scumbags you are standing up for? Come on get your head out of the sand you fuckin mook.

      • ARealBlackMan says:

        I completely agree! this guy should have been fucking executed…….. when the government had the chance to do it! —- This guy was just a fucking low life who had (and has) no respect for anybody else… Its a god damn shame that people glorify this sadistic animal! —–I deeply, deeply hate people like him… He is EXACTLY what the problem is… in the black community..

      • Aaron Pinner says:

        No glory. He doing his time and has to face Judgement. But who really behind dudes like Alpo and Silk? Who’s behind the cat that was that was hitting them with them keys? Cause to me, that’s the real perpetrator. We all gonna have the covers pulled off us. Everyone must be exposed. There are people yet to be identified who are controlling these cartels, these gangs, and these crews. Stories like these just add grease to the machine.

      • Larry Williams says:

        Wayne Perry will always be a street legend. So yo can hate.

    • Roi says:

      Alpo had the right mindset in a game that don’t respect no one w.p did his thing… But he dumb asfuck to think nothing wasn’t gonna happen sooner or later.
      Anybody snitching facing life check every kingpin.

    • anonymous says:

      Wayne Perry worked for the C.I.A.

    • lyfe dixon says:

      Haha i know that lame salty… im weak from laughing. I just got hip to the story. He did all that and your employer snitched and got yo ass knocked..lmao. karma

    • J. murder says:

      Lol. Outshined by multiple NY cats who really ran DC. No, not alpo.

    • Stan smith says:

      Also, he was a known homo. He was omar. Yep. Dc to the fullest! Buncha homos ‍♂️

  • police31 says:

    But these guys are all jailed no more of that running the streets!

    • jay says:

      They living in infamy dumbass they dont have to run shit there street legends which is better than being a internet punk talking shit like u lol!!!!!!

      • Mike Jones says:

        Get real this guy was a clown to trust Alpo that bitch had rat written all over his face. If this guy was smart he never would have worked for Alpo in the first place or at least been smart enough to cap his ass before he sang like a canary. Anyone can go around and watch someones patterns and then lie in wait for them and take them out even a child it isn`t a difficult thing to do especially when they don`t know it`s coming. Then after a while the legend thing takes on a life of his own. Anyone could of hid in the bushes with a hunting rifle and taken this fool out 1 shot. You guys glorifying this piece of trash like he`s some hero who helped his community or something. He didn`t have to become a cold blooded monster he chose to become one don`t get it twisted. Now he will live the rest of his days in a cage talking about how he used to be all that LOL have fun.

  • Soufside Hody says:

    This is true DC shit,and the fucked up thing,is that all true DC niggas carry this attitude.I’m 25,so I came up through this era….One of my brothers/sisters (I have 13 but 12 living,my oldest brother who use to run with Rayful over there in Edgewood is dead) said my lil brother is smart,on his school shit but Don’t get it twisted he’ll take your head if feels there’s no other way.He’s not lying by no stretch of the imagination either.I know folks from all walks of life from this area that carries it the exact same way…

    • jay says:

      yea well maybe u should send some dc niggas down here to jay fl cause these niggas be talking so much shit about shit they dont know anything about they wouldnt last 5 min in dc, detroit chicago oakland or b-more!!!!!!!

  • vondashooter says:

    shoutout to my manz wayne perry and the whole DC

    • DreDay says:

      Frost u kill me Fam. You’re a Internet thug. You talk shit but its after niggas are gone cuz u fear them in a physical form.

  • Frost says:

    What people dont know about Silk is, He and Alpo were straight fags!!! Silk was nothing but a evil coward! Seeing people worship this clown only shows how far we have fallen as a community! While you all are worshiping this bamas 15 minutes of fame, he is sitting in ADX in a 8×10 cell for the rest of his life!!!

  • Ex Baller says:

    I met the cat a few times, funny mofoka. I had no clue he was that crucial, I knew he hustled and I knew he was in the streets, but dayum. I dated this chick when I was in school I met at KD, and she stayed with her aunt at times and he would be over there with her. It’s funny b/c I joked and played the dozens all the time and he was a funny cool cat. I remember him asking “what’s happening with you? My answer, not much, I’m just trying to eat these books and hustle this ball man, I’m a school boy. He laughed and shook his head and said, be you.”
    Reading all this I’m like dayum…

  • tony says:

    When u talk about football its Jim Brown, Walter Payton and Joe Montana,you know,the best. When u talk about basketball its Magic Johnson, Micheal Jordan and Larry Bird,you know,the best. When u talk about the streets its Larry Hoover, Monster Cody Scott and Wayne Perry,you know,the best. That’s how it goes.

  • up town dude says:

    make no mistake about it wayne was putting in that work ,and had dudes scared to death. but there were dudes that was doing the same thing. you had dudes wayne really respected and was cool with that he could not pull that stuff on. you had dudes like TITUS, GATOR, MARIO, MARKIE AND A LOT OF OTHER DUDES. THE THING IS THAT THESE DUES WERE ALWAYS GOING BACK AND FORTH TO JAIL. BUT WAYNE RESPECTED ALL THESE DUDES.

  • sorry says:

    listen man wayne played it all the way out funny meech talking bouhgt alpo welcomed home with a party in DC.

  • Swaggmatic says:

    Whats so cool about a clown ass nigga that put fear into alot of scary ass niggaz hearts by killing ppl and being stupid. man black ppl are so damn dumb to glorify this ignorance. Wow cuz duke was killng niggaz yall respect that wack shit.. and dont think this some whiteboy thats commenting nigga im from Detroit born and raised so u know i see violence everyday. just ashamed that ppl think this is cool. fucking lames ass niggaz

  • Wtfever says:

    I don’t believe any of this shit for real. That nigga could have got it just like everybody else. I don’t think anybody feared his ass. I think they just cold or find his ass. The nigga never stayed out in the open.

    Everybody who worship these ass clowns is just as dumb as them. Them niggas behind bars crying like bitching. No guns to shoot. Hand to hand in here. Getting there ass whipped.

  • Smoke says:

    This shit just shows how fucking vweak u dc niggas are, for one motherfucker to be so feared shows y”all some fucking sissies

  • YESHUA YAWEH says:


  • Big Boy says:

    I can’t understand how you professional nut riders and cowards could allow one Faggot to terrorize a whole city! I can understand how maybe a street gang could, but one homothug? Come on now, lol. Was this fairy nigga sent from outer space with magical powers to resist bullets or something? Lol lame DC fag niggas need to be beaten to death all you faggots!

    • phisshy says:

      Every city has been ruld by one or very few at many different times. You just sit in your suburb house and never see the grind… Stfu ho

  • CHITTOWN says:


    • James says:

      U Can’t war and get money u only end up like dum ass w. Perry

      • Parris says:

        Yo I was locked up with a lot of DC dudes in the feds the late 80s early 90s those niggas were crazy any body who was a killer on the streets they treat like a king in jail that’s when all you niggas that he robbed in the street should get your knifes and poke the shit out of this nigga he ain’t got no gun now

  • Tony Lewis says:

    I knew Wayne and alpo they only tried niggas that was weak anybody known to have balls they didn’t fuck with! Them weak clowns slept with guns because they were defenseless without one fuck em and you dumb motherfuckers who look up to them!

  • Mo Black says:

    All these internet thugs talkin shytt iz funny. Wayne Perry wasn’t an average killer. This dude was a straight hitman and a monster with kill tactics. Almost seemed trained at times the way he went at his enemies. Reason he was feared was because he killed in broad daylight with a ton of people around like it was nothing! Titus, Gator, , Markie, Mario, Jerry & Tonio was all his folks.

    • Mike Jones says:

      Almost seemed like he was trained. If he had of met up with someone who actually was trained, someone who spent a couple hours a week at a gun club and practiced shooting at moving targets(a REAL soldier) things would of been much different. They prayed on the week and snuck up on them with a gun even a child can do that. Killing is easy with a gun especially when the other person is unarmed or doesn`t see it coming.

      • Big Daddy says:

        He should have used his energy in the military and fought the war in afganistan some dam where. Who the fuck wants to live in prison the rest of there life. And trust he aint no ganster in there. Always remember there is someone just as bad as his coward ass.

      • Locri says:

        Wayne Perry killed a lot of women. Not all his murders were dope dealers. You have to be an idiot to respect that mutt. Maybe if he shot your sister or mother and threw her on the side of the road, you would not glorify that guy. Where were all you guys at when Perry was in jail? Alpo bonded him. How come you let your boy sit in jail? Do your homework. I don’t get it. He killed all black people and you glorify that dude.

  • exf20 says:

    It’s a lot of bitch as niggas, hiding behind their computers, talking shit on here about DC niggas being weak. Until you come to the city & think you can show out. Do me a favor & shut the fuck up, keep your bitch mask on, & be that good little mamas boy, that y’all grew up to be ok. Because, y’all would easily get ass raped in jail, especially down here in DC, where y’all out of town ass clowns would get it, with high heels BITCHES!!!!!!

  • jungle boogie says:

    I was there at the time these two niggas stayed in there zone real niggas knew about that they was doing but were trying to get shit together to fill the gap when ray & many others went down they were over looked while. They prayed on the weak.they weren’t even on my radar. DC IS FULL OF REAL MEN no one person ever ran this city but many have tried & failed. Shots go out to SE & the whole city!

  • PowerGodAllah says:

    The man wouldn’t take a plea because he didnt want to put no one else in jeopardy!! He was willing to take wat ever the judge gave him!!! The Judge even respected the fact that he was such a stand up dude & gave him the plea with a promise that no one could be charge with him taking the plea!! The Judge respected the man!!! He’s a man, he knew his conseqences for his actions & took’em like a man!!! No cryin for him boy!!! They say don’t become a product of your environment, but for some they have no choice! Wats done is done! Respect!! Peace to Wayne Perry!!! Fuck Alpo Martinez!!!!

  • SW 106 allday says:

    First of all u bitch ass weak ass niggas down grading my man Silk are the same ones who couldn’t come outside when he was out here. I from Sw 106 til the day i die and i love sw he paved the way for me today. Silk love ya homes,keep ir head up

  • BIG JONES says:


  • thomas says:

    You know I am all for reading up on the history of our fallen black gangster dealers, murderers, etc. But to glorify in the stories now is not cool. If you can use them as tools of motivation to not follow in the footsteps then that is the way to go. Not knocking DC, Detroit, Chicago, or any other city but the end result is death or life in prison.

  • thomas says:

    I am into the stories of Wayne, Alpo, etc, so that when my son gets older then I can school him on the old school knowledge and guide him away from the streets of today. Cause now believe it or not there are more snitches on the police payroll then ever just to stay out of jail and bring down the supplier. Besides these days you cannot sell drugs unless you are down with a movement like the bloods, crips, MS-13, etc, and then you are at risk for a federal indictment.

  • Mo Black says:

    WP had all you so called G’s tuckin ya’ skirtz on them streetz. STOP FAKIN! I watched all the so called G’s show him luv and was nervous. You so called G’s had y’all chance and never took it. He ate off anyone he wanted to. And still would if he wuz here. All Real DC stand up, fuk dat bamma azz weak DMV crap!

  • Chi Town says:

    Not Wayne or Alpo could have pulled any of the shit they pulled off in DC in Chicago.

    • T2000 says:


    • phisshy says:

      they WERE in DC asshole, fuck Chi-Raq, them niggas is all over the place after taering the projex down. EZ pickings them niggas

  • YP810 Flintown says:

    @ Chitown,
    so you never heard of Al Capone, Willie Lloyd, Angelo Roberts etc…I’m from Flint MI the most dangerous city and murder capital of the US per capita! I done seen, heard about, and know niggaz like Slim. The only reason you say that wouldn’t have happened in the chi (even though it did and prolly still do) is cause this new generation is crazy and have no respect! any Lil nigga will kill you at any time. during slim days this was rare and he was one of a kind. nowadays you got a bunch of little slims running around who won’t take that shit but he was ahead of his time! also y’all lost all organization in the chi with these you g niggas new breeds and renegades nobody taking orders from nobody. youre comparing two different eras. I grew up in the 80’s and left that lifestyle a long time ago but I know cats who still do they thing but they don’t mess with these lil niggaz!

  • Gordon says:

    Real shit…

    I respect Wayne Perry for doing his time and not snitching but seriously he couldn’t have pulled that shit off in Detroit, it’s always someone that thinks their bigger and badder than you in the D.

    I respect everyone and every city, state, etc, but even the top niggas in Detroit know they gotta watch they back, it aint no gangs in Detroit it’s every man for themselves.

  • PerryBoi Entertainment says:

    I was told to take a look at this site and I feel disrespected that I was even directed to this garbage. Big Jones said it right… Shut Tha fucc up!!! And to any alpo fans.. Perryboi enter and the whole Perry Fam says fucc u dog food! AND I’m still in 203.

    • Only Game Left says:

      I lived in Cleveland and been to Detroit and various Big Cities and have lived the life of a MidLevel drug dealer but it is a zero sum game!All of you have strong convictions about that Lifestyle,But in the end most people don’t have oppurtunities that Suburban families take for granted.I didn’t live in the Urban environment,But as I got older I felt the effect’s of being Black In America.I went to prison briefly and it is not a game!I have been Homeless and had substance abuse problems.It is just the era we lived in during The Early 80’s to the Mid 90’s all economic’s and career’s in good paying jobs were already leaving the Urban area’s long before the Drug Trade took hold and still hasn’t left as I reply at this moment.In those day’s it was every where you turned and it was so awash in $$ that we all got some of it and more than we bargained for!It was not only in The Hood it crossed all boundaries and status’s and racial lines and incomes.The only difference is where you sold and did drugs that made it a Social and Political issue.I will read more on this because there are so many layers on this subject we can get the heart of it.

  • Benjamin check says:

    I was born in dc in 1980 and anyone who thinks their city was as crazy as dc between 85-92 is fuckin crazy. Wayne perry did what he did because everyone knew he was going to blast in broad daylight with a cop car on the corner a block away. This nigga threw hand grenades! When a dude is willing to blast anyone, anytime, anyplace, people fear you, don’t matter where you are. The nigga was a hitman, he killed people like it wasn’t shit with knives, guns, or grenades. Y’all sucker ass niggas think you could survive dc with Rayful, Wayne perry, and shower posse running wild? You’re fucking bananas. You fuck niggas today kill niggas over bitches and tiny amounts of petty shit. You aren’t even shooting over real money; there isn’t that much bread around like in the 80’s and 90’s. 479 murders in a city with 500,000 people? If we had 7 million like new York or a super large city we’d have almost 5,000! A one in a thousand chance of getting murdered, a crime stat never duplicated before or since. I’m not especially proud of my city’s violence, but for you young ass fools to be talkin shit like you’re killers is insane. There are very dangerous people walking this earth and Wayne is one of them. Fools in here talking like the lil bitches on beyond scared straight. This dude walks up in broad daylight and puts 8 your skully, how many people have YOU murdered in broad daylight? How many bricks have you sold? How many notorious gangsters and known killers are scared of you? How many witnesses have you killed? How many women have you shot in the face? Oh ok…

  • wiz sp says:

    Everybody want Ta be Alpo wanted by Wayne Perry fuck Alpo rat as salute to Mr silk solders stand tall fake niggas fall

  • Act99 says:

    Many urban cities are notorious in some form or another… Obviously D.C. Detroit Chitown NY Cali stands out . Being from New Orleans murder is prevalent. Disrespect is the number one reason second only to come up is why murder happens. No one is immune, but some dudes are among the elite and only cats who talk the game can’t see that.. Be aware about who name you let roll of your tongue .. The obvious is apparent..

    • Tony Martelli says:

      Wayne Perry brags about people he killed. Italian wise guys have killers that would make Perry shake in his boots. The difference between wise guys is they don’t brag about killings. You think Perry was dangerous? Look up Tommy “karate” Pitera. Roy Demeo, Anthony Gaspipe Casso, etc. etc. Anthony Spilotro from the Chicago Outfit. That movie Casino is about him.

  • I’m from Simple City and back in the 80’s early 90’s everybody knew or heard about Wayne Perry and names like Alpo, Big Head Dave, Big O, Rayful, Markie and Mario. How could you not be fearful at that time coming outside not knowing when this man or one of his niggas was gonna jump out and starting shooting and you could be innocent but by you being out there and maybe close by you getting hit. Wayne was a very dangerous man and I’m not glorifying him it’s just a none fact. If you were in d.c. in the era when this man was on the streets you were fearful ecspecially if someone had a hit on your head for that right price Wayne was coming for you,,him or one of his niggas. I would be careful if I were you of saying things about ppl. like him or ppl. E

    • Rick Ballard says:

      He’s right where he belongs,in prison. I hope he never gets out. If he could see through someone who was fake,why didn’t he didn’t see through Alpo? He let someone come from outta town turn him into a flunkie & turned him against he people. We glorify & pay homage to the wrong people. Wake up!

  • t.gunnz says:

    Im from detroit. i was born in 1988. the only things i know of alpo and wayne perry is stories of the past. im not knocking wayne perry NO DOUBT he was a killer. BUT the bestfriends from detroit the a-team and the recking crew of YBI wasnt a joke either. and if you havent noticed D.C. Miami, L.A. Harlem and most other major urban cities seemed to have a cok/crack epiemic at the same tme so you had an all star cast of these people. they just happened to gain rep ON THEIR OWN TURF. and as far as wayne or any other killer….one of his crew could have been in the car with him as usual and shot his. they were afraid of wayne the fact that he had they back jus made em not afraid of everyone else. he liked real killers jus the ones that was scared of him and nothing else.

    • truth betold says:

      All jokes aside I say a prayer for our youth who see these things and try to imitate. DC never was completely squeeky clean of nothing congressman’s stealing money for worldly possessions and no one really look out for no one in DC witch is now chocolate vanilla swirl city we have to change the cycle Ok for its designed for enslavement of the mind

  • fredlove says:

    I am from Brooklyn ny the city that threw punk ass Alpo away. I have never sold a brick, shot a female in the face or held a block in fear because I might pop off at anytime and anywhere. I did grow up however using my hands enough where my respect known and given from so called gangsters to punk asses. I also reciprocated the respect. Now I get to do bullshit blogs from my large boat while so called gangsters who made a whole lot of money sit in their 8×11 foot cell. 12 times the size of typing paper. 7 years of balling + 50 years in jail = Stupid As Shit

  • goldiemac says:

    People r still interested in the shit that has formed the destruction of our society,yea thay did shit as far as selling drugs went the drugs hit but dam to b the cold hearted killing people

  • Big 3-0 S.E. says:

    I’m ’bout 40 years old, lived all ’round the U.S./ 3rd world, and spent years on that Southside D.C. The only place I’ve seen that even comes close to being as hard /poverty stricken is Philly –that’s it! D.C. back in the 80’s & 90’s (unfortunately) was a st8 up war zone! ANYBODY talk’in mess ’bout that D.C. either doesn’t know what they are saying or is doing so out of fear. People like Wayne Perry, Rayful Edmond, and even Marion Berry are not to be glorified; they all bear responsibility for the gentrification going on now in tha city. D.C. (aka Chocolate City) was a good spot –not because of this non-sense– ’cause their were a lot of decent black folks being respectful and neighborly to one another. Peace to tha real D.C., and the hard working people that have done their parts to make it a better place. Although I’m brown skinned, I feel it’s wrong to be pushing Black folks out of D.C., it’s wrong to be gentrifying the city -especially after all people have been through over the past three decades, and if you’re going to fight for something then fight a real battle –not just people that look like you, and suffer from the same things as you.

  • Gorilla Convict like the article y’all did on Wayne Perry but how come y’all wasn’t able to interview him and did y’all try to one with his wife Twala McClain & is he still in that adx prison?

  • Fetty says:

    Jay Z shouted him out on Magna Carta Holy Grail

  • Lil Derk 21 says:

    Very few of you got it right. DC in the late 80’s to early 90’s was all about making money. I was about 15 at the time being out there. I grew up in NE (21st and VIETNAM). I ran with some of these dudes but you can’t show whatever fear you might have or otherwise your pocket’s got empty and you might get laid out. The worst time was went Ray went in and then the main murder’s started to happen. Snitches didn’t make to court and the National Guard took over the city when thing’s got totally outta hand because the crooked DC cops didn’t give a damn. There wasn’t a bunch of scared people. So don’t get shit twisted. You just knew who and who not to FUCK wit! DC is no joke when it comes to putting someone down. We don’t have gangs. We have “neighborhood clique’s”. Even MS-13, Bloods and Crip’s don’t come to certain area’s of DC even today. They won’t last a few hours. Yeah politics has a lot to do with the problem’s that surround my city and my people but we did it to ourselves with drugs and older folks being afraid. So, I’m telling all of you little kids that want to ruin your lives by thinking you’re some kinda gangsta, stay your asses in school and enjoy life and family. Because the lives of Wayne Perry and many other’s like him aren’t for you especially if you have a conscious.
    Live your LIFE and DON’T Be STUPID!!!

  • Frank says:

    Funny. I knew Wayne, since he was little. Everybody knew he was gay. The reason he trusted Alpo is because they were together. They weren’t even shy. It just didn’t get around because of his reputation. I used to sit at Alpo’s crib and watch movies with them while they laid together on the couch. He loved that dude and it broke his heart. Last time I talked with him he was on some Islam stuff inside, so it’s funny, but I think he is the only person that went to jail gay and tried to turn straight. I guess nobody knows what’s up when the lights go out, though.

  • Young says:

    No one gives a fuck about this guy. And just for the record the homies run prison. What’s good?

  • YoungRE says:

    Fuck y’all!! Don’t talk about my mothetfuckin city!! Y’all don’t know shit!! Sit the fuck down somewhere

  • West Philly says:

    Wow for the Philly shot out! Shit was REAL in Philly check out the JBM!

  • Dc yungin says:

    All the people commented say looking up to this guy is wrong and ignorant just don’t know how it is to grow up in the hood we had to look up to this guy there was no wealthy black people or president to look up to and he was just a man from the hood making shit happen for himself and earning respect the only way he knew how and we looked up to him for that because that just how it works in the hood you either kill ,rob ,deal ,or make it out . No other choices

  • young guns says:

    South Philly YOUNG GUNS would’ve hit all them cats in the head! Fuck outta here S.P. GO HARD Get at me

  • J says:

    Horrible…but I assume all of you “gangstas” or “killers” in streets of Philly, Chicago, DC, NY and anywheres else wouldn’t be afraid to turn your guns on the real enemy, the lobbyist, the police, the bankers, Wall Street, the government, (look up COINTELPRO (white supremacy) and save our own people to be able to live generation after generation instead of contributing to the genocide of Black Americans, or the niggas in the hood.

  • Ames says:

    Don’t glorify killers. You don’t want your kids or your cousins or your nieces and nephews getting killed. This man sprayed at crowds. He has got religion behind the walls and I am sure he seeks repentance for his sins. No one benefits from murder. Big money from murder is small money to peacemakers.

    • Locri says:

      Some of your comments are funny. I did 15 years in Florida. Someone wore a wire on me. Also saved his life. I just want to know how many of you were in Alpo’s shoes looking at the FEDERAL DEATH PENALTY where you don’t sit on death row for 20 years but in less then 3-4 years the Feds will kill you in Terre Haute, Indiana. The dope game is a dirty business and your trying to tell me that Alpo was the only one that told something to save his life. The man still got 35 years! Sammy Gravano admitted to something like 40 murders, told on Gotti and other wise guys and he only got 12 years. Alpo got 35 years after he told. Alpo knew how to make money selling dope. He had people fronting him kilo’s of coke. He was in his 20’s and got paid. I can’t judge Alpo. I respect him for what he accomplished in the 80’s at his age. Made real money.

  • Emack says:

    I’m rdg all these crack head comments bout my city had this n that. Ok…u read a brief summary of sum1 well known from DC, so y hate on it. If u didn’t like the summary pass GO n keep moving don’t comment…no one cares. As far as bringing fear to another niggaz world that life….either b strong or b a bytch. Yea doing that time it was a big drug game shit was fresh n money flowed….so wat. Then it was part of the era. For those that lose loved ones prayers go out to u….remember eras do repeat itself n if u get n it its survival time. Just know that today ppl r doing the same thing n neighborhoods today….so y bytch about wat Wayne Perry did start by tryn to make change n become part of the problem….. b that solution. No matter where u r u gonna hv sum1 tryn to imitate sum1 from the past.

  • Jackie says:

    Wayne took over after Rayful And his crew went down..I from
    SurSum Cordas 1 mile from our Capiol..Im a 80s baby its was Armmwar ! I witness murders at a young age.. But the new DC they ain’t having Those hoods are gone now!

  • Jackie says:

    Alpo Wow !shouldve stayed his ass up Newyork and faced that Richard porter murdered but he ran down to dc and messed our city up bad . Alpo is a NewYork Nigga not from Dc… DC Dudes do whatever. For that money so Thats why alpo ruff our city off.

  • FxckYouMean? says:

    Some of you people are seriously fxcking retarded. This is why blacks are ridiculed and judged all of the god damn time. What fxcking moron could actually see a hero in “Silk” or “Alpo”. Alpo testified, big fxcking deal. Just goes to show you while you coons are so worried about staying loyal to the game that potentially ends up not having any winners. Wayne perry, even worst. This piece of shxt murdered his daughters mother. Think of how difficult it must’ve been for a child to know their mother was murdered by their father and you dumbasses think he’s some super hero or something. You never understand until its YOUR son or daughter that falls victim to brutality. Then you want some sort of closure. SMH! Wayne got what he deserved, ALL of them did. Wayne, Richard and Alpo. All of them thought money would bring them loyalty. Fxcking pieces of shxt. Fxck Alpo, Fxck Wayne Perry and Richard Porter. Only sympathy I have is for rich’s little brother.

  • FxckYouMean? says:

    ….Oh yeah fxck Jay Z too. Wayne would’ve murdered his ugly ass back in the day. Word is “Hov” isn’t too big on loyalty his damn self. Ask Memphis Bleek, Beans and Dame!

  • wanttoknow says:

    Is Wayne Perry dead?


  • confused says:

    I’m saddened by these comments of some of you ignorant a–holes. You are seriously glorifying a punk ass lunatic who was taking out members of our race , our brothers , our sisters and you giving him props !!!! He is in jail for life!! He don’t get another chance !! he is done , so he can sit his dumb ass in there and tell war stories until he dies in there. Because he didnt help the city he hurt it , Rayful didn’t help the city he hurt it , Kevin Gray and the rest of those punks all hurt the city they played a part in all of this genocide. Now would I tell them this to there face ….No because they are soulless people … but I don’t have to because they are telling themselves this. Hey asshole tell the Shoe Bomber guy I said hi when you see him in yall separate cages during your 1 hr rec time. Dumbass

  • Can’t believe dis shit grown ass men at each other’s neck bout who city the toughest what cat was the realist ,look were all that “REAL NIGGA SHIT” got these assholes at know .A real nigga takes care of his family and handles his business. To make sure that his seeds don’t grow up fucked up like these dumb ass Niggas that y’all grown ass men are dick ridding about ,That’s a real nigga,and since when it’s cool to get locked up ,them crackers sitting back laughing at you dumb fucks .The KLAN is not as strong as they once were because brothers like some of you dumb niggas is doing for them.I grew up we respect for not getting bagged.Brothers wake up grow the FUCK UP cause we losing.Bad enough we only make 16% of the national population but 85% of the prison pop who’s left to raise the children generational curses SMFH.

  • NE Trinidad DC says:

    Every city has a monster, you can’t classify a whole city as weak Smoke!!! I grew up in the time where a lot of dudes in DC wasn’t taking no shit from anybody!!!! Wayne was just one of those Niggas that was out there with his…. You had other niggas puttin in work like Gary Gaylord, Cornell,Roy & Cliff Cobb, Big Vincent, and the list goes on… I don’t condone this shit!!! But what you don’t do is shit on my City that I take pride in!!! just like your city has niggas that put in work

  • NE Trinidad DC says:

    And added to the bullshit of killing and hustling because they saw no other way out….. It’s called an education, it’s called integrity, it’s called being a man and marching to tune of your own drum…. I’m proud to come from DC and made out of the bullshit mess that Wayne and every other city that has a Wayne Perry has made back in the early 80s….. In short Smoke,”don’t shit on another mans struggle”

  • KingChris says:

    I think our people (African Americans) glorify the criminal gangster lifestyle and stories. The stories in itself are interesting but I think the glorification of it is very troubling especially within the urban youth!

  • First Street says:

    This dude have sum staff. It was the weakass niccas over the bridge buildi g this fool. This nicca ain’t touch nuffin from 1st n Bryant back down to the Cordas. We didnt even let one nicca do it like that. Me n the nicca had a run in n he knew what the fugged bizness wuz. Thatz why they hide dis nicca. Rayful was trynna feed dis nicca….he was trynna bait him. This nicca was a homo. Robbing nicca and making them suck dick.

  • Kenny King says:

    I knew Wayne. Most of you niggas telling stories are snitches, if it’s true. He is a good dude and was feared because of his network. He was a loner. If he had done anything, he was by himself. He didn’t kill anyone; it has yet to be proven. And all that talk bad about dude, put your real name out there and stop hiding behind pseudonyms. A weak man is always the one that hides, bad-mouthing real men. Rats tell what other men do.

  • Angelita neil says:

    Where is Wayne now I seen a pic of him how old is Wayne now

  • CARDS NOXX says:


  • Danny D says:

    Wayne Perry rode the Baloney Pony, he liked to play Hide the Salami.
    Wayne Perry was gay as a $3 bill. And I ain’t hardly shittin’ you.

  • sosa says says:

    sosa says, i read every comment on this topic and respect and value every opinion written. is a great site and read. i was born in 1965 in wash. dc. and grew up in the 80s as a young man. i would like to tell the whole drug world community that crime doesnt pay 90% of the time, the odds are against you! drugs are bad for society, but unfortunatley will never go away, so if your going to play the game, which i dont reccomend, dont be so greedy$$$! try to do business with straight shooters meaning honest players, no rip off scammers or druggies or degenerates. when u front or give credit to losers who dont pay, that were the 187s start to fly! if ur going to front skinny white girls to a risky player& u get screwed or even lesser amounts, cut ur iosses! 187s in ur organization will bring the rollers and draconian prison sentences -loss of family and loved ones. if ur a wholesaler or distributer, dont deal with anybody who uses the product. if ur a street dealer, dont sell to pregnant women or anyone under 21. trust no one including ur mother! remember this isnt a game. the sentencing is far more severe than committing a 187-homocide-murder. sosa might be one of the lucky ones, but i stress that everyone walk away from the game and study hard! one of my employees son who is from africa grew up here in a poor dc neighborhood and accepted to harvard- top university in usa! by the way, the father or his son was never in the drug. i never claimed to be in it either! i just happen to love the flashy gangster movies of the 80s

  • sosa says, i read every comment on this topic and respect and value every opinion written. is a great site and read. i was born in 1965 in wash. dc. and grew up in the 80s as a young man. i would like to tell the whole drug world community that crime doesnt pay ! 90% of the time, the odds are stacked against you! drugs are bad for society, but unfortunately, drugs will never go away, so if your going to play the game, which i dont reccomend, dont be so greedy$$$! try to do business with straight shooters meaning honest players, no rip off scammers or druggies or degenerates. when u front or give credit to losers who dont pay, thats were the 187s start to fly! if ur going to front skinny white girls to a risky player& u get screwed and even on lesser amounts, cut your losses! 187s in your organization will bring the rollers and draconian prison sentences -loss of family and loved ones. if your a wholesaler or distributor, dont deal with anybody who uses the product. if your a street dealer, dont sell to pregnant women or anyone under 21. trust no one including your mother! remember this isnt a game. the sentencing is far more severe than committing a 187-homocide-murder. sosa might be one of the lucky ones, but i stress that everyone walk away from the game and study hard in school! one of my employees son who is from africa grew up here in a poor dc neighborhood and was accepted to harvard-the top university in the usa! by the way, the father or his son was never in the drug game. i never claimed to be in it either! i just happen to love the flashy gangster movies of the 80s ! ps. also if you are determined to play the game, dont be flashy like rayful was! pss. wayne perry was portrayed in the hbo special the wire, the guy who was gay and had young lovers and would whistle a tune at stash houses and bags of dope would drop from the projects of west baltimore!

  • BurnInHellSilk says:

    Should of got the death penalty

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