Prison Gangs

Today’s Aryan Brotherhood by Robert Rosso

During the 1960’s a group of White convicts serving time inside California’s notorious San Quentin State Prison decided that they had had enough. Tired of watching their race fall prey to two deadly prison gangs, the Black Gorilla Family (BGF) and the Mexican Mafia (Eme), they came together and formed a little gang of their own. They called themselves the Aryan Brotherhood (AB) and they made their membership plan plain and simple. If you wanted to join, all you had to do was kill or attempt to kill a Black or a Mexican. Their motto was “Blood In/Blood Out,” meaning once you’ve spilled blood to join their gang the only way you were getting out was in a body bag. There were no exceptions.

It didn’t take long for the Aryan Brotherhood or “The Brand” as they are often called in prison, to establish themselves as a gang equal to or perhaps even more deadly than the BGF and the Eme. They soon had members in nearly every California state prison and became involved in criminal activities such as drug trafficking (both inside and outside of prison), gambling, extortion and protection rackets, and they laid down a host of laws that they expected all the White convicts to obey. For example, Whites were no longer allowed to eat, drink, or even share a cigarette with anyone outside of their race and all interactions with the “others” were to be kept at a need-to basis only. In a nutshell, their philosophy was “keep it White.” Just show The Brand some respect, obey their laws and come to them if you’re having any problems. That’s all they asked.

For more than a decade the Aryan Brotherhood did everything they could to protect the Whites in the California Department of Corrections (CDC).

Then came the 1980s.

Most seasoned convicts who served time in California during the 80’s have this to say about the Aryan Brotherhood: they turned on their own race. With their number of new recruits steadily on the rise and relations between the Whites and other ethnic groups better than the two previous decades, the ABs started abusing other Whites. Yes, the gang still committed violent acts against Blacks and Mexicans, but their victims were becoming increasingly White. Also, the gang’s membership policy had drastically changed. From the early 80’s up until the present date all someone has to do if they want to join the Aryan Brotherhood is follow orders — do exactly what the gang’s leaders tell you to do. And this mainly consists of assaulting, extorting, and robbing other Whites.

Subsequently, in the 80s, while the Aryan Brotherhood in California were turning from protectors to predators, more and more members of the gang that were released from the CDC were turning up in the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP). This gave the gang a much broader reach to conduct illegal business activities.

The 1990s would prove to be the worst decade yet for the Aryan Brotherhood. In an effort to thwart gang violence, prison officials in the CDC removed all remaining members of The Brand who were left in General Population to the Control Units in Pelican Bay and Corcoran. At these SuperMax facilities, inmates are confined to their cells 23 hours a day and have limited contact with other prisoners. This made it extremely difficult for the Aryan Brotherhood to maintain dominance and power over the White inmates in the general population institutions.

In the federal system, The Brand was going through some changes of their own. Following in the footsteps of the CDC official, slowly but surely officials in the BOP started housing members of the gang in Marion and Florence ADX, two SuperMax facilities similar to those in California. By 1999 in the in the Federal System there were only three inmates remaining in general population who were considered actual members of the Aryan Brotherhood.

Although state and federal prison officials hoped to ultimately destroy the Aryan Brotherhood, the truth is they did not. In fact, through notes written in code and smuggled out of the Control Units by willing prison guards and attorneys, and in some instances, even through letters mailed directly through the regular institutional mail system, the gang was able to make contact with people on the street who in turn would pass the messages from prison to prison. Equally important, the gang still had enough loyalists on the main lines (general population) to maintain some influence in both the CDC and the FBOP. This combined with the solid communication network allowed them to conduct criminal activity from their isolated prison cells, activity that included narcotics trafficking, drug dealing, gambling, extortion, attempted murder, and even murder.

But what nearly did destroy America’s most notorious White prison gang was some of its own members. Faced with the possibility of being indicted for new gang-related crimes, or just plain tired of being locked down in the Control Units, when prison officials got together with state and federal authorities and started offering members of gangs incentives to roll over, (immunity from prosecution, better housing, even food and cigarettes), killers suddenly transformed into cooperators, White Pride Warriors became Witness Protection Wannabes, and in the end, there were just way too many crackers that crumbled. Needless to say, prosecutors were eventually furnished with enough information to file charges against dozens of members of the gang, including a 140-page indictment that spanned three decades and involved 32 murders and attempted murders in prisons and around the country. It was the largest capital murder case filed in U.S. history.

One of the first members caught up in the government’s crusade against the Aryan Brotherhood was Michael “Big Mac” McElhiney, a key member of the gang who sits on The Brand’s Federal Commission, a governing body designed similar to that of the Cosa Nostra. In September of 1998 Big Mac was transferred ;from the Control Unit in Marion, Illinois to the Special Housing Unit (SHU) or “hole” at USP Leavenworth in Kansas to await trial in the Federal District Court of Kansas to await trial for crimes that he and others allegedly committed in 1994 while they were serving time inside Leavenworth. But new charges weren’t the only thing on Big Mac’s mind during his stay in Leavenworth. The future of the Aryan Brotherhood was at stake and intended to do something about it. Acting as his own criminal defense lawyer, Mac used the trial to bring members of his gang together by calling them into court as defense witnesses. And with luck on his side, the government and the warden at Leavenworth goofed and allowed everyone that Mac had subpoenaed to be housed together for the duration of his trial in an isolated segregation unit known as Building 63. For months, the only occupants in Building 63 were members and associates of the Aryan Brotherhood. This gave key members plenty of time to discuss the gangs’ future as well as helped Big Mac concoct a plausible defense.

By using cooperative prison guards and inmate food service workers who rolled meal carts in and out of Building 63, Big Mac and his brothers were able to correspond with inmates in General Population. On one occasion, perhaps under the impression that the Aryan Brotherhood still had some influence in Leavenworth, they sent a “kite” (note) across the yard ordering all the Whites to come together and “kill as many D.C. niggers as possible.” (At the time there was an ongoing battle between the ABs and the D.C. Blacks. This battle resulted in the deaths of inmates at USP Lewisburg and the Control Units in Marion, Illinois.) This coordinated attack was supposed to take place on Halloween night 1999. It never happened. In another attempt to assert authority, big Mac and the boys sent a threatening message to members of a prison gang called the Dirty White Boys (DWBs) and ordered them to “cover their patches” and join the Aryan Brotherhood or be “hit on sight” — assaulted or killed at the first available opportunity. The Dirty White Boys, the dominant White prison gang in the federal system at the time, ignored them.

At the end of 1999 Michael McElhiney went to trial and received a hung jury. He and the rest of his brothers were promptly returned to their Control Units at Marion and Florence ADX certain of one thing: they needed to find a way out of the Control Units — and fast. Because with the exception of the federal penitentiary in Lompoc California (USP Lompoc), it appeared that the Aryan Brotherhood no longer had any real power left in the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

In 2002 the government re-tried Big Mac and in September of the same year he and his brothers were back inside the hole at USP Leavenworth. Only this time they weren’t sent back to Building 63 nor were they allowed to be housed in the same cells together. Instead, Big Mac was housed in the basement by himself while the rest of his brothers were taken to the SHU and put on A-range. The only other inmates on A-range at the time were 8 members of the Dirty White Boys.

Using strips of torn bed sheets to pass kites from cell to cell and by draining the water out of their toilet bowls so they could use the sewer system as a make-shift telephone line (they talked directly into the empty toilets or “telephones”, the ABs and the DWBs were able to communicate freely and talk prison politics. Their main topic of conversation: the merger of the two gangs. Only instead of threatening the Dirty White Boys, this time the ABs offered a peaceful acquisition. The reason they changed their tone? Because the DWBs had over 300 members Bureau-wide and the Feds were opening new prisons in Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Louisiana, Florida, California, Arizona and Pennsylvania. If the two were to join forces and use the name of a prison gang who was still widely feared and respected in many state and federal prisons, the Aryan Brotherhood, with the Dirty White Boys numbers they could get a foothold in all of these new joints and dominate the Federal System.

At least that’s the reason they gave the Dirty White Boys. The truth of the matter is that the Bureau officials had the Aryan Brotherhood on “indeterminate SHU status,” meaning they had no immediate plans to release The Brand from the Control Units and could basically leave them there as long as they deemed the gang was a “threat to the safety and security of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.” But if the ABs could manage to pull off a merger with a gang on the mainlines, especially a gang the size of the Dirty White Boys, it would make no sense for prison officials to keep them locked down if there were 300-plus new recruits running around out in the general population institutions. For the Aryan Brotherhood, it was a strategic move designed to get them out of their tiny prison cells.

But the Dirty White Boys weren’t going for it. They knew The Brand was desperate to get out of the Control Units and they knew The Brand was only trying to use them. And if they did agree to such a merger and The Brand did get out of Marion and ADX, the DWBs also knew that it would be only a matter of time before the commission ordered the gang to attack the D.C. Blacks. They were completely obsessed with kicking off a full-scale racial war with these particular prisoners and the Dirty White Boys wanted no part of it. They were just fine with The Brand staying right where they were at — in Marion and ADX.

Ironically, it would be the government who helped resurrects the Aryan Brotherhood in the federal system. Pursuant to organized crime related charges, they targeted members of the gang in the California State Prison System as well as members who were on parole and convicted them at a federal level. Then for reasons unknown, rather than send them to the Control Units with the others, they let them into General Population.

Bobby Ray Shields was a convict from California who joined the Aryan Brotherhood the old-fashioned way — by murdering another inmate. In 2003 after pleading guilty to RICO charges, he was sent to USP Lompoc where he received a warm welcome from the Whites. And in a short amount of time, with the backing of a California-based prison gang called the Nazi Low Riders (NLR), Bobby Ray began to take control of the yard.

Once again, the Aryan Brotherhood was on the rise. In 2005 a member of The Brand nicknamed “Ziggy” was released from the ADX and placed into general population at USP Florence. At the time there were a few Dirty White Boys on the yard, about a half-dozen members of a Utah-based prison gang called the Silent Aryan Warriors (SAW), and around 20 members of another Utah-based gang called the “SACs,” or Soldiers of Aryan Culture. Yet Ziggy, a lone member of the Aryan Brotherhood, was able to take the reigns and start calling shots for all three of the White prison gangs at USP Florence based solely on The Brand’s reputation.

In 2004 there were members or affiliates of the Aryan Brotherhood in USP Victorville, USP Beaumont, USP Big Sandy, USP Coleman and USP Pollack.

At the United States Penitentiary in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania the same year there were the following White gangs: the Dirty White Boys, The “ACs” or the Aryan Circle, the 88s, the Nazi Low Riders, the Soldiers of Aryan Culture, the Hell’s Angels, the Pagans, and the Texas Aryan Brotherhood, which have no affiliation with the original California bunch. While there was no one gang who “ran the yard” per se, the DWBs had 13 members which was more than any of the other White gangs on the compound.

Bobby Ray Shields was transferred to USP Lewisburg in the in the spring of 2006 where he was in for a rude awakening. Because he was a member of The Brand, and because The Brand is still by far considered the most deadly White prison gang of our time, he automatically assumed that he was entitled to call the shots. He assumed incorrectly. When he realized that things weren’t going to go according to plan, he tried to cut a deal with the Dirty White Boys where they could work together but Bobby Ray would be calling the shots. He even said that he ad been authorized by The Commission to propose a new deal with the DWBs. That is, rather than abolish the gang and join the Aryan Brotherhood, the DWBs could remain independent and become a stepping stone to join the Aryan Brotherhood, such as the Nazi Low Riders in the federal system have become. Put a different way, the NLRs and the DWBs would be soldiers for The Brand and only the promising members of each gang could “step up” and become actual members of the Aryan Brotherhood. Not only did the Dirty White Boys refuse the offer, but one DWB named Windell “Wilbur” Rigsby took it a step further and told Bobby Ray that as long as there were Dirty White Boys on the compound, the Aryan Brotherhood would never again run a thing in Lewisburg.

In prison speak, Bobby Ray got punked.

With his main objective being to take control of the yard, and knowing that the Dirty White Boys were standing in his way, Bobby Ray next tried to form an alliance with the other gangs in hopes they would come together and turn on the DWBs. With the exception of the NLRs (all three of them), none of the gangs went for it. When the plan failed, Bobby recognized that the Aryan Brotherhood needed more numbers so he sent a message to his brothers in the ADX seeking permission to pull two new recruits. If the Aryan Brotherhood was ever going to get a foothold in Lewisburg again, Bobby Ray reasoned they were going to need more members.

On January 31, 2007, with The Commissions’ approval, Bobby ray got his wish. Two members of the Nazi Low Riders named “Grumpy” and “Boulder Head” officially became members of the notorious Aryan Brotherhood. But unlike most new recruits who have to “earn their bones” to join the gang, these two didn’t have to do a thing.

They simply just became members of the Aryan Brotherhood.

Inside of these prison walls and in the “free-world” alike, there are many misconceptions about the Aryan Brotherhood. To begin with they are not a White supremacy gang. While there are members of the gang who firmly believe in White supremacy or White separatist ideologies, they also have members and close affiliates who are Hispanic, Hawaiian, Asian and Native American. Furthermore, the Aryan Brotherhood and the Mexican Mafia have formed somewhat of an alliance. Meaning, if either of them has a problem with an African American gang, the two will band together. Also, it should be mentioned that many ABs have Mexican wives, girlfriends and children. A true White supremacist gang would never tolerate any of this behavior. Next there are many state prison gangs who have adopted the name Aryan Brotherhood. This gives people the false impression that there is one very large organization or Brotherhood of white prisoners who all belong to a gang that is governed by one body and has members in nearly every state and federal prison throughout the United States. This is totally false. At best, some of these Aryan Brotherhood gangs are splinter-groups that no longer have any affiliation with the original California-based Aryan Brotherhood and most never had. Some of these gangs are the Arizona Abs, the New Mexico ABs, the Texas ABs, the Ohio ABs, and even the Universal ABs.

Today’s Aryan Brotherhood — the REAL Aryan Brotherhood — is a disorganization that exists within the Control Units of the California Department of Corrections and in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. They are often used by prosecutors for political gain and portrayed by the media an evil racist regime. It’s like reporters — often mislead by prison officials — want the world to believe that lurking inside of America’s prisons there is a well organized White supremacy gang who rules by deadly force and is capable of churning out droves of Aryan Warriors into society so they can pursue a supreme Aryan agenda, just like Hitler dreamed. And that’s just not the case. Most ABs is prison junkies desperate to control the environment in which they live so they can make enough money to stay high. Although there is strong evidence which proves that some members of the gang do get released from prison and carry out “missions” for their brothers on the inside, the gang as a whole is currently incapable of putting enough money together to fill a piggybank Nevertheless generating the capital that they would need to pursue a genuine criminal, political, or racist agenda.

In the beginning, the Aryan Brotherhood had one true purpose — to stop Blacks and Mexicans from abusing Whites. They used their unity for monetary gain and in the process they lost themselves. Yes the gang will continue to recruit new members and yes the gang will continue to commit new crimes — including murder. And yes, the gang will probably take over a few prison yards. But so will scores of other White prison gangs…and that’s my point exactly.

Today’s Aryan Brotherhood is no different than you average ordinary White prison gang. They’ve just been around a lot longer.

Yes, the gang will probably take over a few prison yards. But so will scores of other White prison gangs…and that’s my point exactly.

Today’s Aryan Brotherhood is no different than you average ordinary White prison gang. They’ve just been around a lot longer.


  • paula wilson says:

    I was a loyal pen-pal to bobby-ray and got to know the intelligence he bestowed within I lost contact with him after I caught a case sure would like to hear from him. Miss you Bobby…….love paula

    • Juice says:

      Is that what they call it now…catching a case’ as in a case of the ol “swollon Collin”__Um fudge pack’n swamp donkey…Hee Haw..
      Moose knuckle Maria

  • Ronnie says:

    Yes, great article. I used to run with the Brand in the 80s at the Old and New Folsom Prisons… I was not a member, just an associate. I did not become a member because I did not want that lifelong commitment. Then, as time when by, I realize that the organization was not what I thought it was… there was too many “backstabbings” where solid Woods were getting hit for no real reason. Most of the time it was because they had a stash of dope and did not shared it with the rest of their Brothers. To me, this did not grant a “green light” on a person that had already made its bones time and time again. So, I decided to move on and just live my own life. Now, I live in peace with my family and friends and have not been back in prison since my release in 1991. I feel that if the Brand had maintained its original philosophy and plan; which was to help its fellow brothers, the organization would be much more powerful today. Sincerely, Ronnie

  • Beast says:

    “Today’s Aryan Brotherhood is no different than you average ordinary White prison gang. They’ve just been around a lot longer.”

    Did I read that right? LAUGHS!!!

    So your telling the people reading your shit article that the AB is just the same as, lets say, The Border Brothers?
    You have no idea what you are talking about. There are 3 major prison “clubs” that only only run the CDOC but also federal, the AB and EME being the most feared of the three main three. Also, more then 60% of the drug flow on the streets are ran from the inside, by a handful of people.

    “…so will scores of other white prison gangs.” IN THE LAST 30 YEARS HAVE YOU HEARD OF ANY OTHER WHITE PRISON “CLUB” RUNNING THE YARDS? UMMMM, NO.

    AB doesn’t give two shots about white power. It’s about making money.

    Also, the NLR do not work directly under the AB anymore. Then and the AB are in a war. PEN1 works under then now.

    Your story isn’t very good…

    • Whitepride says:

      I would just like to say you don’t have a fucking clue what your talking about I’m a Sargent validated in 3 states and the feds and I will say this your a god damn idiot go do yourself some time with the real ABs then write u another story if u can stupid ass1488 til the wheels fall off

  • South slider says:

    USP McCreary is run by the independent Whites….. The AB that comes on that yard and tries to politic, get smashed..The AB remind me of a boyhood back yard club…

  • Theresa Collins says:

    I know Bobby Rays brothrs, John and Melvin and sister Teresa. we hung out in Bakersfield. Back then he was in pelican bay. Im glad hes still standing.

  • Jonny"Knownothing"Longo says:

    Pretty good Job considering ur an outsider taking shots in the dark at a lot of specifics,I know Bobby personally,and Ziggy,and Mac…gotta givem an A for Effort:)The world is changing!

  • bigkenny says:

    Ya’ll dont no nothing about the ab these days im from indiana an shit run just like it did back in 67 belive that

  • I did time in usp lompoc and usp victorville with bobby ray, grumpy and boulder head. Bobby ray supported me in going on strike in usp victorville since I had the keys for the crips.once the prison officials became aware of the leading culprits we were all thrown in the shu. I respect bobby ray cuz when the prison officials came to release the ab’s and nlr from the shu to open the yard up bobby ray and his boys took a stand and said if you dont let nogood out we aint opening up shit! Grumpy and boulder lol! Ya’ll made the brand.

  • Bill says:

    These so called aryan gangs are pathetic. Seriously?! Native American and Latino associates?! The use of drugs by their own members?! The sale of drugs to other whites?! Do the white race a favor and exterminate these guys. It sounds to me like the Aryan Brotherhood represents the absolute worst of the white race. If this were the 12th Reich, we would have shot these losers in the head years ago.

    • robert says:

      the 12th reich lol! what the fuck is that? another stupid fucken wannabe supreme Aryan race if you were in the same room with any one of these guys I guarranty to you you would not disrespect him or you would get a knife in your gut or throat and at the least you would get beat to death!

  • dumpster says:

    You are all a bunch of cracker losers. What else do they do but kill, still and lie. White wannabe supreme have been doing that since the begging. They us savage control because they are too scared to go up against other races fairly.

    • 1488 says:

      First off u uneducated fool. The ab is going against other races. That’s the purpose of the gang. I did a lot of time in va doc and the black gangs dominated the prisons. The only thing that kept a balance in power was the ab and eme. I myself am ab and I take much pride in being a member in prison. It was an experience I took pride in bcuz without the unification of whites then combating the blacks as a lone wolf would’ve been impossible. Strength in numbers and loyalty to ur race are key in prison. There’s nothing wrong with being loyal to ur race. Every race should take pride in it and when put in a prison environment where it’s kill or be killed u will band with ur own kind to make sure everyone is protected. Like it or not the ab isn’t going anywhere and neither will the black gangs. So u can talk shit about the ab but u need to think about the black gangs that are worse troublemakers, prime example look at Chicago. Slaughter by the thousands. So long as I live Ill live loyal to the cause. 1488

    • Richierich says:

      Really? Hmmm….ive been in countless race wars …..and we were always out numbered, but that never stoped us …..didnt even slow us down…we just kept wacking lames like you

  • Test says:

    What is the 12th Reich. Go back to school

  • mazen says:


  • Psyco sean says:

    As a baptized member whom just left prison 4/9/13 this artical is probally written by a yam! Narcotic use or sale of such, sold to whites is a big no no. you would get violated. The only whites who get extorted are the punks. White power is about uplifting our race, educating our children. While in prison yes its a gang but its a family I would take steel for the man watching the door to the shower so I can shower, how many of you have had to sleep with your boots on, its waking up everyday prepared for war. We just dont disrespect anyone, step on our pile, or in our space its a green light this artical is shit.

  • brebelchild says:

    If any one new anything you would know that all of thus has nothing to do with prisons it goes all the way back to Celtic .warrior days so goes the design of the clover and even the politicians in the old days who were klansmen whicth were a Christian group that based everthing on purity thus giving the white cloak which is a symbol of pure they were even parts of the church if you really want to know something do the history first befor allegations are maid i was the other day on the mews were a gang called og’s had a big drig drug bust and prostitution ring and guess what face was on their poster a political leader we as a body make our own choices in life for thoes who talk about the aryan families you are no different then them 88 to the 12

  • jimf says:

    Live by the sword. Die by the sword. End of story.

  • Hack says:

    Worked a Usp Lewisburg during the DC black homicides. Those were real ABs Bridewater,Benton,Campbell,Edger Hevel, Grumpy and boulderhead was a joke no other gang showed them respect. We as guards called them plastic shamrocks. The ABS allow sex offenders in their gang “beast”. The white gangs will hit them if the go yards. The new members aren’t respected the old school ABs.

    • beast says:

      I would love to know the name of a Chomo that is a AB member.

      I doubt that

      • 1488 bang bang.... says:

        I know Bobby Ray personally and to the shit about calling him out of his name home boy you need to be real careful on how you speak cause it might be something you can’t take back. And then what your stuck trying to keep lying to everyone… you ant with no politics. Cause of you were than you know what is real and not…

  • Mik says:

    why isnt the law enforcement making in roads to get the aryan brother hood and all the other gangs in the prison system? Plus going after the mafia Italian Chinese Japanese and going after the other crimenals who run New York and the other major cities?

  • Attacked says:

    Can someone from the aryan brotherhood please contact me concerning a important matter

  • justine kidwell says:

    I have a lot of love and respect for ab members i know personally, however bobby ray shield is punk bitch and a joke, and i have no problem letting him know this ever time i see him! And his ab story only gets shity! But i would like to know how hes even on the streets considering he got busted for a in house murder ? Is he a RAT too?

  • Krissy Kain says:

    Thank you for this information. Nicely written article.

  • Anonymous says:

    BANG BANG NAZI LOW RIDER GANG IE FONTANA UP .This is some crazy shit being said on this article and the comments WOW IS ALL I CAN SAY

  • Joey says:

    Mind ur own fucking business. Ur off by aong shot smokey

  • S.Mac says:

    I was in Victorville when it opened in ‘04 until ‘07, I went to the state. No Good, bro, cut that shit out. You weren’t no shit caller for the Crips. There were way more solid niggaz than you there. And we all knew you were light weight gay bro. You guys did get sent over to the SHU at FCI 2 before they opened that yard. Bobby Ray ran the white boys. But after he left a lot of them speculated he wasn’t a a real “Brand”. But none of them said that shit to him while he was there. He preyed on the white boys a lot and nobody liked him. “Grumpy” or Steve, was Boulder’s lackey and wanted to be NLR soooo bad. But he was a “Do Boy”. Boulder used to go hard on the police. I never seen him put in no work, personally, but the white boys feared him. I will say that. He was always in some shit. Stayed in the hole. Drinkin, dirty for heroin, knives. He ended up leaving before Big Mark and Terry (AB’s) got there. And when they did, they ran that yard for the whites. No question about that. I heard that later on shit changed up and the skinheads took a stand. But I can’t comment on the validity of that. I can say, though, Bobby Ray, at that time, wasn’t pulling off any monster demonstrations of power. He was more weasel like and the white boys hated him. But the fact that he MIGHT be an AB was enough to keep them in line and doing what he said. The name alone, in the joint, is power. But I never met one that wasn’t a dope fiend, either. So what the fuck does it all matter? Just a story for civilians to entertain themselves and convicts to reminisce. To everyone that made it out, I’m happy for you. To the ones with a date, stay strong, you’re almost there. And the ones who don’t have a date, keep your head up. Don’t lose hope. Shits weird enough out here that you never know what might change. Get your presidential campaign donation together and put in your bid when you can. Much love

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