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Alpo and Fray

A lot of factors figured in the death of the Washington DC street legend, Fray, but the main reason was Alberto “Alpo” Martinez. When the soon to become infamous rat Alpo hit DC in the late 1980s, Fray was a well established and respected hustler at the top of DC’s street hierarchy. Fray didn’t take kindly to New York dudes coming from up top to set up shop in the city. He despised dudes coming down to Chocolate City and hustling on the home turf. But it was more than that. The slick New York dudes would come down with kilos and game, flossing and shining, fucking all the DC girls, turning the community out, and getting DC dudes to betray and murder other DC dudes. Just fucking shit up in general and then leaving the mess for Fray to clean up. Fray didn’t like to feel he got played on any level and dudes like Alpo were snakes, fucking it up for the home team.

Fray’s attitude toward outsiders, especially the dudes from New York, was to lean on them. He put his muscle game down and dared the New Yorkers to make a move. Fray felt secure in his city and he put his mentality in effect. When Alpo came into town flossing and fronting that gangster shit, Fray called his bluff, got shit off him and didn’t even pay him. He treated Alpo like a sucker. He was leaning on the New Yorker and saw him as a coward even before he started snitching. Fray had the 411 on Alpo from the jump, before he knew him he saw the snake for what he was. In retrospect Fray played Alpo for the buster he was.

“I saw Fray take 10 keys from Alpo one time,” one hustler says. That was how Fray treated the kid. Fray got in touch with some of his people from New York and they warned him that Alpo wasn’t right. They told Fray that Alpo had set some people up in New York, good dudes, on some flip shit long before he began to tell. He was a shiesty dude and Fray was forewarned. Fray knew Alpo wasn’t a true gangster, he knew Alpo was fronting because zebras can’t change their stripes, once a sucker always a sucker. But even suckers can bust their gun and Fray didn’t foresee the coward’s treachery. He was too secure in his status in the city.

Fray was in the life though and death was an occupational hazard. It happened to lesser men everyday. Fray just never envisioned himself falling prey to the game. He never thought he would be a victim. The Washington Post headline read, Alleged Drug Figure Slain on DC Street. The man known as Fray, government name Michael Salters had met his demise. He was described by law enforcement officials as one of the city’s largest drug dealers, but it was noted that his real power lay in his ability to referee turf disputes among rival drug dealers. So in other words Fray made big power moves and due to this, he was a man among men. Respected, feared and loved. This didn’t stop him from being gunned down on the streets he came up on. On July 16, 1991 in an ambush at First and Bryant Streets Northwest, an unidentified gunman opened fire on Salters’ car, Washington DC police reported. The death of a street legend being the result. The city was rocked by his murder.

Afraid that Fray was going to have him killed, Alpo paid a DC dude to kill a DC legend. Fray’s body, still inside his bullet-ridden car was left outside the entrance to the Washington Hospital Center shortly after 10:30PM, Fifth District Captain James Coffey said. Fray was pronounced dead at about 1 AM that morning. The police department said Fray had been shot at least six times. A relative of Fray’s was driving a van behind Fray’s car east on Bryant when he was cut off by another car near First Street, police said. An occupant of the vehicle that cut off the van opened fire on Fray. An uninjured passenger in Fray’s car then drove him to the hospital.

“I was in prison when Fray got killed.” His relative says. “I’ll never forget when dude came to my cell and told me that your cousin got killed last night. I got on the phone and called home and couldn’t believe it. I wondered who would jump out there like that. Fray had that much pull in DC. It hurts to even talk about this shit because nothing was really done to answer that shit. How can a nigga like Fray get killed and niggas don’t tear the city up and go to war. The only person I can say really did something was his nephew Poochie.” Darrell Salters aka Poochie, Frays nephew, was a stick-up kid who robbed and kidnapped drug dealers. He did a lot of shit behind Fray’s murder but was eventually gunned down himself. It was said that Poochie killed a few big names in the game behind Fray’s murder, but no one knew if he got the right people.

“I heard that this guy Brooks and Alpo were scared of Fray. That’s what I heard,” Fatts says of what the streets were saying about Fray being taken out. About the murder, the rat Alpo said in Feds magazine, “Fray was about to get back in position in DC. He had a list of names or people he needed to eliminate and I was at the top of his list. I found out because I was feeding someone in his camp he wasn’t taking care of. That same person ended up killing him for me.” At the time though no one knew who killed Fray. It was a complete and utter shock that a man of his stature could be taken out like that. His friends, family, allies, associates and enemies were all dumbfounded. If the ambassador of Chocolate City could be touched, then anyone could be touched. It was a sobering reality.

On March 5, 1993 a 27 count indictment stemming from the Alpo case alleged that his crew from 1989 to 1991 was responsible for nine homicides. According to the indictment, when Alpo learned of Fray’s plans to kill him he and Wayne Perry paid Michael Jackson 9 grand in cash, a half-kilogram of cocaine and a 9mm handgun to kill Fray. The allegations were never presented in court, but Alpo admitted to them in the magazine interview. As did Wayne Perry who said of the matter in Don Diva magazine, “As far as the Fray thing, I’m gonna tell you about it. I wouldn’t if it could get someone in trouble, but the rat already told it. But dig, that was a cruddy snake move. And his trusted friends got him, not me. They put it out there that I did it. Yes, I was after Fray because he put a hit on me. He said he had to get me out of the way so he could extort Alpo. Alpo was scared of Fray but I wasn’t and Alpo felt okay as long as he had me. So I end up finding out about the hit on me and I got at those in Fray’s crew who took the hit and let Fray know that he was next.

“But I couldn’t track him down. So those snakes that used to be down at that shop on Georgia Avenue who were close to Fray but were scared of him playing both sides. So Alpo and them set it up for Fray’s close buddy to hit him and then tell all Fray’s people that I did it cause he was close to me too but he is a snake and has no loyalty.” The snake Wayne was talking about is Michael Jackson. “He even told the feds that he heard that he and Marky and Mario got Fray. The dude is a snake. All the time he was the one that did it and the dudes at the shop was all in on it. Now dig, one of my kids’ mother heard the whole lie about me killing Fray at Fray’s funeral where all the dudes and the dude that got Fray were saying I did it. At the time I don’t know all of this and the dude who did it was my man at the time. I still didn’t know he did it until we got locked up. The dude knew my daughter’s mother heard him at Fray’s funeral so he hurried up and came to me and tell me she was at the funeral telling people I killed Fray. The dude knew I would believe him and ask no questions, just do what I did best, which I did. And that’s my only regret. May she rest in peace. Michael Jackson is a snake.”

Before his untimely end Fray was the subject of a five year investigation by the Washington Metropolitan Police and the FBI. Fray had been implicated in drug deals of more than 200 pounds, but he had proved to be too well insulated from direct involvement to be charged. Agents at times put Salters under intense surveillance and interviewed drug dealers who said they had worked with and for him. His name also came up in wiretapped conversations. A dude from the R Street case was heard on a wire saying Fray had paid the District Attorney 5 grand for information. That’s how far his reach and influence carried. But the feds never got him. Fray met his maker in the streets. In a burst of gunfire like a true outlaw. Some rappers rap about it but Fray lived it. He was the epitome of the original gangster. For a man like that, all that can be done is to honor his gangster, his name and his legend.


  • Rafeeqah Salaam says:

    fuck that hot nigga alpo and the rest of dem snakes

    • Philly Raider says:

      It 2019 and Alpo back on the streets, and the People that made the movies paid in full, Paid Alpo, a half mill, Alpo living good, like a true Gangster should

  • Thrillz says:

    Every time I hear dis shit it, I get blown cuz none of dem niggaz shud of let him do nothin down here . He was pose to get robbed and chase back to Harlem wit his bamma ass ion give fuck how much work he had . Den Meech said in the last part of his recent interview that wen he got out muthafuckaz threw dis NIGGA a party . WTF dey do dey at moe, but dats what HE said … Wat he said

    • BIG BOY says:

      SON You have ZERO clue on this situation man ALPO played EACH and every last one of these dudes the ENTIREEE time even the Wayne Perry “Friendship” was NOTHING… It was all so he could stick all you country A** chumps money SON! It’s typical NY style so much so that it was sticking out like a sore thumb son! The funniest fact of it all is that HE NEVER PULLED A TRIGGER MANNNNN all you fake DC Catz pulled all his triggers for him and he ALWAYS setup each one of his unfortunate victims so that when they were sprayed he ended up with the doe or the drugs all for himself! Dude Fray was killed by his OWN dude for 9Grand a half a zip of coke and the gun that killed him… If you wanna start talking about sellouts… Honestly Alpo did what he had to do to stay alive for HIMSELF no honor in the game man! Especially the game they ALLL were playing so if you wanna be pissed at anyone be pissed at your entire city for enabling dude to get away running things like he did!

      • Shizzy says:

        Word! Alpo played them cats like puppets.

      • DC Capo says:

        The Dude that killed Fray is a cold blooded gansta dog, far from a flunky or sellout, and a half oz wasn’t ish to him, try half brisick for the hit and 10 stacks. As for Po, don’t get it twisted slim, DC grimey as hell too, they had some n cooked up for his azz, he just escaped, with a shell in him.

    • BDB says:

      It’s unfortunate that Black men are losing their lives to this deadly Game for Money, respect, Loyalty and greed. I don’t glorify the game since it is not right. I have participated in the street game in DC and I did learn when it comes to Money; most people will do anything for you and to you. An Unloyal Nigga like Alpo is like cancer in the Hood; they are willing to go to any hood and deal with anyone at any time. DC Hustlers Call them “Get Wits” Generally there is a Nigga like Alpo in every Hood… And the Chump never makes it out alive. Alpo did and that’s how he caused so much destruction where ever he would go. Fray shouldn’t have Robbed Him; He should have focused on getting him out of this City. “On some real Shit the Guy this left that comment name BIG BOY” You can’t be in the game because you wouldn’t last.

      • Knowledge says:

        I hate when people that’s not from dc speak on it. Dc ain’t a snitch city. I grew up in middle of this life. I remember when my pops would come home with a new Z and the range and the 525. I also remember dudes getting caught and doing they 10-15 like a man. Nobody was snitching. I also remember when cats got killed it was never for money it was because a dude beat up his girl. Or because if anything a in house beef. But for the most part everybody had rope chains. Everybody had a Saab or a Z or the 525 BMW. That snitching came from the alpo vibe. That disloyal. You gotta remember there was no social media. NY cats could come here and it was more like witness protection. If you ain’t have family in NY you would never know they life. Dudes in the city had love for other people. Because they all getting money. Drug addicts can only walk so far. So your block jumpin the next block jumpin everybody eating. If you notice alpo never was cool with big names in dc. He was cool with stick up kids and rats. People who were already lacking the business mindset so he could talk them into anything. The real Kings of the city was cool with they territory with they bread and feeding they family and maybe go to the gogo to show off they whip. I got family that did 25 just because they wouldn’t snitch. They rather have a codefendant and loyalty than be called witness vs defendant.

  • Brendabeyt says:

    ho ever believe this knows DC git so many snake ass dudes living here. The turf is changing now there aren’t many thorough dudes here now they are either dead or locked up. The young ones don’t know the game and those that did have forgot it. I am still standing and one of the original OG’s that hung on 7th Street and hustled back and forth on 9th St. NW. May DC always live on as one of the best on the EAST COAST!!!

  • luke says:

    Shit is real case everything is the same nothing change u feel me?neggas r doing the same shit.u anit doing that same shit it real in life no joke.its life

  • Benjamin Button says:

    Are you serious!!! Fray played Alpo? Got him for work and didn’t pay him?
    How stupid does that sound? Shit Fray payed with his life! !!!

  • HavGunWillTrvl says:

    Alpo was a punk and proved it many times. Blame mommy and lil sis for your actions, but you know half the shit you say in your interview are lies to make you look tougher than your punk ass was….Julis Richman Class of 84’…the Albert remember me..the one who you had to pay a niiga to fight….should’ve killed your ass after I found out but your time is still due….are you out yet…folks lookin…LMFAO

  • mrnewyorkcity says:

    Fray payed the ultimate price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Boots101 says:

    Fray fucked with a smarter dude in Alpo! Alpo was younger but held more heart and wit than Fray, and a lot of other dudes that only thought he was stupid and falsely labeled him a punk. Well, they underestimated a real gangster, slept on the truth and got done in, while trying to do him in. Now if Alpo’s not a true brother to the game, those other dudes you all are speaking glorious about could never be. Alpo went to another man’s land, wrestled with lions tigers and bears and lived to tell about it as a free man… Period!!!

    • Kdub says:

      Wayne perry is my uncle wayne knew alpo was a snake but when Alpo got my uncle outta jail be felt the need to be loyal. Alpo went to wayne for all advise he felt the need to make wayne feel like a mentor. Wayne lived Alpo that was his lil brother

    • DC Capo says:

      Were im from we simply just called them type dudes snitches

  • KingChris says:

    Im trying to understand shit… did Wayne Perry had his baby mom’s killed because he believed a Lie told to him by a rat assnigga Michael Jackson?! Perry is indeed a dumbass!

  • HarlemKing says:

    Fray aint ever take shit from Alpo lol

    • Fred Hampton says:

      Bottom line,there was a few soldiers from NY down here who were respected stand up dudes,a few killaz too BUT..! Alpo wasn’t one of them and for the record he did the same coward shit in NY told on and crossed good loyal men he never followed the script of a gangsta so all you young skinny woman clothes wearing homo-rats need to stop watching paid n full American gangster and all the other flicks that glorified NYC rats!!!

  • Fred says:

    Interesting; the gov’t sprinkled some crack and the hoods exploded. Literally they did so much damage they had to tear them down brick by brick hood by hood (gentrification)

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