Street Legends

Street Legends: Vol 2

Street Legends Vol 2Ice-T spit, “Gangsters don’t die, they multiply: and to keep it all the way official read about the street’s real legends. The Original Gangsters that inspired BET’s American Gangster series, all those Hollywood gangsta flicks, the litany of true crime street documentaries and gangsta rappers galore. The Black Gangster is in effect. Taking over where the Italian mobsters and Colombian cocaine cartels left off. Street Legends gives you their stories. Read about the black John Gotti’s and Pablo Escobar’s. True to life and hood to hood. Real recognizes real. And this book will give you the truth.

Let recognized prison journalist and gangster chronicler Seth Ferranti aka Soul Man take you on a journey to the criminal underworld. Where O.G.’s go hard and suckers get exposed. In Street Legends, Vol. 1, he mesmerized readers with the exploits of the Death Before Dishonor six – Supreme, Wayne Perry, Anthony Jones, Aaron Jones, Pistol Pete and Boy George. Now in Street Legends, Vol. 2, he introduces the Original Gangsters. Men of honor, respect and violence. Street stars and hood icons.

The Black Caesar, Frank Matthews, Original King of New York. Peanut King, Lord of B-More’s heroin trade. Michael Fray, the Ambassador of Chocolate City. The Boobie Boys of Miami and rapper Rick Ross fame. Short North Posse, the Columbus, Ohio crew that Triple Crown publisher Vickie Stringer snitched on, and the New World, Islamic bank robbers from Newark, New Jersey. Read these tales of chaos, murder and mayhem that embody elements of cash money, debonair style, brutal diplomacy, unchecked violence, vicious betrayal and brotherly unity.

“Street Legends delves into the legends of some of the most noted street figures of the 21st Century. Seth brings the harsh reality of America’s narco history to a new generation.” Hip Hop Weekly

“Ferranti continues to amaze us with the most infamous OG’s and their unfathomable street life.” The Source Magazine