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Seth Ferranti

Seth Ferranti

Seth Ferranti

Seth Ferranti’s the Gorilla Convict Writer. In 1993, after spending two years as a top-15 fugitive on the US Marshal’s most wanted list, he was captured and sentenced to 304 months under the federal sentencing guidelines for an LSD kingpin conviction and committed to the custody of the Attorney General. A first-time, non-violent offender, Seth has served 18 years of his 25 year mandatory minimum sentence. His case was widely covered byThe Washington Post and Washington Times, and his story was profiled in the pages of Rolling Stone and Don Diva magazines. His current release date is November 2015.

His first book Prison Stories, has been an unqualified success. Rejected by major publishers, Seth founded Gorilla Convict Publication from the penitentiary and put Prison Stories out himself. Check out the excellent reviews of Prison Stories from Giant, SmoothElementalThe Ave and Yellow Rat Bastard magazines on the Media section of this site. Seth ‘s next novel is Murder Capital and then he will write the next Prison Stories book. Also out now, “Street Legends,” a look at some notorious gangstas he’s covered in the pages of Don Diva.

Seth is also an accomplished journalist having written articles for Don Diva, Slam, King, F.E.D.S., The Ave, Elemental, FHM, Vice and The Flywire. Check out his published pieces on the publication section of this site. His work as a prison basketball writer has led to international recognition in L’Equipe, Gigantes Del Basket and Liberation magazines from France and Spain. His articles appeared on and His work also appeared on Erik Brouwer also devoted a chapter to Seth in his book, De Hemel Iseen Basketbalveld, published in the Netherlands.

Also check out the Gorilla Convict Blog on this site, which is penned by Seth. Seth also writes a column, Behind the Wall for and contributes to Out of The Gutter. Check out his short story in the new Nikki Turner “Street Chronicals” book, “Christmas in the Hood.”


  • Ray says:

    Out of curiosity, how does it feel to get a 25 year federal sentence let alone a life sentence? I happen to be in your same age group and not incarcerated, but cannot imagine the feeling as to when it actually sinks after so many years inside. Do any friends or family stay by the side of those that are doing 15, 20, 25 or a life sentence? Thank you.

    • diane says:

      I got a 25 year sentence when I was 22 and for real I was in shock and denial. For my first 9 years in prison all I did was smoke marijuana to dull the existence of my reality. I didn’t face the reality of my situation until 2002 when I finally got a clue and started doing stuff for my eventual release. My family, some friends and my wife have stayed by my side but many others have faded in and out and eventually faded away but I am lucky b/c due to my writing I am always having encounters with new people. But needless to say the whole experience has not been nice but I have made the best of it.

      • Ray says:

        Seth, I appreciate your honesty. What about those in our age group that were caught up young and have a life sentence?
        Does it ever sink in for them? Knowing that one day you will be out of there is one thing, but knowing that one will never be out is another case scenario. The whole psychology has to be different and the acceptance must be inconceivably hard for both individual and family. Appreciate your response and really admire your perseverance in not giving up and doing what you are doing. Thank you.

  • Dan says:

    Seth, I remember reading your profile in Rolling Stone from years ago. I have been thinking about you and your story now for years. I was reading an article at The Fix this morning when I made the connection. Still thinking about ya, man. A lot has happened to me since I read the article to make me appreciate your situation somewhat clearer. Stay up.

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