Prison Stories

Prison Stories

Prison Stories“Guero,” a young suburban white kid, is thrust into the feds on a marijuana rap. Facing a lengthy sentence in the corrupt and violent netherworld of prison, Guero sets out to make his reputation and get his respect.

While growing into his manhood amidst the ever-present chaos and twisted realities of the penitentiary, Guero falls in with a Latino drug smuggling gang and struggles with his evolving identity as a convict and “vato loco.”

Prison Stories is a real-life look into the life of prisoners confined in the Bureau of Prisons. Short story vignettes interwoven throughout the pages offer readers a vicarious, personal experience of everything prison is…the power-tripping of guards, gangs, prisoners getting turned out, killings and more.

“Prison Stories outlaw rawness mixes well with hip-hop’s street essence. Fans of Iceberg Slim’s pimp tales or HBO’s ‘OZ’ series will really dig this.” Elemental Magazine

We’ve all heard – if not lived- grim tales of prison life, but you can almost smell the stench of a month in “the hole” through actual inmate Seth Ferranti’s words. Smooth Magazine