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Is It Ever Worth It?

September 22, 2008

Is committing a crime ever worth the time you have to do or the pain your family goes through while you are away?

Reading about Seth Ferranti’s first time in prison is crazy because it really is a world in itself. How do you distinguish who the real criminals are? The administrators are worst than the people who actually have committed the crime. The majority of people in jail don’t realize that it’s either time to change your life’s direction or go with the flow and continue to live a life of crime. I read this book with my mouth open like “Oh My Gosh!” The story is so vivid, and the author really paints the picture of the dealings that go on inside the prison. He describes the men that he becomes friends with as well as the men that have a problem with him. You have to read Prison Stories for yourself in order to understand the depths of being in jail.

Normally I would never read something like this. It took me years to even watch the Shawshank Redemption. Not really sure why I didn’t; it’s just something about jail and the life of it that gives me the creeps. I can tell you that Prison Stories held true to its name. I cringed throughout the whole story. I must say Mr. Ferranti is truly a wonderful storyteller, even with jail being as horrible it is. He brought all the accounts to life as if you were there with him. It’s good to see he has turned all the negatives from the beginning of his sentence to a positive. And despite his current situation, he never gave up and is doing a wonderful thing with his writing. Stay positive and good luck in your future endeavors.

Reviewed by Angie

for Urban Reviews

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