Supreme Team Comic


Video for Supreme Team Comic- The Supreme Team has gone down in hip-hop's lyrical lore as one of the most vicious and emulated drug crews from the crack era. Seth Ferranti covered their story for Don Diva Magazine and in the book ... [Continue Reading]

Scarface Romanticizes the Dope Game


At the same time that Preme was getting his crew situated at Baisley Projects, a movie came out that impacted him and all of the young drug dealers of the era. “In the early-’80s when Scarface came out, all the young cats wanted o be like that,” Lance said. Scarface was a movie about them and for them. The Supreme Team embraced the gun culture ... [Continue Reading]

Dissecting My Infamous Life: The Autobiography of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy


Prodigy's autobiography is filled with violence and mayhem. It’s hard to imagine that a rapper/entertainer of his stature was involved with all that petty and gratuitous violence, but according to the book and rumors in the hip-hop world, it’s all true. Prodigy is a true thoroughbred and thug of epic proportions, unlike many of todays so called ... [Continue Reading]