Supreme Team Comic


Video for Supreme Team Comic- The Supreme Team has gone down in hip-hop's lyrical lore as one of the most vicious and emulated drug crews from the crack era. Seth Ferranti covered their story for Don Diva Magazine and in the book ... [Continue Reading]

The Dirty Glove Diaries Book Out Now


Michigan, also known as the Dirty Glove, for the state's glove or mitten like shape, has a rich history of drugs and violence and a vast array of criminals from murder for hire kilers to politicians, rappers and professional atheletes. The Dirty Glove Diaries takes readers through Michigan's dark underworld featuring stories about some of the ... [Continue Reading]

Street Boss of the JBM


Leader of JBM Gets Life, The Philadelphia Inquirer declared on September 16, 1992. Aaron Jones was sentenced to life in prison on charges of conspiring to distribute 100 million dollars worth of cocaine in Philadelphia between 1985 and 1991. His two co-defendants, Fields and Thornton were sentenced under the United States sentencing guidelines to ... [Continue Reading]

Crack, Rap and Murder Book Trailer

Alpo front cover

Check out the book trailer for Crack, Rap and Murder: The Cocaine Dream of Alpo and Rich Porter- From the streets of Harlem Alpo and Rich Porter mesmerized hip-hop and the drug game with their flamboyant styles and get rich or die trying attitude. They were the young princes of the drug game and Uptown was their kingdom. Check out the new book from ... [Continue Reading]

The Early Life of Wayne Perry

Photo Feb 21, 12 25 43 PM

The Early Life of Wayne Perry Wayne Perry was born November 14, 1962. He grew up on L Street in Southwest Washington D.C., in the area known as 203. “I was raised in D.C. but I spent a lot of the summers of my childhood in Georgia,” Wayne says. “I even put fools in the dirt down there and back then it was super racist. Crackers used to call me ... [Continue Reading]

White Boy Rick Movie


White Boy Rick Movie The story of Detroit teenage drug-dealing prodigy and illegal underage FBI informant, Richard (White Boy Rick) Wershe is a scorching-hot property in Hollywood these days. On Friday, Protozoa Films, a production house owned by the A-List director-producer team of Darren Aronofsky and Scott Franklin, announced their intention ... [Continue Reading]

The Gangster Alpo


The Gangster Alpo “On the back of the bike with Alpo/doin’ a back down one0two-three/hopin’ to stay alive/favorite spot, Rooftop”- LL Cool J Alberto "Alpo" Martinez was from East Rivers projects in Spanish Harlem, better known as the Eastside. “Alpo’s building was on 105th and First Avenue," the Spanish Harlem hustler says. "Alpo was Puerto ... [Continue Reading]

The Debate

AFA 166100

The issue of Fat Cat being a snitch has been hotly debated with both detractors and supporters making their cases for or against. Based on the facts, such as reputable newspapers like The New York Times reporting that he was cooperating, it seems there is no question of his culpability. But there is no evidence that Fat Cat ever testified at ... [Continue Reading]

Fat Cat Returns

fat cat 5

Rivalries had existed between the loosely organized hustlers of Hollis and South Jamaica, but the balance of power had never tipped in any one direction until 1981 when ex-con and former Seven Crowns’ member Fat Cat set up shop on 150th Street near 107th Avenue. The block was ideal for drug dealing as it forked off from Sutphin Boulevard, making it ... [Continue Reading]

The Southside of Queens Will Never Rest


The 1980s crack era has reared its ugly head again in the form of James "Wall" Corley, hip-hop hustler icon and street legend, who was arrested last month and accused of being the ringleader of a big-time cocaine ring (see AP article below). Wall Corley is no stranger to the drug game, in fact he is one of the originators. As the accompanying ... [Continue Reading]