The Arthur Williams Jr. Documentary


Re-Print: The Arthur Williams Jr. Documentary Arthur Williams Jr. is a notorious counterfeiter who broke the supposedly unbreakable 1996 $100 bill and allegedly printed millions worth. He has served his time and now he is out. We have done several interviews with him on Gorilla Convict and he has been on the cover of Don Diva Magazine. Check out ... [Continue Reading]


terre haute

Penitentiary Drama In 2003 the United States Penitentiary at Terre Haute, Indiana was the strong-hold for many of Chicago's most violent street organizations, including members of the Almighty Vice Lord Nation. A branch of Four Corner Hustlers amongst the Vice Lords that dominated the ranks of Vice Lords all across the federal system, held sway ... [Continue Reading]

SHORTIES TAKEN OVA by Lanard “Nardy” Miller


Chicago is a world of its own and always has been. From the beginning of time, Chicago has represented organized crime and straight-out gangsters. From Al Capone to Jeff Fort, Larry Hover, to Willie Lloyd just to name a few. Even though these brothers were gangsters, they were organized with the way they did things, that's why their legacy is still ... [Continue Reading]

The Man Who Made Money


In the gangs and underworld of the Southside of Chicago, Art Williams grew up a local street tough and born hustler, who as a teenager learned the centuries old art of counterfeiting. He became a master of his craft and used his street contacts in Chi-town to sell millions of printed counterfeit bills to organized crime syndicates. From his cell ... [Continue Reading]

Four Corner Hustlers Chronicles by Mr. Terrance “Tea Mack” McClurge


The Four Corner Hustlers founded by Mr. Walter Wheat of Chicago’s Pulaski Road of the Westside is currently the largest of seven remaining tribes included inside of the Almighty Vice Lord Nation. Tea Mack is a universal representative for the Four Corner Hustlers and his Four Corner Hustlers Chronicles column will be a regular feature on Gorilla ... [Continue Reading]