How Prison Inmates Get on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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In prison convicts are denied access to the social media outlets that people in the free world use every day. But as more and more prison systems are allowing prisoners to send and receive emails social media is becoming available to those buried inside the belly of the beast. Check out this article on VICE I wrote about the situation-  ... [Continue Reading]

Seth Ferranti, Drug Kingpin to Best-Selling Author


Over the last 21 years, 43-year-old Seth Ferranti earned a master’s degree, got married, launched a writing career and founded a publishing house. And he did it all from behind bars [...] ... [Continue Reading]

The Feds Are Trying to Decimate the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas

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This week, seven members of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas ​were sentenced to prison, the latest result of a crackdown on the white supremacist prison gang stemming from a 2013 federal racketeering indictment out of Houston[...] ... [Continue Reading]