Seth Ferranti on SiriusXM


Check out Seth Ferranti on SiriusXM talking about the aftermath of the New York prison break with Arlene Bynon on Canada Talks. Seth gives his opinion on how prisons across the nation have no accountability when it comes to staff and that a culture of complacency exists in most institutions, meaning what happened in New York can happen anywhere ... [Continue Reading]

Little Things by Judge


Little Things There are so many small, seemingly insignificant things that happen in prison that can set off an eruption of violence. Everything behind these walls all boils down to two things. A persons routine, and what someone thinks is theirs. The slightest infringement into one of these two categories can easily get you killed. Everyone ... [Continue Reading]

Thieves in Law by Niko


Thieves in Law It seems like every culture and society has its own criminal tradition. America has a long and proud history of outlaws, from Jesse James and John Dillinger all the way up to the Hell’s Angels tearing down the highways in precise formation like a modern horde of barbarians. Italians have the Mafia, Japan has the yakuza with their ... [Continue Reading]

Secrets Never Die- A Short Film


This short film, directed by Tabi Boney is adapted from Eyone Williams urban fiction novel, Secrets Never Die. Eyone is a long time contributor to Don Diva Magazine and has worked with Seth Ferranti on numerous true crime articles. He also has written a bunch of urban fiction novels like Fast Lane, Hell Razor Honeys, Lorton Legends and his latest ... [Continue Reading]

Street Boss of the JBM


Leader of JBM Gets Life, The Philadelphia Inquirer declared on September 16, 1992. Aaron Jones was sentenced to life in prison on charges of conspiring to distribute 100 million dollars worth of cocaine in Philadelphia between 1985 and 1991. His two co-defendants, Fields and Thornton were sentenced under the United States sentencing guidelines to ... [Continue Reading]

Crack, Rap and Murder Book Trailer

Alpo front cover

Check out the book trailer for Crack, Rap and Murder: The Cocaine Dream of Alpo and Rich Porter- From the streets of Harlem Alpo and Rich Porter mesmerized hip-hop and the drug game with their flamboyant styles and get rich or die trying attitude. They were the young princes of the drug game and Uptown was their kingdom. Check out the new book from ... [Continue Reading]

An Ex-Con’s Journey Through the National Crime and Punishment Museum


Join crime historian, ex-prisoner of the war on drugs and journalist Seth Ferranti as he visits the National Crime and Punishment Museum in Washington DC. Prison cells, gangsters, pirates, serial killers, and gunslingers- Seth scopes it all out and offers his opinions and insights on the outlaw heroes and culture America is obsessed with. Filmed ... [Continue Reading]