Allen Iverson Showtime Documentary


Allen Iverson Showtime Documentary Allen Iverson is an icon in pop culture. He transcended the National Basketball Association to become a part of hip-hop culture and to represent all that the media said was wrong with the young black male. AI epitomized thug life and was as much a cultural figure in urban areas as Tupac and Biggie. He wasn't ... [Continue Reading]

Vicious Biker Shootout Kills Nine


Vicious Biker Shootout Kills Nine In Texas when they get busy, they get busy and not just with their fists. All the reports coming out of Waco confirm a slaughter. The details are still leaking out, but the Bandidos and Cossacks go hard. The mainstream media is reporting that its a turf dispute because both clubs call Texas home but they are ... [Continue Reading]

New Documentary on Corrupt New York Cops


New Documentary on Corrupt New York Cops premiered in theaters. The documentary that looks at crooked cops in the 75th Precinct in Brooklyn, New York is getting rave reviews and is supposed to be like that. It focuses on some rogue cops that worked the streets in the 1980s and 1990s and supposedly made drug dealers pay a street tax to operate. ... [Continue Reading]

Real is Back Podcast with Al-Saadiq Banks


Real is Back Podcast with Al-Saadiq Banks Check out the Real is Back podcast on Urban Literary Review with Seth Ferranti and Eyone Williams as they talk to the gangsters favorite gangster writer, Al-Saadiq Banks, Brick city native and author of such street lit classics as the Block Party series, Caught 'Em Slippin' and ... [Continue Reading]

The Early Life of Wayne Perry

Photo Feb 21, 12 25 43 PM

The Early Life of Wayne Perry Wayne Perry was born November 14, 1962. He grew up on L Street in Southwest Washington D.C., in the area known as 203. “I was raised in D.C. but I spent a lot of the summers of my childhood in Georgia,” Wayne says. “I even put fools in the dirt down there and back then it was super racist. Crackers used to call me ... [Continue Reading]

White Boy Rick Movie


White Boy Rick Movie The story of Detroit teenage drug-dealing prodigy and illegal underage FBI informant, Richard (White Boy Rick) Wershe is a scorching-hot property in Hollywood these days. On Friday, Protozoa Films, a production house owned by the A-List director-producer team of Darren Aronofsky and Scott Franklin, announced their intention ... [Continue Reading]

Kanye Must Die


Filmmaker Al Profit’s new short, Kanye Must Die is a riveting film based on the story of a disgruntled beat maker who thinks that Kanye West stole his beat. Hyped up by his cousin and the 48 Laws of Powers he feels that he has to do something drastic to get his respect from the superstar rapper who the film portrays as having a God complex. The ... [Continue Reading]