Black Underworld


Michael "Fray" Salters (above center-in hat) has been dead thirty years but his name still carries weight up and down the drug corridors on the East Coast; including his home base of Washington, D.C. […] ... [Continue Reading]

Drug Boss: Frank Matthews


In the 1970s the heroin market in the United States was dominated by a black distributor named Frank Matthews who operated out of New York. He was the most notable black figure on the east coast at the time […] ... [Continue Reading]

Outlaw Heroes


American popular culture has long been infatuated with the bad guys. In the pantheon of outlaw heroes a large number of mythical figures have become a part of American folklore […] ... [Continue Reading]

Growing Gorilla Convict


When I first came up with the idea to form Gorilla Convict Publications in 2005, I didn’t know what would become of the company or where it would take me. I didn’t have a plan, only a purpose and a vision […] ... [Continue Reading]

Rick Ross the Rapper vs. Rick Ross the Drug Dealer


In this modern day age of multi-media, the Internet and popular culture proliferation, the barriers between criminal exploits and entertainment have been juxtaposed, blurring the already thin lines between reality and Hollywood make believe […] ... [Continue Reading]