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  • White Boy Rick

White Boy Rick

  • May 5, 2017
Nate Craft, aka Boone, slid the door to the van open and let loose with a Mac-11, but as the gun jammed and Boone cursed his luck, the white Jeep got ...
  • October 23, 2015
Those in the Free Richard Wershe Jr. aka White Boy Rick camp thought their prayers had been answered when a judge ordered that the infamous Detro ...
  • April 30, 2015
White Boy Rick Movie The story of Detroit teenage drug-dealing prodigy and illegal underage FBI informant, Richard (White Boy Rick) Wershe is a scorch ...
  • March 24, 2015
 It’s hard to summarize the story of Richard “Rick” Wershe, Jr., also known as “White Boy Rick”, because there is so much to tell. He h ...
  • June 1, 2014
Once dubbed the Murder Capital of the world, Detroit has long been a Mafia hotbed and urban gangster Mecca. The underworld of the Motor City has long ...
  • May 25, 2014
“The Crack Era” With the fall of the Young Boys Incorporated a few other drug crews picked up their ruthless tactics and organizational st ...
  • April 27, 2014
In the chronicles of gangster lore and hip-hop legend some gun thugs, drug barons and crime bosses have stood the test of time and their mythologies h ...
  • March 31, 2013
When people think of Detroit they think of the Motor City and the Lions, Pistons and Tigers. All storied professional sports franchises, but those in ...