Mexican Cartel Boss Miguel Trevino Morales By David Amoruso

He is being accused of ordering the kidnapping and murder of 265 people, men and women. Killing was a hobby of his, it seemed. His favorite technique was putting a person in a barrel, filling it up with gasoline, and setting it on fire as his victim screamed and cried while being burned alive […]

The Mastermind Behind the Tupac Quad Studio Robbery

The streets of New York are vicious, as Tupac found out when he got robbed and shot in an event that ignited the East Coast/West Coast rap war which left two hip-hop legends dead. A lot for speculation has taken place over the years but from deep within the belly of the beast, an original Brooklyn gangster, Dexter Isaac, has written a book, From Friends to Enemies, which breaks down what happened, why it happened and who was behind it all […]