Pappy Mason Sticker

By the late 1980’s, the crack wave had riddled New York with addicts, traffickers and bullets. Howard “Pappy” Mason took care of enforcement duties for dealer Fat Cat Nichols, and became one of the most feared characters in Queens. This sticker features Fat Cat & Pappy in the heyday – before their reign of power came crashing down – against a backdrop of New York and imagery that reflects the elements of their business and product.

Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff T-Shirt

The landscape of drug use and trafficking was forever changed when ‘crack’ cocaine became king in the 1980’s. So too was a new era of gangster and kingpin born. Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff would build and consolidate a mafia-like organization, based in Queens, to systematically control as much of this ‘new’ business as possible. The Supreme Team became underworld legends. This organic cotton, ringspun tee from the Knokaround X Gorilla Convict collab line harkens back to the 80’s with a haunting silhouette of Supreme overlooking the NY cityscape. The back features key chronological points of historical interest relating to the rise and fall of McGriff and his team.

Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff Poster

Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff helped usher in a ‘new’ era of gangster during the 1980’s crack cocaine epidemic, forming his own mob-like crew called “The Supreme Team.” This poster from the Knokaround X Gorilla Convict collab line offers a colorful, retro 80’s vibe – prominently featuring Supreme decked out in old school form, with historical points of interest covering the rise and fall of the Supreme Team.