Prison Stories

“Prison Stories outlaw rawness mixes well with hip-hop’s street essence. Fans of Iceberg Slim’s pimp tales or HBO’s OZ series will really dig this. The book reveals a world of fearless convicts, inconspicuous snitches and deadly gang rivalry. Prison Stories is a great read. Ferranti’s voice gritty and tough. He brought all the accounts to life as if you were there with him.” Elemental Magazine

The Supreme Team

“Seth is the one person that I know who will go above and beyond to protect the image of an honorable person. He is qualified to write this book in the appropriate manner and get the mental aspect right. This is a dish that has been awaited by many…and Seth’s content, delivery and message will benefit the minds of those who thirst for truth. Supreme gave the responsibility of this project to the proper person and Seth will make every word, paragraph and chapter count because he is the master at creating master pieces that are tailored for the real.” Walter “King Tut” Johnson, NYC Original Gangster

Mob Parties in Prison

There’s a scene in “Goodfellas” where Ray Liota who plays Henry Hill and some other mafiaso are in the joint. They’re in a backroom or a mop closet at the prison but due to their Costra Nostra status they are living large, drinking wine, and eating Italian delicacies […]