Street Legends: Vol 2

“Incarcerated author Seth Ferranti has compiled a who’s who of the late 20th century’s most infamous kingpins in Street Legends, a compendium series documenting crack-era American’s criminal enterprises. Ferranti has fashioned a rogue’s gallery of drug lords that is as compelling as it is concise. This is a must read for true crime enthusiasts.” — Smooth Magazine

Street Legends: Vol 1

“Have you ever watched American Gangster on BET? Author Seth Ferranti brings American Gangster from BET to the books in Street Legends. He chronicles the six most feared and respected gangsters who live by the creed death before dishonor.” — Rawsistaz Reviewers

Prison Stories

“Prison Stories outlaw rawness mixes well with hip-hop’s street essence. Fans of Iceberg Slim’s pimp tales or HBO’s OZ series will really dig this. The book reveals a world of fearless convicts, inconspicuous snitches and deadly gang rivalry. Prison Stories is a great read. Ferranti’s voice gritty and tough. He brought all the accounts to life as if you were there with him.” Elemental Magazine