1. Joe Keith Bickett

    I just read your excellent article, but I don’t recall Johnny growing much marijuana in Eastern Kentucky mountains in the National Forest. Johnny is a personal friend of mine. In the 1970s Johnny grew primarily around the central Kentucky area. I was in FCI Manchester in the early 1990s with Johnny too. I lived in Whitley Unit and then later in Clay Unit. I served a twenty five year sentence for cultivating and distribution of marijuana as part of the Cornbread Mafia. After I was released from prison in 201, I started working for an Attorney, Elmer George, in Lebanon Kentucky as a paralegal and law clerk. In 2016 I published my first book “The Origins of the Cornbread Mafia, A Memoir of Sorts.” Mr. George, C. Thomas Hectus and Steve Stephens represented Johnny regarding his current case. After his capture in Canada in 2016 I was honored in assisting the attorneys in resolving Johnny’s case. While our legal team argued for a shorter sentence, Johnny was sentenced to 57 months–instead of the life sentence many thought he might receive.. I am currently working on a second book about the Cornbread Mafia which should be published in the near future.

    Joe Keith Bickett

    1. Jim McDonald

      Joe Keith, I remember Jonny well, as I too spent some time in Clay unit,.. He…or at least to he would drive the Guards crazy collecting Moths and butterflies to decorate his cell…glad to see you are doing well as I just watched your review with the reporter reviewing your Book! Say hello to some of my old buddies …and you know who they are :)…Sorry TO HEAR Jonny had to learn French all for not

    1. CanadaGrow

      He was a pioneer breeder in the the.sense that he realised ‘early’ flowering varieties were key to successful harvests in colder climates. HUGE Game changer when you harvest in mid September vs late October. Even now many professional growers haven’t learned this lesson and hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost to mold and police in October. The man was a legend.

      1. Joe Keith Bickett

        You are exactly right. Some of the earlier strains we developed did well in your part of North America as well as many of the northern states. In fact we grew several of those early maturing varieties in Kentucky. Hope all you guys are doing well.

  2. Chris

    Joe Keith Bickett did you remember big Bruce Tingle? I’m Chris.You might know me if I said my last name which I won’t.I met Johnny way back in the day.Me and Bruce was taking him supplies when he was first hidding out in “The Barn”! I assume if you knew him that well you knew about the barn.Im from Chaplin KY.Bruce Lived in Washington Co.over off the Chaplin Rd. side of Springfield KY.

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