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A Look at the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas

A Look at the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas 

Aryan-Brotherhood-of-Texas-LogoIn the vicious Texas Department of Corrections a white prison gang emerged in the 1980s that called themselves the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas. They adopted the name of the notorious California prison gang and legend holds they even asked the original AB for permission to start a chapter in Texas. Throughout the 1980s they were known for the brutal murders they committed while waging war with other white prison gangs like the Aryan Circle and Texas Mafia in the TDC. But as members got out they organized on the street and took over the methamphetamine business in Texas.
The Dallas/Fort Worth area is their stronghold but they also have a presence in Houston and San Antonio and although most of their founding and longtime members are in 24 hour lockdown units in the TDC, their name and reputation still elicits fear in prison and on the streets. The gang is known for their brutality and revenge killings which result from their motto, “God forgives, brothers don’t.” Like most serious prison gangs they operate with a blood in, blood out policy and their shot callers are career prison gangsters, who act as generals for the gang and issue orders from their cells in super max units.
As the gang has grown and spread out into the world street operations have expanded and the feds have brought several indictments against the gang, including a recent huge racketeering case, out of Houston, that several ABT generals are fighting, that dates back to the early 1980s and lists a multitude of prison and street murders, assaults and kidnappings along with conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine, related to the gang in furtherance of its criminal empire. The gang is now expanding into the federal system and into other states, both in prison and on the street, as their infamy and proclivity for violence precedes them. To get the real deal on the gang we got with a USP veteran who has done time with ABT members in the dangerous BOP penitentiary system, and who has even beefed with the gang and came out with their respect. He breaks down the current state of the ABT, prison gangs and politics in the federal system.

Explain the way prison politics work in regards to the different races and gangs?

Whoever’s calling the shots for the gang or car is who you’re going to go to if you have a problem with someone in the car. Normally you’ll have your shot caller talk to theirs to iron out whatever needs to get dealt with. Someone like me who rides solo, I deal/talk to whatever shot caller I need to that involves my problem. If it still isn’t taken care of, I (and them) would go to whoever’s running the compound (in regards to race).

Why do you think people in prison join gangs?

Because they want to be “part of something”. That and they’re either too weak to stand on their own or they want to be in with whoever runs the yard. I’ve seen dudes from NY patching ABT because that’s who’s running the yard.

aryan-brotherhood-texas-380Explain the concept of a car and how it works?

A car is who you’re with. Basically a gang for dudes that aren’t in a gang. It goes by states. In some spots it might be all the east coast running together. Same thing with the Midwest. It all depends how deep your car is. If you’re from NY and you’re in an east coast prison, you’ll just be a NY car. If you’re out west it might be an East coast car. Every car has a shot caller (some might say they don’t, but there’s always someone that has the most respect in the car) I’ve also seen a NY Spanish car and NY black car. They’re separate, but they’ll join up if they’re going against a bigger car.

Explain the concept of a shot caller and how it works?

The shot caller has the final say in whatever’s going to be decided. They might take opinions from their car, but what they say goes. They’re usually going to go with the majority of their car though. If they don’t, well there’s always someone who wants to take over and will lead a mutiny.

Break down how the structure of the gangs work within the structure of the cars?

The gang is their own car. With the gangs (when you have more than one) it’s whoever is the deepest that will (kind of) be driving them (the gangs). But they’re all independent of each other. It’s if something happens with one of the gangs (against a car [independents]) that they’ll get together. Really the bottom line is whoever runs the yard (gang or independent) [whoever’s the deepest] is who all the cars fall under if something big pops off with other races. A lot of times the different state cars will join up if it’s going against the gangs. Down south all the cars joined up to make a massive car (AL/MS/TN) and they were smashing anything with a patch (gang members). Out west they got a big “northwest” car that’s (WA, OR, CA) that’s going against the brand (ab).

Explain the look and attitude of a typical gang member?

The look is a shaved head, tat’s (swastikas are a must) damn near all of em are dope fiends or drunks. The ones with patch’s are using the little wanna bes to do all their dirty work for them. You RARELY find a dude with a patch putting in work; it’s usually prospects or wanna be prospects.

What are most of them after in prison and why?

Most of them want to be looked up to. They’re always in everyone’s business. They want to be in the mix of whatever’s going down. (To feel important) Why? Cause they don’t have anything better to do. They’re not trying to better themselves. They’re trying to A get more power, and B gets more money.

Explain the double crosses and betrayals that go down?

One dude tells about something to another car (about another car). And it all goes down. When really it’s just car A trying to get rid of car B. so they start a beef between C and B. It happens all the time. It’s mostly with the gangs. If another gang is getting to big and could compete with their numbers/power they’ll go to the independents and start a beef with them and the gang to get them run off. That’s what got everything stated in Pollock. An ABT supped up some independents to run off the AC’s saying they were extorting some solo’s (independents who run with no one) and they went and smashed them off the line…then went and took out the ARM the next day. Cause hey, if you’re going to take off one gang, why not take off two!

Do the gangs really hold to the racial beliefs? Explain?

I haven’t found too many that do. Most of them are needle Nazi’s and only looking out for themselves and their gang. They won’t let another race jump on anyone though. If they did, that’d be it for them. They don’t have any problems working with other races (businesswise). They’ll also take advantage of weaker whites. Out west the AB’s tax white lames to walk the yard.

What institutions do you know of that they run the yard?

In Victorville it’s the AB’s. Pollock and Beaumont its ABT. Canaan is NLR. McQueary, Big Sandy and Hazelton are independent. Not sure about the others. Coleman 2 is a drop out yard (and those fucks are cliqued up with each other like a drop out gang).

Is brutality the major factor to gain acceptance or is intelligence needed also?

It’s all about brutality. The most violent ones have the most respect. The only intelligence needed is how to get in the drugs, other than that it’s all about muscle.

Would you say a bunch of them are just crash test dummies? Explain?

They were crash dummies and ended up getting their patch. Now they have OTHER dummies to crash out for them. It’s just a big ass circle with no fucking shortage in site.

Anything else or stories you can relate?

I don’t really like the gangs. I’ve had my beef’s with them. Also I know this, that when they’re deep on a yard, it makes other races respect the whites more. Because they know that at least that group will roll. When the independents had the line down in Pollock they were called the “Midwest coalition” they were deep as fuck and were smashing any gang members on site. After the last race riot they cut a deal with the blacks. The deal was the coalition dudes that had stars on their hats weren’t apart of the shit. So that if some racial shit popped off they wouldn’t get involved and the blacks wouldn’t go out them either. Which….fuck, that’s some bullshit. When the ABT took over. that shit was dead. If they’re was gonna be some racial shit pop off…everyone is fucking going. That’s how it’s supposed to be when you’re white. You’re already outnumbered. The Brand started to protect white dudes back in the day. Then they got a taste of power and just flipped and prayed on their own kind.

abt-cnnWhat is up with the split within the ranks of the ABT?

I was actually in the bucket with a general from the other side of them dudes. The split was really a power type thing. One dude wanted to take control and they wouldn’t let him, so he split off and started calling his own thing the TAB. It’s the same set up with 5 generals and all that. They beef though; they can’t be on the same yard. The TAB is big in the state system, where the ABT is bigger in the feds. It’s not an older/younger thing. They both got the same ages of dudes in it. The TAB is who broke off from the ABT. There was some shit on gangland about it. Lucky was on it. He’s an old-timer with one leg. That’s the dude I was in the hole with. He was saying that they wanted to make it more corporate. They wanted to trademark the name and turn it into a business. Where as the ABT are on the gang shit.

What about the big racketeering indictment?

Most of those dudes that got indicted are the ABT. I know that in the state system the ABT are on permanent lockdown. The TAB have some yards they’re allowed to roam free on. The dudes are not happy about the indictments. It’s cut off some of their communications.

What’s up with the beef between the ABT factions?

The way that shit is split up, with both groups, is that its divided into different areas. There’s Ft. Worth/Dallas area, that’s the hub of shit. Houston is another. Both groups have smash on site (SOS) orders on each other. That’s why Lucky from the TAB got taken off the yard. When the ABT started to get some numbers they took him off. They didn’t smash him out, just hit him a couple of times in public to make it known that he can’t come back. These dudes don’t really talk too much about their shit so that’s pretty much the most you’re going to get.