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Knowledge of the Gods

IMG_2255***NEW BOOK ALERT**** KNOWLEDGE OF THE GODS Triple O.G. Yah Yah is just one of the names I got while I was in prison. I did 50 years in state and federal jails. My people, the Crips and the Bloods gave me that title Triple O.G. and I wear it with pride. Soon, My Beloved Brothers, we will put the call out for 10,000 fearless soldiers to help me save our people from this evil country who continue to kill our people for the fun of it and seek to keep us captive slaves. This government think that we are too afraid to stand-up and unite against the controlled murders of our people. I say: “These slave masters have a big surprise coming at them. History will not show us to be cowards. Peace & Much Love, Your Brother, Triple O.G. Yah Yah . . . P.S. you can reference some of my History in the F.E.D.S. Magazine and Street Legends Volume 2 by Seth Ferranti.

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In the Name of Allah, Our God and Saviour, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, the Beneficent, the Merciful. To Him alone do we submit and seek refuge.

We are living in a time when a higher knowledge is necessary if we are to survive. The light of the old world is extinguished and Allah is making Himself known. The highest knowledge and greatest light, is of God from God. This labor of love by the Mahdi exposes us to this light.

“I, Allah am the Seer. A Book which We have revealed to thee that thou mayest bring forth men by their Lord’s permission, from darkness into light, to the way of the Mighty, the Praised One.” (Holy Qur’an 14:1). This KNOWLEDGE OF THE GODS gives us a New Way of thinking.

This Godly Knowledge enables us to rise above the darkness and decadence of this decaying world. Muhammad, the Divine Spokesman of Allah, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, brings us face to face with the reality of Allah and what we must know today.

For thousands of years the KNOWLEDGE OF THE GODS has been absent in the people, except for a few. Now this Wisdom is flowing like water. The Mahdi displays profound insight in this long awaited KNOWLEDGE OF THE GODS.

We have known the author all of our awakened life, and his actions have been nothing short of uprightness. His uprightness serves as a model for us all.

He brings with this effort his experiences from the battlefield to having a Nation on His shoulders. We wish to thank Him for this Guiding Light.

For many years He has suffered, struggled and searched for these truths in order to present these truths. We benefit directly from His labor through this timely little book KNOWLEDGE OF THE GODS.

Creative awareness is what we need, which is why we should all value this work. The Honorable Mr. Elijah Muhammad said, “You should remember that the time of Wisdom, now, is coming to you. And creative thoughts, now, are coming to you.”

Look carefully into the words of this book. Nothing is said without reason or meaning. We are children of the Creator and will make unlimited progress under the Guidance of Allah, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad.

The Honorable Mr. Elijah Muhammad prepared us for this. The Wisdom, Idea, and way of thinking of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are due forever, is Superior to any way of believing today. There is no one to hinder His Image or Thought for that which has not yet been conceived in our brain.

This Wisdom has the effect of directing us to the root of things, awakening us to the knowledge of self. The KNOWLEDGE OF THE GODS is designed to put us on the top.

Muhammad, with his words of Guidance, teaches us the nature of life and the law of life. In an Ant Colony the Action Centered Ants awake first and make noise with their antennae to awaken the others. To do what? To serve the Queen! She is the essence of the Colony. We know, as KNOWLEDGE OF THE GODS, that we can serve our Originator better by knowing more about Him. All the ants know who the Queen is, and their relationship to Her.

As basic KNOWLEDGE OF THE GODS, shouldn’t we know the essence of our lives? At the center of our lives is THE SUPREME BEING, and what we are about to read teaches us to think in the way of Gods and behave in a Godly manner. New Thoughts produce new actions. Muhammad offers these keys to turn those rusty locks. We are in need of what is written here. Knowledge is just to know, and we must move on what we know.

Our moving on what we understand of this truth, will demonstrate that our spiritual sight hasn’t become locks too rusty to open. Only those with a high spiritual sight can see God as He Is.

This work is in the true light of his previous book, UNCLE YAH YAH, wherein he says, “I am Uncle Yah Yah and I have something to say to you. I must have my say. Whether the fools accept these small truths or not – I could care less. This message is for my kin-folk. The Wise Ones, who have awaited for me to trumpet this call to higher consciousness for more than 400 years.”

We agree that he indeed has something to say, and, we are the richer for it.

This book is food for the Gods. Satisfying, informative and fulfilling. “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.”

Some books are to be tasted, others chewed and swallowed. This Divine work should be carefully chewed and digested and made a part of our being. Since we are what we eat, let us feast on THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE GODS.

Written by,

The Mighty F.O.I.OF The New World Nation of Islam

First Light

The teachings of the Most Honorable Mr. Elijah Muhammad, is now being taught by Master Fard Muhammad, our Saviour from a high spiritual plane.

You thought that you understood His teachings before, but you had only understood that Elijah was the Messenger of Allah.

Brother Fard taught me that if you accept Our Father, Elijah Muhammad as an apostle, then your reward is that of an apostle. But if you accept Him as God, you will receive a God’s reward.

This is the Supreme Wisdom as taught to us by our Saviour, the Son of Man. You may ask, “What man is He the Son of?” He is the son of the only Fearless and Supremely wise black God in the Wilderness of North America, the Most Honorable Mr. Elijah Muhammad.

Not a physical Son, but a spiritual Son who honors the father as the father honored and prepared the path for the Son. Elijah prepared the way. He never let us forget that Allah is in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, who came in 1930. We will crush the wicked after the resurrection of our people, the so-called American Negroes.

He, Elijah (like John the Baptist) came to His own, but His own knew Him not. He accepted His own but His own accepted Him not. You have begged white America to remember Martin L. King, but to forget about Elijah. You were blind to the true identity (spiritual sight) of Elijah and you were not to know His true identity until the Saviour taught it to you.

And as many that will accept Him and the teaching of Him, Elijah, shall be as sons and daughters of God. It takes a God, to recognize a God.

Fard Saviour brings in the New World Nation of Islam. He reveals the high secrets that bears witness that Our Father, Elijah, is the last God of the Old World and the first God of the New World. The Great Master with the crown of the universe upon His head. He was dead, but is alive forever more.

The Saviour taught me that Our Father told Him that in the time that He, the Saviour would reveal the secrets to the general nation the nine planets would line up to show that the heavens bear witness that the Son of Man is now gathering His people.

The icy cold from the north would be a sign to the enemy devils that they cannot win in a fight against Him because He commands the forces of nature and the Third World War called Armageddon will start. At that time we will not have to teach you that the white man is the devil because the time would be so hard, the white man will show you how much of a devil he can be. No more jobs! No more welfare and handouts! Conditions are so bad economically, the white man must put the black slave out in order to help his own white self. If you don’t know that he is the devil now, then nothing we can tell you will wake you up to that fact.

The teachings of the Saviour Master Fard Muhammad brings you face to face with God, Himself. You must come out of that slavery teaching that God, is a spook up in the sky that you can’t see until you die. It is foolish Black men and Black women, for you to accept such teaching as the truth.

If you went to heaven after you die, don’t you think that the heads of the Christian Church would be just dying all over the place trying to hurry and get to heaven? But you don’t see that. Instead, you see the best doctors in the world being called to try to keep those leaders (the pope) from dying. They want to stay here on this planet as long as they can. Wake up Black brothers and sisters! Don’t go for that old slavery trick anymore.

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