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Most Infamous my first Bay interview with Money Mone, a certified player for the Yay by Tracy “Black T. K.” Kimbro

money moneThe entire State of California is nefarious as far as street culture. Although Los Angeles receives most of the attention, San Diego, Fresno and the Bay area all have their share of well-respected legends. The Bay is an entirely different world than Southern California. Gangs are replaced by mobs, turf wars, sideshows, and pimpin’. I wanted to bring to Most Infamous my first Bay interview with Money Mone, a certified player for the Yay.

Money Marcus, good to speak with you homie. Can you tell the people out there where you are from?

I’m from Marin City, CA. aka the Jungle.

Explain the history of the Jungles and what separates it from Frisco and Oakland as a turf?

The jungle is a tight knit community of black people in Marin County, CA. and one of the richest counties in the nation and yet it still has housing projects for the black community. Most of the families migrated from the South- Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Los Angeles in the 60s and 70s and as back far as the 40s to be factory workers in the naval yards of Oakland and San Francisco, so most of the people from here over time have become family in one way or another through marriage or babies. What separates us from the rest of the Bay Area is that we are like one huge block of a two mile radius. It’s one way in, one way out and we all from the same streets. Drake and Cole are the two cross streets on the corner! So over these many years and generations we are like three hundred deep, all from the same hood same block and all family! With most of our older generations being part of the Black Panther Party we still have a sense of unity and family in our community! That’s why we have the least amount of killings in the Bay Area.

Now I know you have been involved in the street lifestyle since you were a child. Explain to everyone out there how the California Youth Authority system is and how it shaped who you are?

The system molded and shaped me to be a soldier. The streets fights and your street rep was all you had when I was a youth even though the gun play was more as I became a young adult. It was like a gateway to the pen and had to have your mind state ready for whatever. There is no such thing as “rehabilitation” in the system of corrections in Cali. You’re just a number and somebody’s paycheck.

What lead you into pimpin’ and mackin?

I was street poisoned at an early age by one of my aunties on my mom side. She used to get down in the 80’s for an OG. P and his game was flawless. He had all white everything, Rolls Royce and a white house in the Beverly Hills area. So that was my first intro to the life and I was always a ladies man coming up so once I was done trying to be the next Scarface of the Bay Area at 17 years of age I was full-fledged stompdown fresh green blade of grass P. Way before it became a fad like it is today, but in the Bay area in general it breeds that type of lifestyle that a lot of OG P’s have come from and as young cat I knew where to look it and was right out there in the streets for you.

How long was your run in the game?

I was in the game since I was 17 tell I was 34 and I’m 35 now, so I had a great run better than most worse than some.

The brothers in the Bay have always been progressive on their movements from the Black Panther Party to mackin’. What is it in your eye that sets the Bay apart from LA?

Oakland, CA was the heart of the Panther Movement and it was in every ghetto in America so off top we have those type of ways still in parts of our community more than everywhere else in the country, so it was a very deep part of who we were at the time and it still has the teachings in everyday life in Oakland, Richmond, San Francisco, Marin City, Vallejo to say a few! So with that the gang banging never really took hold in the black community because the teachings of the party and self where deep within that culture and most felt like the Crips or Bloods was an off shoot of the BPP!

I know you had to sit down in the can for a while in the feds. How was that experience and how did that change you as a person?

To be honest I went to the feds it calmed me down and woke me up! I was caught up in my own ego of being the biggest pimp in the world and wasn’t worried about nothing else in life like friends, family, and a happy home etc… So when I came home I was more business minded and focused on bringing my family along for a better legit lifestyle! I wanted different things in life my wants had changed from when I was 23 to 27 when I came home from the feds! So it changed me for the better and I took the time to soul search and become a better me.

The Bay doesn’t have the hard-nosed racial politics that Southern California has. Almost all the minorities and young kids say nigga.

Why do you think that is and what is your viewpoint on that?

Because we all feel like we are all lost in poverty trying to find a way out. There are just more than black people growing up in the hood now white, black, Asian, Hindu it don’t matter! We all come from the same struggle, so if they call me my nigga it’s because he really is my friend and comrade in the same struggle or better yet the same hustle as me!

Now that you are out of the game what are you involved in now?

I’m involved in so much these days it’s hard to figure where to start, but music is my life right now! I just started an urban indie label called Major Money ENT. I manage and consult and I’m the Founder and C.E.O of Hard Life Boxing plus I’m checking out the fashion industry as well! On the nonprofit side of things I’m getting my Hard Life foundation off the ground for free sports summer camps for the youth of all Bay Area communities.

Any Shoutouts?

Shout to my Mom Liana Bates Hall, wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t you! Shout to Synergy Group, Old English Brand, Big Dreams watches, Red Eye clothing. My whole Major Money Team for continuing to chase the dream and making this a reality and the biggest shout out to our friends, family, and off top our Major Money Ent. Fans.