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fridgeAmerikkka’ Addiction to Destroying Black Men (starting with street niggas) Part One

I swear I had no idea about the case down in Florida. Not the other one, the “Music Blasting” Case. It’s open season on us again, huh? But what do I know. There’s no more racism in America, right. People like me that keep ranting about this “Black” shit need to shut up and hop in the casket. Which is what whites in power want.

Young black men need to wake up. Ask the question: Why do they lock up all the real dudes and give them so much time?

It’s an age old problem that started with the sale of us on these shores. It’s important to keep the black man under the boot. The blueprint for erecting civilization lies in the DNA of the male. Women can do it; we have numerous examples in Africa about the truth of this. But the man protects what’s created by force.

Now, in civilization early stages, some foul brutal shit goes on. These things are built on ego and the search of glory and blood usually spills. No matter how you look at it the macho thing must manifest. In the 80s and 90s we were bringing that back. It wasn’t just “kill the nigga!” It was- fuck the police and any other white muthafucka first. We didn’t march. We shot back. We would catch one of ‘em and give it back, fuck ‘em. Yeah, we banged on each other hard. But it was a sense of togetherness. We started using crack money to buy car washes and detail shops and hair shops and imported clothes from NY or anywhere it was poppin’ at. Millions of us would descend on Atlanta and no blood was shed as we loved and fucked and partied with each other from coast to coast. The freeway would be backed up for miles. So we’d get out the rides that were drippin’ in candy paint and mingle with brothers and sisters and dopeboys and hos and pimps  and whatever a nigga said he was and treated each other like gold, no, platinum. Didn’t have a hotel room, no problem; find some girls or homies from the state, not the city and crash with them. Good times. We began feeling ourselves. 2Pac was on the West Coast working for peace, gangs started putting differences aside.

That’s when the indictments rained from hell!

All us real niggas were the casualties in the War on Drugs and the weak selfish snitch niggas got right back out and did nothing but harm, because there was no balance of power. Bitch niggas run shit now. The government started another round of gentrification. This is not the first time this has happened to us. When we start waking up and standing up and dusting ourselves off here comes Uncle Sam.

Watch this documentary Lessons of Hayti (thelessonofhayti.com). It’s about the destruction of not only Black Wall Street (Oklahoma) but Hayti in Durham, NC. It shows how we were pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps through history and whites would come and firebomb us in order to get the black dollar flowing back into their own communities. Not only that you simply couldn’t have black men being me. This is a no, no. President Truman helped whites destroy thriving black communities with the US highway system. They ran state routes like our own in Columbus I-70 straight through the business district of our people. The government uses displacement to keep us divided. Just like my hood the Short North. They indicted all of us and I man all of us, no whites, and now the Short is white again and we hate each other, because too many bitches told. But in the 90s you didn’t fuck with the Short! Everyone knew it. Unity. But divided we fall.

With the lynching all over the US even the northern states like Ohio, Michigan, etc., they would hang us then run our families off the land we acquired. There was a law passed in Tulsa (Black Wall Street) that anything burned owned by blacks could not be rebuilt. Hate like a muthafucka. Now, if you catch a conspiracy case, anything your people own is up for grabs. Didn’t happen to the Wall Street barrons that robbed America though, but let your black ass get something…

My point is America was built on gangsta shit. Watch Boardwalk Empire, yesterday’s stick-up kids (if he was white) could dust himself off and run the nation and its politicians. But it all starts with self-esteem. If you keep saying you’s a bad muthafucka and keep at it, sooner or later several pockets of your ilk will stand up and start running shit for real. But the goal is to keep the brothers at each other’s throats. And as long as we are concerned with shitting on each other in a fuckin’ club, which leads to the parking lot shoot-out, it’s all good for them.

Happy Black History month.

And to my skinny partner in Cali I’ll be getting at you soon brother. Thanx for having my back.