Seth Ferranti on the Brothers on Whatever Show


            Seth Ferranti and Joe Wills, artist for the Supreme Team comic, appeared on the Brothers on Whatever radio show on CBS 920 in Saint Louis. It was an in studio appearance and Seth talked about his case, prison life, gangsters, his books and the new comic book that he is getting ready to put ... [Continue Reading]

Seth Ferranti on the Comic DNA Podcast


Seth Ferranti on the Comic DNA Podcast- Check out this podcast Seth and Anthony Mathenia did talking about Criminal, the true crime graphic novel by Brubaker and Phillips and how it relates to what they are doing with their  Supreme Team comic series. Click on the link that follows to listen- Episode 33 - Criminal Aaron is joined by two very ... [Continue Reading]

Meet the Artist of the Supreme Team- Joe Wills


Joe Wills is a comic book artist and illustrator from St. Louis that has done work on a lot of local publications, specifically those affiliated with the Ink and Drink crew. He is also a part of the Illustrata collective and he regularly attends local comic cons. Taking drawing commissions, networking and meeting people in the comics industry. In ... [Continue Reading]

Seth Ferranti Talks Supreme Team Comic on Nerds United


Nerds United Episode 50: A Supreme Episode With Greg Mehochko You hear “Supreme” in reference to comics books. And if you’re like me…you think of “The Supreme Sorcerer,” Doctor Strange. But we’re going in a different direction. Meet Seth Ferranti, writer of The Supreme Team. He has been working with Stache Publishing’s Anthony ... [Continue Reading]

Supreme Team Comic


Video for Supreme Team Comic- The Supreme Team has gone down in hip-hop's lyrical lore as one of the most vicious and emulated drug crews from the crack era. Seth Ferranti covered their story for Don Diva Magazine and in the book ... [Continue Reading]

Supreme Team Redux


The Southside of Jamaican Queens- a legendary neighborhood in the great metropolis of New York. If it’s going down in the Big Apple, you know they're doing it with the style, swag and the utmost of their ability. That is just how they carry it in the town. Dudes in the city are doing it first class, all the way and everyday. Every time I do a book ... [Continue Reading]

Fat Cat Returns

fat cat 5

Rivalries had existed between the loosely organized hustlers of Hollis and South Jamaica, but the balance of power had never tipped in any one direction until 1981 when ex-con and former Seven Crowns’ member Fat Cat set up shop on 150th Street near 107th Avenue. The block was ideal for drug dealing as it forked off from Sutphin Boulevard, making it ... [Continue Reading]

The Hip-Hop Mafia


“Back then the game was the game. Everybody stood by the rules. Soldiers were soldiers,” Bing says. This was the era from which Preme and the team emerged. It was a time when men were men, and the consequences of snitching were clear. In Queens snitching was forbidden. It was embedded in the youngster’s DNA. Omerta played a powerful role in shaping ... [Continue Reading]

Drugs, Guns, Hustle and Flow


Legendary figures of the drug game have been the province of myth and hearsay until the rise of hip-hop, where rappers name check weaponry by style and drug dealers by name. Cocaine or gangsta rap is crack era nostalgia taken to its extreme. A world where rappers relive in their videos the lives of their favorite street legend, celebrating their ... [Continue Reading]