Scarface Romanticizes the Dope Game


At the same time that Preme was getting his crew situated at Baisley Projects, a movie came out that impacted him and all of the young drug dealers of the era. “In the early-’80s when Scarface came out, all the young cats wanted o be like that,” Lance said. Scarface was a movie about them and for them. The Supreme Team embraced the gun culture ... [Continue Reading]

Urban Gangsters: A Look at the Top 10 Films on the Drug Game


American culture loves it’s bad guys and urban gangster films that explore the drug game and gangbanging have become increasingly popular, just as the Italian Mafia and Colombian cocaine cartel films have before them. Rap and crack were both born 30 years ago and the fusion of ghetto plus prison lifestyles represented in gangsta rap have translated ... [Continue Reading]