Shakim Bio Releases The Last Illest, The First Ever Official Street Hop Book


Shakim Bio is a street general from Queens who has been buried in the belly of the beast for the last twenty years. But he hasn't let that stop him from being recognized and having his voice heard. From the streets to the penitentiaries and back again Shakim Bio has represented to the fullest and shows what he is about and now instead of shooting ... [Continue Reading]

How Did These Get Here?


"You got shot cause you knock, knock, knock, who's there? Another mothaphuckin hard rock." Brooklyn's Zoo, Old Dirty Bastard Everywhere you turn and look in our inner-city neighborhoods you constantly hear about the crime and violence on the rise. It’s even in the suburbs. Turn on the radio or TV to the news and you have 14, 15, 16 and 17-year-old ... [Continue Reading]

Anybody Can Get It (Even You)


That's it B, that was the last straw. No more chances for this niggah. Bitchass niggah. I'm airing this niggah out. Always running his mouth, talking shit. Well, this is going to be his last night. I'ma cash his ass on and leave him stretched out. I'm in the block waiting on him. Strapped up with the nine and a half inches, titanium ice pick, with ... [Continue Reading]

Still Love the Dough


"Now, it’s all about cash in the abundance/niggahs I use to run with/is either rich or doing years in the hundredth" "Life's a Bitch"- Nas featuring AZ the Visualizer I get money, money, money!! I get that shit in abundance!! That niggah Fifty Cent and Floyd Mayweather was copying my style when they called themselves and crew "The Money Team"... ... [Continue Reading]