The 10 Most Infamous Street Legends


In the chronicles of gangster lore and hip-hop legend some gun thugs, drug barons and crime bosses have stood the test of time and their mythologies have towered above their contemporaries. Here at we have written about many of these modern day outlaw heroes and have recognized the part they play in the folklore that has ... [Continue Reading]

Rayful Edmond

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To many in his hometown of Washington, D.C., during his 1980s reign as the city’s biggest cocaine and crack dealer, Rayful Edmond was public enemy number one. At the height of Dodge City’s brutal crack epidemic in 1987, this 22-year-old man was responsible for distributing 60 percent of the cocaine that flooded the city’s streets. In the Chocolate ... [Continue Reading]

The Thug of Enforcement: The Story of the Rayful Edmond Crew

Washington, D.C. will forever be known as The Murder Capital of the United States because of the drug violence that jumped off during the crack era. The drug trade bred killers and Dodge City in the late-80s was a virtual war zone with bodies dropping on a daily basis. The shootouts, drive-bys and execution-style killings were reminiscent of the ... [Continue Reading]

Drug Empire Continues Behind Bars: The Rayful Edmond Story


In the 1990s, when the War on Drugs was in full tilt, one of the most notorious abuses of phone privileges in American prison history took place at USP Lewisburg, a Pennsylvania facility ran by the Bureau of Prisons. The feds said Rayful Edmond, a convicted drug lord from Washington DC, serving a life sentence, sold over 19,000 pounds of cocaine ... [Continue Reading]