Drug Laws Changing


It’s been a long time coming, but finally it seems our government is realizing that the War on Drugs has run its course and that we can't incarcerate ourselves out of the drug problem. During the urban crime crisis of decades ago, federal and state governments cracked down on crime. Tough measures, such as harsh sentencing laws, led to an eight ... [Continue Reading]

Penitentiary Justice by Judge Broman

prison cell2

"Yo Hipster, that knew guy is a fuckin cho-mo!" Stanley, a 60-year-old bank robber from Boston says to me as soon as I came inside from rec. "Who?" I ask, scanning the unit for the degenerate. "That piece of shit right there." Stanley says with a nod, as the pedophile came walking out of the counselors office. "Jesus, he's rocking the ... [Continue Reading]

Rotting in Prison by K.L. Blakinger

keri blakinger blog piece

“I hope you rot in prison forever. Haha.” That was one of about fifty similar messages – from complete strangers -- waiting in my Facebook inbox after my arrest. Aside from the personal messages, there were a slew of nasty comments in forums, calling me everything from “the trashiest human being I’ve ever seen” to a skank to a parasite to, more ... [Continue Reading]

Independents- The Biggest White Boy Gang in the Feds

independents image

In the Bureau of Prisons, a variety of gangs exist, recruiting prisoners into their ranks like fraternities and calling shots on compounds across the nation. Joining a gang is not a prerequisite in the feds, but still a lot of prisoners take advantage of the benefits a prison gang offers. These perks include protection, strength in numbers, control ... [Continue Reading]

Life In The Hole By Paul Rinn


You fucked up. You let your cellie know you were selling caps of weed. and the next thing you know, S.I.S. was pulling you up in front of the chow hall and escorting you over to the lieutenant’s office for a strip search. They knew exactly what to look for, and right where to look. But when the correctional officer laid out the evidence, you ... [Continue Reading]

The Life We Chose


The author Dre hails from the City of Chester, Pennsylvania. A former drug dealer turned creative writer. At the age of 23 Dre was arrested and sent to prison. He is currently incarcerated serving a life sentence for drugs and murder crimes inside a United States Penitentiary. In 2010, Andre Cooper aka Dre self-published his first ever hip-hop ... [Continue Reading]

Anybody Can Get It (Even You)


That's it B, that was the last straw. No more chances for this niggah. Bitchass niggah. I'm airing this niggah out. Always running his mouth, talking shit. Well, this is going to be his last night. I'ma cash his ass on and leave him stretched out. I'm in the block waiting on him. Strapped up with the nine and a half inches, titanium ice pick, with ... [Continue Reading]

Today’s Incarcerated Scarface’s


“He's tough in the Ghetto/but in jail... he's Jell-O” - “Road to Riches” Kool G Rap A group of young men of different shades of color are standing up bopping their heads to the beat knocking in their headphones... some are sitting down in plastic chairs... reciting the lyrics of the rapper as he raps... they all are looking up... being captivated ... [Continue Reading]

Queens Five Percenter Street General Pens Book


Straight out of the penitentiary comes Shakim Bio with his first book, Love, Hell or Right from Mikahs 7 Publishing. Buried in the belly of the beast for almost two decades Shakim Bio has written a riveting and moving book on building and maintaining a relationship with doing time. This book is a prison love story but it is so much more. But don’t ... [Continue Reading]