The Top 10 Drug Lords


The Top 10 Drug Lords The drug game is and always was a billion dollar industry. Here’s a list compiled by Brandy Cavalli, The Pen Hustler of some of the world’s most notorious kingpins to ever “move dat dope”. Frank Lucas AKA: “Superfly” Country of operation: USA Downfall: His house was raided in 1975 where more than half a million ... [Continue Reading]

Narcos- New Series From Netflix


Narcos- New Series from Netflix This brutal new series from Netflix delves into the life and legend of Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Cartel. This weekly series starts on Netflix on August 28. If you are into this type of TV then definitely tune in because this show is going to be hot, violent and raw. It gives the real of what went down with ... [Continue Reading]



In July 1993, Drug lord Pablo Escobar sneaked away into the night, even though 500 soldiers surrounded the prison. He first fled to a ranch, La Romelia, and waited in a hiding place until the initial search patrols left the area and the commotion surrounding his escape subsided. Then Escobar moved to Llanogrande, close to Rionegro, and renewed his ... [Continue Reading]

Boston George


  George Jung transported tons of cocaine from Colombia to the United States for Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Cartel. His story was featured and dramatized in the movie Blow that starred Johnny Depp and the investiga­tive book Kings of Cocaine. He has also been profiled in various magazines and was interviewed for a F.E.D.S. magazine cover ... [Continue Reading]