An Interview with Vonda’s Gang’s Enforcer Rah-Rah


Miami was known as the cocaine capital and drug pipeline into the United States from South America. As the cocaine cowboys, who acted as enforcers and gun thugs for the Colombian cartels, turned the MIA into the Wild, Wild West. The city functioned as the heart of the cocaine trade with all the other arteries branching off from it. At one time ... [Continue Reading]

Vonda’s Gang


The Boobie Boys were one of Miami’s most violent gangs responsible, according to the Miami Dade Police Department, for more than 35 murders and 100 killings over an eight-year period, beginning in 1993. The Boobie Boys were led by the gang’s namesake, Kenneth “Boobie” Williams, who, from the late 1980s, built a drug empire worth an estimated $80 ... [Continue Reading]