The Solntsevskaya Brotherhood by Niko

mikhas skoch and averin

The Solntsevskaya Brotherhood by Niko It’s impossible to talk about the history of modern Russia without mentioning that lawless period of free-for-all mayhem that was the 1990s. When you look at Moscow today you see a modern metropolis. OK maybe Russia isn’t the freest country in the world, but people in the major cities live just as well as ... [Continue Reading]

From Gunslingers to Gangsters to Gangsta’s


From Gunslingers to Gangsters to Gangsta's  American popular culture has long been infatuated with the bad guys. In the pantheon of outlaw heroes a large number of mythical figures have become a part of American folklore. From Old West figures like Billy the Kid and Jesse James to Mob icons such as Al Capone and John Gotti to more modern day ... [Continue Reading]

The State of New England’s Mafia


  The State of New England's Mafia by Mark Silverman In 2005, the Boston newspapers were reporting that Luigi (Baby Shacks) Manocchio was running a noxious, unhappy mafia family. A street beef between Anthony (Spucky) Spagnolo and the East Boston mafia street duo of Frederick (Freddy the Neighbor) Simone and Vincent (Dee Dee) Gioacchini ... [Continue Reading]

The Milwaukee Mafia

milwaukee mafia

"What does the word “Mafia” bring to mind? Murder, car bombs, bootlegging and other devious crimes. The back alleys of Chicago and New York. Al Capone and John Gotti. What the word rarely brings to mind is Milwaukee. This book will change that — Milwaukee, though smaller, had its streets flowing with blood and illicit booze. Dozens of people ... [Continue Reading]

The Gangster Report by Scott M. Burnstein – The Chronicles of Nick the Blade

Nick the Blade 3

Last week, Pittsburgh mobster Eugene (Nick the Blade) Gesuale rang in the New Year at home for the first time in almost three decades. Gesuale, 71, is one of Pennsylvania’s all-time most-feared gangsters and was released from federal prison in the weeks before Thanksgiving, following 28 years of incarceration on a hefty drug-peddling and ... [Continue Reading]

Lucky Luciano: Mysterious Tales of a Gangland Legend

Lucky Luciano Cover

Charles “Lucky” Luciano is one of the most researched, discussed and dissected American mobsters of all time. His name has become synonymous with New York City’s high drama gangland days of prohibition bootlegging, the formation of the infamous five families, and controversy over his alleged ‘Last Testament’. Yet, there exist many fascinating ... [Continue Reading]

Boston True Crime Writer

George Hassett’s new book, Gangsters of Boston is a well written and researched volume that goes in-depth to all things criminal in Boston. The city’s underworld is explored and examined in this thorough and detail orientated book. From the New England Mafia to Whitey Bulger’s Winter Hill Gang to the crack empire of Darryl “God” Whiting and even ... [Continue Reading]

The Commodification of Whitey Bulger


With the capture of FBI Top Ten Most Wanted fugitive Whitey Bulger in 2011 and now the ensuing trial, where Bulger will finally have to face the music and pay for his alleged crimes of running the Irish mob in Boston for two decades, committing multiple murders and remaining a fugitive for another decade, a media frenzy has erupted. "The buzz in ... [Continue Reading]

A Look Inside Boston’s Organized Crime Underworld


With the recent capture of the infamous gangster Whitey Bulger and the arrest of 83-year-old Howie Winter, from Boston’s notorious Winter Hill gang, (see accompanying article), Irish mobsters are back in the news. When Bulger went on the lam in 1995, the streets of Boston became a warzone as the Italian Mafia, The Winter Hill Gang and the Renegade ... [Continue Reading]