From Gunslingers to Gangsters to Gangsta’s


From Gunslingers to Gangsters to Gangsta's  American popular culture has long been infatuated with the bad guys. In the pantheon of outlaw heroes a large number of mythical figures have become a part of American folklore. From Old West figures like Billy the Kid and Jesse James to Mob icons such as Al Capone and John Gotti to more modern day ... [Continue Reading]

JR is Holding it Down for the Midwest


  A new St. Louis rapper has hit the scene and his rhymes and lyrical content are on one million. JR is holding it down for the Midwest and he’s put the streets on blast with his new single and video, I’m Just Sayin. Hustle City hasn’t had a rapper with this much star potential since Nelly and considering Nelly just dropped some verses on ... [Continue Reading]

New York Rap on the Comeback

maurice payne 1

Straight out of New York comes the hottest new rapper with the songs that will leave you wanting more. The Bronx native is New York City born and bred. He honed his chops on the cities mean streets and is now bringing his in your face style to the masses. Not just content to be a rhymer Mr. Klutch is the the real deal and full package. He took his ... [Continue Reading]

Shakim Bio Releases The Last Illest, The First Ever Official Street Hop Book


Shakim Bio is a street general from Queens who has been buried in the belly of the beast for the last twenty years. But he hasn't let that stop him from being recognized and having his voice heard. From the streets to the penitentiaries and back again Shakim Bio has represented to the fullest and shows what he is about and now instead of shooting ... [Continue Reading]

The Hip-Hop Mafia


“Back then the game was the game. Everybody stood by the rules. Soldiers were soldiers,” Bing says. This was the era from which Preme and the team emerged. It was a time when men were men, and the consequences of snitching were clear. In Queens snitching was forbidden. It was embedded in the youngster’s DNA. Omerta played a powerful role in shaping ... [Continue Reading]

Street Consequences Launch


Hip-hop and the streets are a combustible mix, which invariably lead to prison, but sometimes from prison an idea that becomes tangible is born. From the inside out as opposed to from the streets to the penitentiary. Everybody has heard about throwing bricks at the penitentiary, but what about those who throw them back out. Some dudes strive to be ... [Continue Reading]

Today’s Incarcerated Scarface’s


“He's tough in the Ghetto/but in jail... he's Jell-O” - “Road to Riches” Kool G Rap A group of young men of different shades of color are standing up bopping their heads to the beat knocking in their headphones... some are sitting down in plastic chairs... reciting the lyrics of the rapper as he raps... they all are looking up... being captivated ... [Continue Reading]