The Best of the Best by Judge Broman


The Aryan Brotherhood and Aryan Brotherhood of Texas have had a shaky truce going on for years now. The feud starting decades earlier over the ABT's use of the AB moniker. Several years ago was the last flare up, when an ABT named Cowboy was brutally killed in the SMU, (Special Management Unit) by an AB "associate". The associate running an 8 ... [Continue Reading]

The Return of Clemency


A couple of years ago a media investigation revealed that the US Office of the Pardon Attorney was broken. The Office of the Pardon Attorney (OPA) is housed within the Department of Justice (DOJ) and tasked with helping the president review applications for clemency. Clemency means an act of leniency or mercy and can take the form of a pardon, ... [Continue Reading]

Prisons as Tourist Attraction


"When you're a houseguest in hell, you learn the devil has many mansions and you keep shuttling between them for no know reason." Leonard Peltier, Prison Writings A recent USA Today headline touted, Prisons unlock mysteries at new tourist destinations. It went on to say how there's new glamour in the slammer and how old prisons, from famous ones ... [Continue Reading]

Drug Empire Continues Behind Bars: The Rayful Edmond Story


In the 1990s, when the War on Drugs was in full tilt, one of the most notorious abuses of phone privileges in American prison history took place at USP Lewisburg, a Pennsylvania facility ran by the Bureau of Prisons. The feds said Rayful Edmond, a convicted drug lord from Washington DC, serving a life sentence, sold over 19,000 pounds of cocaine ... [Continue Reading]

Cell Phones in Prison


Cell phones are more common in prison than you would think. All across the country in our nation’s prisons, prisoners are using cell phones to run their criminal enterprises, conduct business and stay in contact with their families. The smuggling of cell phones into prisons as contraband items has become a big and profitable business for guards and ... [Continue Reading]