Street Lit & True Crime

Gorilla Convict has been interviewing and writing about street lit authors from the jump. Check out these exclusive interviews with your favortie urban fiction authors and true crime writers who pen stories on American gangsters.

Top Gangster Wives in the Movies


Top Gangster Wives- 3 of the Most Unforgettable Gangsters Wives in the Movies and the Lessons They Taught Us Money, power and respect aside, being married to the game --or the men of the game, has its consequential highs and lows. It’s almost inevitable. One minute things seem are good and the next things are bad-- all bad. It’s just the way the ... [Continue Reading]

Top Ten Mafia Murders

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THE HIT LIST – A City-By-City Ranking of North America’s Top Mob Murders of All-Time BY SCOTT M. BURNSTEIN Top Ten Mafia Murders Top 5 Gambino Family Mob Murders of All-Time 1 Albert (The Mad Hatter) Anastasia – The boss of what became the Gambino syndicate for most of the 1950s, the power-hungry Anastasia was famously slain by gunmen ... [Continue Reading]

Uncle Fridge’s Pulpit- Death B4 Dishonor


Uncle Fridge's Pulpit- Death B4 Dishonor The thing I love about my brothers over at the 5% Nation of the God’s and the Earth’s is that it’s all about numbers with them. In numbers there is absolute truth, I agree. According to the latest issue of Don Diva a “Black Person” is killed by law enforcement every 28 hours. This number should be flawed ... [Continue Reading]

Narcos- New Series From Netflix


Narcos- New Series from Netflix This brutal new series from Netflix delves into the life and legend of Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Cartel. This weekly series starts on Netflix on August 28. If you are into this type of TV then definitely tune in because this show is going to be hot, violent and raw. It gives the real of what went down with ... [Continue Reading]

Transitions- Behind the Scenes


The web series Transitions has been generating a lot of hype on YouTube, Facebook and the Internet. Big Hanman, the creator, director and producer has put a lot of work into the series and has built it up organically through social media. He has pulled in actors like Anwun Glover from The Wire and has used a lot of locals from Washington DC to ... [Continue Reading]



They say that sex lame dudes is going gold...Everytime you turn on the're hearing some pure trash...Hip Hop went beyond mainstream...our culture is not the same....But not all of it is garbage..There are still some lyricists male & female who are extremely nice with the wordplay and spit that shit that makes one thinks ... [Continue Reading]

Pistol Pete’s Beginnings

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Pistol Pete's Beginnings The notorious Soundview/Castle Hill sections of the Bronx were known for poverty, crime-ridden projects and rampant drug sales and abuse. This cauldron of go-hard, gully streets defined what a ghetto was and it wasn’t anything nice. These same streets were where Pistol Pete grew up and came of age. They spawned the child ... [Continue Reading]

Inside the History of the Black Guerrilla Family


The Black Guerrilla Family (BGF) formed at a time when the California Department of Corrections (CDC) was a hot bed of gang activity. There was a black power movement going on, the prison reform movement going on and the drug game and street culture were at the beginnings of what it would turn into over the next several decades. That being said the ... [Continue Reading]

From the Hood to Hollywood


From the Hood to Hollywood If there is one thing Al-Saadiq Banks wants you to know it’s that he didn’t start writing books for the money. He didn’t even set out to be an author. “I didn't start writing with the intentions of being an author or to sell books.” Al-Saadiq says. “I started writing basically to challenge myself and prove that I could ... [Continue Reading]