Street Legends

Success in the drug game always comes with a price. If you think hustling is a glamorous professions, check out the fate of these legendary American gangsters before you try to become the next Scarface.

LA’s Original Gangster- Tootie Reese


LA's Original Gangster- Tootie Reese Back before the crack era put names like Freeway Ricky Ross, Monster Cody Scott and Waterhead Bo Bennett in the annals of gangster lore, and long before the Crips and Bloods held sway on LA streets, there was one man who was considered the Godfather in the black underworld- Tootie Reese. "When you mentioned ... [Continue Reading]

The Gangster Alpo


The Gangster Alpo “On the back of the bike with Alpo/doin’ a back down one0two-three/hopin’ to stay alive/favorite spot, Rooftop”- LL Cool J Alberto "Alpo" Martinez was from East Rivers projects in Spanish Harlem, better known as the Eastside. “Alpo’s building was on 105th and First Avenue," the Spanish Harlem hustler says. "Alpo was Puerto ... [Continue Reading]

White Boy Rick

"White Boy" Richard Wershe 2

Once dubbed the Murder Capital of the world, Detroit has long been a Mafia hotbed and urban gangster Mecca. The underworld of the Motor City has long been involved in the drug game with a cast of legendary crime bosses and organizations straight out of a Hollywood movie. The drug trade was so high profile in the 80s that some dealers were household ... [Continue Reading]

The Dirty Glove Diaries by Terrell “Wall$treet” Wilkins


"The Crack Era" With the fall of the Young Boys Incorporated a few other drug crews picked up their ruthless tactics and organizational structure. No other street gang or drug organization at the time utilized the blueprint left by Y.B.I, better than the Chambers Brothers organization. The Chambers Brothers were originally from Arkansas. ... [Continue Reading]

The 10 Most Infamous Street Legends


In the chronicles of gangster lore and hip-hop legend some gun thugs, drug barons and crime bosses have stood the test of time and their mythologies have towered above their contemporaries. Here at we have written about many of these modern day outlaw heroes and have recognized the part they play in the folklore that has ... [Continue Reading]

The Debate

AFA 166100

The issue of Fat Cat being a snitch has been hotly debated with both detractors and supporters making their cases for or against. Based on the facts, such as reputable newspapers like The New York Times reporting that he was cooperating, it seems there is no question of his culpability. But there is no evidence that Fat Cat ever testified at ... [Continue Reading]


dirty white gloves

PROHIBITION TO THE HEROIN ERA Detroit, formerly known as the Motor City, currently known as the Murder City, has always had a rich culture of drug crews, gangsters and violence. Dating back to the Purple Gang in the prohibition era of the 1920s the city has a rich history of street lore. The Purple Gang consisted of the children of Jewish ... [Continue Reading]

Supreme Team Redux


The Southside of Jamaican Queens- a legendary neighborhood in the great metropolis of New York. If it’s going down in the Big Apple, you know they're doing it with the style, swag and the utmost of their ability. That is just how they carry it in the town. Dudes in the city are doing it first class, all the way and everyday. Every time I do a book ... [Continue Reading]

Fat Cat Returns

fat cat 5

Rivalries had existed between the loosely organized hustlers of Hollis and South Jamaica, but the balance of power had never tipped in any one direction until 1981 when ex-con and former Seven Crowns’ member Fat Cat set up shop on 150th Street near 107th Avenue. The block was ideal for drug dealing as it forked off from Sutphin Boulevard, making it ... [Continue Reading]