Prison Stories

Life in the belly of the beast is rough. Forget “OZ” and “Prison Break.” Read these true raw and brutal tales about living in the netherworld of corruption and violence.

The Politics of Programming in the Penitentiary by Judge


The politics of programming in the penitentiary can be complicated because of how the system is set up. There are over two hundred thousand people incarcerated today in the federal prison system. This number encompasses every level of security throughout the bureau of prisons, from the minimally controlled camps to the fortified ... [Continue Reading]

Little things (The Aftermath) by Judge


          Little things (The Aftermath) After the riots, Garth's name carried weight through the whole system. He was an instant celebrity in all the white circles, and public enemy #1 in the Blacks. "Right there's where Garth killed that Toad." My celly would explain to any new recruit who arrived at ... [Continue Reading]

Little Things by Judge


Little Things There are so many small, seemingly insignificant things that happen in prison that can set off an eruption of violence. Everything behind these walls all boils down to two things. A persons routine, and what someone thinks is theirs. The slightest infringement into one of these two categories can easily get you killed. Everyone ... [Continue Reading]

Prison in the UK by Niko


Prison in the UK People hate criminals. Understandably so, because as a civilian if someone put hands on you or someone you love you’d be pissed too. You’d want whoever did this to be caught and taken for a nice, long, all-expenses paid vacation. But with an uninspired menu, rude staff, slow room service and guests unable to leave rooms 23 hours ... [Continue Reading]

Special Management Units


Special Management Units ADX Florence the Super Max federal prison in Florence, Colorado holds the distinction as the worst prison in the world. A certifiable living hell for the prisoners housed there that makes them slowly deteriorate and loose touch with their sanity. But the Bureau of Prisons has come up with and an ADX junior. They call it ... [Continue Reading]

The Odyssey of a Prison Journalist


The Odyssey of a Prison Journalist Everything these days is online and social media is at an all time high. A virtual reality updated by the second. Communication is instantaneous, and with email, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook the means to post photos, give status reports and let the public know what is going on is easier than ever. But even ... [Continue Reading]

Journey through the Justice System


Journey through the Justice System by D. G. I remember the day when my trip through the justice system “officially” began. The memory of this day is embedded in my soul very deep, so deep it seems as if I might never feel entirely “free” because of it! GARZA EAST was the name of the unit located in Beeville TX. Throughout the years inmates ... [Continue Reading]

A Look Inside British Prisons by Niko


A look inside British prisons I got caught up in the drugs game during my late teens, but back then like most kids my age, I was just playing gangster. Things escalated when I made it into a prestigious London university where I found just about everyone and their mother was popping pills, smoking joints or snorting powder, and the money started ... [Continue Reading]

Ten Types of Inmates You Meet in Women’s Prison


  Ten Types of Inmates you Meet in Women's Prison. Prison is a weird place. There are aspects of prison that are terrifying, depressing, and astounding -- but there are also a lot of things that are just plain weird. For instance, there are certain behaviors and patterns that people develop in prison that can seem strange to an outsider or ... [Continue Reading]

Seth Ferranti on Prison Life

IMG_0383 Seth Ferranti was a U.S. Marshal's Top 15 Most Wanted fugitive from 1991 to 1993 before he was caught and sentenced to 304 months for a first-time, nonviolent LSD offense. Check out this video where Seth describes his incarceration and how he adapted to life inside the belly of the beast. Prison life ... [Continue Reading]