Prison Stories

Life in the belly of the beast is rough. Forget “OZ” and “Prison Break.” Read these true raw and brutal tales about living in the netherworld of corruption and violence.

Life Inside Victim-ville by Lanard Miller


I sat on the plane on my way to Victorville, a federal correctional complex in southern California. As I sat on the plane looking out the window, we flew over mountains and deserts just to get to the institution. When we landed we were instructed to leave the window curtains closed because if we opened them up it would get over one hundred degrees ... [Continue Reading]

The Riot


"Mr. Judge, you're very lucky to be alive." These were the first words that came out of the Disciplinary Hearing Officer's mouth. "Yes sir." I said while sitting, handcuffed behind my back, in a blue plastic chair across the desk from "The Hammer." The Hammer was a squirrely looking man in his forties. He was about 5'9 with a military ... [Continue Reading]

Life In The Hole By Paul Rinn


You fucked up. You let your cellie know you were selling caps of weed. and the next thing you know, S.I.S. was pulling you up in front of the chow hall and escorting you over to the lieutenant’s office for a strip search. They knew exactly what to look for, and right where to look. But when the correctional officer laid out the evidence, you ... [Continue Reading]

Should’ve Taken The Points By Paul Rinn

gambling 2

“Man, I knew Seattle was gonna lay down on me. I fuckin’ knew it. Something told me, ‘Don’t take Seattle on the road,’ but did I fuckin’ listen? Fuck no.” Mike G crumples his ticket up and tosses it toward the trashcans under the stairs. He misses, gets up from his chair, walks over, picks up the piece of crumpled paper and dumps it into the trash. ... [Continue Reading]

Dope-Sick in the Dog House by Robert Rosso


At the United States Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas, there exists a cell-block known as the "Dog House." For historical purposes, the Dog House, or D Cell Block, is the only unit in Leavenworth that remains as the original architects designed; red-brick cells stacked five-tiers high with no modern-day interior makeovers, such as central ... [Continue Reading]

Life and Death in the Feds by John “Judge” Broman

police tape1

In the Penitentiary, everything you've done, all the time that you put in none of that really matters. Of course it can always come back to haunt you. The reality of this existence is that life is cheap and it's usually your own homeboys that will cash your check. Red was a skinny, light skinned blood from LA. He wore his hair in corn rows and ... [Continue Reading]

Prisons as Tourist Attraction


"When you're a houseguest in hell, you learn the devil has many mansions and you keep shuttling between them for no know reason." Leonard Peltier, Prison Writings A recent USA Today headline touted, Prisons unlock mysteries at new tourist destinations. It went on to say how there's new glamour in the slammer and how old prisons, from famous ones ... [Continue Reading]

A Man of Substance

derek 1

Derek Caldwell is a street cat who grew up in East New York in the rough Brooklyn borough. He ran the streets from an early age, without direction, just letting the hood mentality “Do what it do” dominate his mindset and life. Due to his adventures in the game he served three prison sentences, the last one being 21 years. During his incarceration ... [Continue Reading]

How Did These Get Here?


"You got shot cause you knock, knock, knock, who's there? Another mothaphuckin hard rock." Brooklyn's Zoo, Old Dirty Bastard Everywhere you turn and look in our inner-city neighborhoods you constantly hear about the crime and violence on the rise. It’s even in the suburbs. Turn on the radio or TV to the news and you have 14, 15, 16 and 17-year-old ... [Continue Reading]