Prison Stories

Life in the belly of the beast is rough. Forget “OZ” and “Prison Break.” Read these true raw and brutal tales about living in the netherworld of corruption and violence.



    In light of Dr. Ben Carson's recent remarks on prison, prisoners, and homosexuality I feel it is my duty to set the record straight on this issue. It's getting on my nerves. This is a convicts response to Dr. Ben Carson. Who am I? I am Fridge from Short North. I've been in prison since July 17, 1994. Done time all over this ... [Continue Reading]

Inside a SHU Cell

Shu Cell

The dimensions of the cells in the Special Housing Unit at FCC Forrest City in Arkansas, a low security facility in the Bureau of Prisons Southwest Region are approximately 6-foot-by-9. The walls are painted off white and covered with gang graffiti of the prisoners who previously occupied the cell- LA from SURCO, El Cuate from the Border Brothers, ... [Continue Reading]

Drug Laws Changing


It’s been a long time coming, but finally it seems our government is realizing that the War on Drugs has run its course and that we can't incarcerate ourselves out of the drug problem. During the urban crime crisis of decades ago, federal and state governments cracked down on crime. Tough measures, such as harsh sentencing laws, led to an eight ... [Continue Reading]

The Return of Clemency


A couple of years ago a media investigation revealed that the US Office of the Pardon Attorney was broken. The Office of the Pardon Attorney (OPA) is housed within the Department of Justice (DOJ) and tasked with helping the president review applications for clemency. Clemency means an act of leniency or mercy and can take the form of a pardon, ... [Continue Reading]

Voting Rights for Ex-Cons

Prisoners voting

In most states, convicted felons are not able to vote, even after they have served their time. While it’s a statistical fact that many felons recidivate, there are many who return to the world and become law abiding citizens. They have paid their debt to society and learned from their mistakes. In effect, their prison sentences rehabilitated them ... [Continue Reading]

Attorney General Eric Holder Announces New Rules for Federal Halfway Houses

2014-11-08 08.36.37

*Writer’s note- I wrote this shortly before I was released. In an upcoming feature I will discuss what I experienced and what the reality is for prisoners coming home like myself. I am about to complete a 25 year federal drug sentence in the Bureau of Prisons for a Continuing Criminal Enterprise charge that I pled guilty to in 1991. After all ... [Continue Reading]

Is Prison Scary by K.L. Blakinger

prison cell

“Is prison scary?” That’s a question people ask me all the time. And no, it’s really not. Or at least, in women’s prison it’s not scary in the ways you’d expect. For the most part, it’s just really, really bizarre. I did a little under two years in New York State prisons after getting arrested for heroin possession in 2010. Although my life ... [Continue Reading]

Penitentiary Justice by Judge Broman

prison cell2

"Yo Hipster, that knew guy is a fuckin cho-mo!" Stanley, a 60-year-old bank robber from Boston says to me as soon as I came inside from rec. "Who?" I ask, scanning the unit for the degenerate. "That piece of shit right there." Stanley says with a nod, as the pedophile came walking out of the counselors office. "Jesus, he's rocking the ... [Continue Reading]

Rotting in Prison by K.L. Blakinger

keri blakinger blog piece

“I hope you rot in prison forever. Haha.” That was one of about fifty similar messages – from complete strangers -- waiting in my Facebook inbox after my arrest. Aside from the personal messages, there were a slew of nasty comments in forums, calling me everything from “the trashiest human being I’ve ever seen” to a skank to a parasite to, more ... [Continue Reading]

The Heroin Chronicles


When I first entered the netherworld of corruption and violence in October, 1993 I had a 304 month sentence for a first-time, non-violent drug offense. With the War on Drugs in high gear, I was just another number to be crunched in the revved up machinery of the criminal justice system. It didn't matter who I was or what I wanted, the only thing ... [Continue Reading]