Prison Gangs

On the inside life is vicious and many prisoners join prison gangs to survive. We bring you only the realest, raw and most brutal prison gang stories straight out of the belly of the beast. Check out these interviews with real prison gang members.

The Best of the Best by Judge Broman


The Aryan Brotherhood and Aryan Brotherhood of Texas have had a shaky truce going on for years now. The feud starting decades earlier over the ABT's use of the AB moniker. Several years ago was the last flare up, when an ABT named Cowboy was brutally killed in the SMU, (Special Management Unit) by an AB "associate". The associate running an 8 ... [Continue Reading]

Prison Gang Management

prison gang management 1

In the netherworld of corruption and violence, which exists perpetually inside the belly of the beast, prison administrators struggle to manage the violent proclivities of prison gangs. Unfortunately, for the powers that be, it’s not a perfect science. With all the shifting alliances, swirling gang activity and ever changing power structures that ... [Continue Reading]

Independents- The Biggest White Boy Gang in the Feds

independents image

In the Bureau of Prisons, a variety of gangs exist, recruiting prisoners into their ranks like fraternities and calling shots on compounds across the nation. Joining a gang is not a prerequisite in the feds, but still a lot of prisoners take advantage of the benefits a prison gang offers. These perks include protection, strength in numbers, control ... [Continue Reading]

Life in a White Prison Gang


We have all heard the horror stories of the young, white, middle-class kid that goes to prison and gets turned out. This is a common theme in movies and television shows that depict prison as an urban jungle where Caucasians are the prey. But although this can and will happen, it is a rare occurrence rather than a routine happening. It is just one ... [Continue Reading]


terre haute

Penitentiary Drama In 2003 the United States Penitentiary at Terre Haute, Indiana was the strong-hold for many of Chicago's most violent street organizations, including members of the Almighty Vice Lord Nation. A branch of Four Corner Hustlers amongst the Vice Lords that dominated the ranks of Vice Lords all across the federal system, held sway ... [Continue Reading]

Ringleaders and Rats


Disneyland was close to Hollywood, but Terrible Tom wouldn’t see either place. Con Air landed at Los Angeles International Airport.  The plane bypassed the main terminal and taxied toward a remote hangar.  Across the way, a forklift loaded heavy crates onto a flatbed truck trailer. A parade of U.S. Marshal vehicles sat parked and waiting as Con ... [Continue Reading]

A Look at the Aryan Brotherhood


The Aryan Brotherhood or Brand as they are known in the federal prison system began with incarcerated white prisoners in California who aligned themselves against black and Mexican prisoners in the racial cauldron that existed inside the belly of the beast in the 60s and 70s. The Aryan Brotherhood has been responsible for "race wars"- organized ... [Continue Reading]

The Brand


As legend has it the Aryan Brotherhood formed at San Quentin Prison in California in 1967 in the cauldron of the prison race wars to fight the Black Guerrilla Family, a black prison gang led by the notorious Black Panther, revolutionary and author of Soledad Brother, George Jackson. The white supremacist group, which later became known as the Brand ... [Continue Reading]

Dirty White Boys


Prison gangs like the Mexican Mafia, Aryan Brotherhood, Latin Kings, Black Guerrilla Family, Texas Syndicate and the Dirty White Boys have been around for decades. Some evolved in state joints, some in the federal system. They originated and evolved for different reasons, sometimes for "the -protection of their race but most times for more ... [Continue Reading]

The Mexican Mafia


La Eme is one of the big four California prison gangs. They originated in the California prison system in the 1960s and have grown since then to rule a vast empire of criminal activities, stretching from Southern California to Arizona to Colorado. Virtually all the southwestern gangs of Mexican heritage (Surenos) are under their control. In prison ... [Continue Reading]