American loves its bad guys. Pop culture has been fascinated by the Mafia for decades. Hollywood has immortalized mobsters in films like the Godfather, Goodfellas and shows like the Sopranos. Check out these stories on real life Mafia dons in federal prison.

Cartel Land- New Documentary


Cartel Land- New Documentary Cartel Land is a new documentary that films the events surrounding two vigilante groups as they take on the violent Mexican drug cartels in Mexico and along Arizona's borders. Follow filmmaker Matthew Heineman as he tells the stories of El Doctor and the Autodefensas against the brutal Knights Templar drug cartels ... [Continue Reading]

The State of New England’s Mafia


  The State of New England's Mafia by Mark Silverman In 2005, the Boston newspapers were reporting that Luigi (Baby Shacks) Manocchio was running a noxious, unhappy mafia family. A street beef between Anthony (Spucky) Spagnolo and the East Boston mafia street duo of Frederick (Freddy the Neighbor) Simone and Vincent (Dee Dee) Gioacchini ... [Continue Reading]

The Milwaukee Mafia

milwaukee mafia

"What does the word “Mafia” bring to mind? Murder, car bombs, bootlegging and other devious crimes. The back alleys of Chicago and New York. Al Capone and John Gotti. What the word rarely brings to mind is Milwaukee. This book will change that — Milwaukee, though smaller, had its streets flowing with blood and illicit booze. Dozens of people ... [Continue Reading]

Murder Inc.: Mysteries of the Mob’s Most Deadly Hit Squad

Irving Big Gangi Cohen 1

Part 1 – Irving “Big Gangi” Cohen Walter Sage was being taken for a ride, but he was the only person in the vehicle unaware of this mortally significant fact. He would not have surmised a deadly attack on his health was pending though, simply because he was with his pals, and, on that pleasant late night in July 1937, the crew was heading up to ... [Continue Reading]

The Gangster Report by Scott M. Burnstein – The Chronicles of Nick the Blade

Nick the Blade 3

Last week, Pittsburgh mobster Eugene (Nick the Blade) Gesuale rang in the New Year at home for the first time in almost three decades. Gesuale, 71, is one of Pennsylvania’s all-time most-feared gangsters and was released from federal prison in the weeks before Thanksgiving, following 28 years of incarceration on a hefty drug-peddling and ... [Continue Reading]

Joe Valgica’s Last Plate of Fries

Tampa Mafia Cover_Issue 1 blog

In the early morning hours of December 5, 1928, patrolman Frank Osowski, was walking his beat in downtown Cleveland, when he noticed a car pulling up in front of the Statler Hotel on Euclid Avenue. A group of men emerged that caught the officer’s eye. As he told a reporter from the Cleveland Plain Dealer, “Well, it was this way. A car all covered ... [Continue Reading]

Leader of Gulf Cartel arrested while shopping in Texas By David Amoruso

gulf cartel photo 2

Gulf Cartel leader Juan Francisco Saenz-Tamez was arrested on October 9, 2014, while shopping in Edinburg, Texas, authorities announced yesterday, when Saenz-Tamez made an appearance in a Texas court on drug trafficking charges. His ascend to the top is further proof that the Gulf Cartel is in a steady decline after the imprisonment of many of its ... [Continue Reading]