Hustling & Hip-Hop

Legendary figures of the drug game have been the province of myth and hearsay until the rise of hip-hop. Cocaine or gangsta rap is crack era nostalgia taken to its extreme. Read these stories and interviews where hustling and hip-hop collide.

New York Rap on the Comeback

maurice payne 1

Straight out of New York comes the hottest new rapper with the songs that will leave you wanting more. The Bronx native is New York City born and bred. He honed his chops on the cities mean streets and is now bringing his in your face style to the masses. Not just content to be a rhymer Mr. Klutch is the the real deal and full package. He took his ... [Continue Reading]

Kenny Kingpin Interview

kenny kingpin1

It is a pleasure to interview you homie. I have been a fan of your movement for a  long time. I wanted to start from the very beginning of your career when you were going by Laquan. That first record was a real pro black project and reflected the way Hip Hop was at that time. I want to know how did you get your first deal with Island and how did ... [Continue Reading]

Uncle Fridge’s Pulpit


Short North Posse Indictment – Round Six – This Time its Murder and Land Grabs by the City as Usual Front page of the June 13, 2014 Columbus Dispatch read: OSU Shutters Two Carryouts. My first thought was that white people don't sell each other malt liquor and single cigarettes and since they're gentrifying the area...This thought was solidified ... [Continue Reading]

Uncle Fridge’s Pulpit


Summertime - Murder is big business for the P.I.C. Yeah, it's summertime and the bodies in Columbus, Ohio are piling up! I remember enjoying the reputation we all had in the nasty 9-0's with respects to murder and all sorts of mayhem; the 90's were a very macabre and depraved time in our history. So it’s the 2000's. Breaks my heart now ... [Continue Reading]

Uncle Fridge’s Pulpit


Stand Your Ground As a convict that is soon to be an ex-con I have to worry about laws like stand your ground and so on. But first I'd like to extend a shout out to my brother Tim Richardson on his release from this shithole we're doing time in! Tim is a righteous brother that used what I used to get out the feds, a combination of hard work in ... [Continue Reading]



Remember how I told ya”ll broke mothaphuckaz about how I get MONEY…MONEY…MONEY??? I just got enlighted to some other shit that now makes all my previous moves and schemes look like pennies….and BELIEVE ME when I tell you that in no shape or form am I about any kind of “LOOSE CHANGE”…I’M A HUSTLeCONOMICIST!!! Dig: After going through so many ... [Continue Reading]

Doctor Philadelphia


The illegal sale of prescription drugs has surged recently, especially pain medications like Vicodin, Percocet and OxyContin. The demand for pain medication for recreational, rather than valid medical purposes, has led to a corresponding increase in unlicensed, illegal sales of prescription drugs. Bogus "pain management clinics" have sprung up in ... [Continue Reading]

Most Infamous my first Bay interview with Money Mone, a certified player for the Yay by Tracy “Black T. K.” Kimbro

money mone

The entire State of California is nefarious as far as street culture. Although Los Angeles receives most of the attention, San Diego, Fresno and the Bay area all have their share of well-respected legends. The Bay is an entirely different world than Southern California. Gangs are replaced by mobs, turf wars, sideshows, and pimpin'. I wanted to ... [Continue Reading]