Hustling & Hip-Hop

Legendary figures of the drug game have been the province of myth and hearsay until the rise of hip-hop. Cocaine or gangsta rap is crack era nostalgia taken to its extreme. Read these stories and interviews where hustling and hip-hop collide.

Doctor Philadelphia


The illegal sale of prescription drugs has surged recently, especially pain medications like Vicodin, Percocet and OxyContin. The demand for pain medication for recreational, rather than valid medical purposes, has led to a corresponding increase in unlicensed, illegal sales of prescription drugs. Bogus "pain management clinics" have sprung up in ... [Continue Reading]

Most Infamous my first Bay interview with Money Mone, a certified player for the Yay by Tracy “Black T. K.” Kimbro

money mone

The entire State of California is nefarious as far as street culture. Although Los Angeles receives most of the attention, San Diego, Fresno and the Bay area all have their share of well-respected legends. The Bay is an entirely different world than Southern California. Gangs are replaced by mobs, turf wars, sideshows, and pimpin'. I wanted to ... [Continue Reading]

A Counterfeiter’s Thoughts on the New $100 Bill


For only the fourth time in history there will be a new $100 bill. After a three year delay, the improved, high tech $100 bill that was seventeen years and 40 drafts in the making debuts on October 8. The note has been revamped three times alone in the last 20 years, as the Federal Reserve reacted to improved counterfeiting technology and thwart ... [Continue Reading]

Uncle Fridge’s Pulpit


Amerikkka' Addiction to Destroying Black Men (starting with street niggas) Part One I swear I had no idea about the case down in Florida. Not the other one, the “Music Blasting” Case. It’s open season on us again, huh? But what do I know. There’s no more racism in America, right. People like me that keep ranting about this “Black” shit need to ... [Continue Reading]

Blame it on the System

blame it on the system

Throughout history there has been countless movements that swept through the world making an impact. Movements that are deep-rooted and stemmed from a progression of actions and events that developing over a period of time invoking change and even revolution. YNT Incarcerated is just such a movement, one built on solid principles and firm ... [Continue Reading]

Uncle Fridge’s Pulpit


Short North Posse – Round Six For those that don’t know I like that old school music. Everything from Franki Valli to Curtis Mayfield to the Dells and the fabulous Dramatics. Right  now in my MP3 I’m bumping Curtis Mayfield’s The Other Side of Town. It’s a song that deals with poverty and just being a nigga, for real. It’s getting to me a little ... [Continue Reading]



What exactly is ex-realness? We heard of ex drug addicts, ex-convicts, ex-wives, ex-husbands, ex this ex that. “Ex means: former, out of, one that formerly held a specified position or place.” So it should come to no surprise what “Ex-Realness” is. Me and some of my close comrades were in the unit’s exercise room doing sets of excessive dips on ... [Continue Reading]

Uncle Fridge’s Pulpit


What happened? What's really hood? Got a couple observations that I'd like to expound on. First of the two, why are so many of my young homies acting like BITCHES!!!! What the FUCK? I'm watching the news and this big ass football player is talking about being bullied!!!! You can't be serious. I been gone damned near twenty years and ... [Continue Reading]

Uncle Fridge’s Pulpit


What-it-is? For anyone checking up on this site for me let me open with my most sincere apology. Your readership means the world to me and I thank you for your time. Now, recently I endured a period of transition from fed to state, or should I say, back to the state. That's pretty rough on you. If you don't know what displacement is like through ... [Continue Reading]