Rayful Edmond: Washington DC’s Most Notorious Drug Lord

rayful cover

They called Rayful Edmond the 300 million dollar man. He was the king of cocaine in our nation’s capital in the mid to late 80s and he ushered in the crack era in Washington DC, turning the streets of the Chocolate City into a much deadlier place. Instead of remaining a street star forever and elevating to a place in the pantheon of gangster ... [Continue Reading]

Gorilla Convict


Gorilla Convict is a selected compilation of Seth's work that has appeared on his long running blog at Online since 2005, the blog gives the scoop on street legends, the mafia, prison gangs, hip-hop and hustling and life in the belly of the beast. What makes this collection so unique is that Seth writes his blog and stories ... [Continue Reading]

FCC Forrest City


Gorilla Convict writer and author of the Street Legends series and hip-hop artist/rapper Turk from Cash Money’s Hot Boyz at FCC Forrest City Graduation ceremony. ... [Continue Reading]

Coming Soon From Gorilla Convict Publications – The Short Side Blues: Book II of the Short North Trilogy


The Short Side Blues Book II of The Short North Trilogy is a story that deals with change, which is easier said than done. A wise person once said that there are two ways out of the dope game: Death or Prison… In Straight Savage Book One of The Short North Trilogy, Rollo, Damen and Brian Scott paid their dues as they learned to navigate the ... [Continue Reading]

Pappy Mason Sticker

Fat Cat  Pappy Sticker

By the late 1980’s, the crack wave had riddled New York with addicts, traffickers and bullets.  Howard “Pappy” Mason took care of enforcement duties for dealer Fat Cat Nichols, and became one of the most feared characters in Queens.  This sticker features Fat Cat & Pappy in the heyday – before their reign of power came crashing down – against a ... [Continue Reading]

Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff T-Shirt


The landscape of drug use and trafficking was forever changed when ‘crack’ cocaine became king in the 1980’s.  So too was a new era of gangster and kingpin born.  Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff would build and consolidate a mafia-like organization, based in Queens, to  systematically control as much of this ‘new’ business as possible.  The Supreme Team ... [Continue Reading]

Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff Poster

Supreme Poster 1985 (521x800)

Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff helped usher in a ‘new’ era of gangster during the 1980’s crack cocaine epidemic, forming his own mob-like crew called “The Supreme Team.” This poster from the Knokaround X Gorilla Convict collab line offers a colorful, retro 80’s vibe – prominently featuring Supreme decked out in old school form, with historical points of ... [Continue Reading]

Chaz “Slim” Williams


As featured on BET's American Gangster series, here is street legend and Queens native Chaz "Slim" Williams of Black Hand Entertainment buying Seth's new Supreme Team book. This is the Slim 50 Cent name checks in "Many Men." ... [Continue Reading]

The Supreme Team Sticker


Order Now- The Supreme Team 3" by 6" vinyl indoor/outdoor sticker, which features an era photo from the mid-80s of Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff, the founder and leader of the team and his nephew, Gerald "Prince" Miller, who was his second in command. These two men ran the first ever organized crack dealing crew and were their styles and trends had an ... [Continue Reading]

Frank Matthews Sticker


Order Now- the Frank Matthews 3" by 6" vinyl indoor/outdoor sticker, which shows legendary gangster Frank Matthews when he was caught in Las Vegas in 1973, right before he posted bail and disappeared with $20 million in cash. Matthews was known as the Black Godfather and was the first urban gangster to break the Mafia's stranglehold on the heroin ... [Continue Reading]