Darryl “God” Whiting

darrylwhiting1Darryl “God” Whiting was born in Corona Queens, New York and was raised in a single family household of four sisters and two brothers by his beloved mother Rose. He has been featured several times a year over the past fourteen years on the television program American Justice on A&E. LL Cool J also portrayed him in the 1988 file In Too Deep with Omar Epps and Nia Long. He is presently serving a life sentence in Hazelton Federal Penitentiary awaiting a decision on his motion to have his conviction overturned on a claim of actual innocence after the government’s cooperating witnesses recanted their testimony against him and presented evidence exculpating him. Here is the Gorilla Convict exclusive interview, from the penitentiary, to the streets-

What are your charges and sentence and how did your case develop?

I was originally charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine and 45 counts of aiding and abetting the distribution of cocaine along with 31 other individuals in a 46 count indictment. Later in a superseding indictment, after the government found out from eight other individuals that we didn’t even know, they dropped eight defendants and 14 counts from the indictment, adding 27 others to charge 50 individuals in a 36 count indictment. I was charged with three additional charges in of engaging in a CCE, continuing criminal enterprise, murder while engaged in a CCE, and money laundering along with 24 counts of aiding and abetting in the distribution of cocaine. The murder charge was later dismissed at the start of trial when it was learned that the dude who testified before the grand jury lied on me about it to try to get probation.

After being found guilty at trial I was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole and 240 years to run concurrent.

The case was developed after an overzealous black prosecutor was made aware by the local police of dudes from New York were selling drugs out of the Orchard Park Housing Projects, who then for political ambitions went to the mayor three times before he grudgingly gave into his request for funding of an investigation. Then the agent, depicted in the movie In Too Deep, went to a young boy from Boston who worked in my video store like he was selling gold chains. The kid eventually hooked him up with two different dudes to buy cocaine five or six times and another person to buy a sawed off shot-gun, all crimes of which they charged me with aiding and abetting in thinking that they worked for me. Then one day a dude from New York who worked next door in my barbershop came into the video store and overheard the agent complaining about the price of the cocaine and told him that he could get it for him cheaper and better. He hooked him up with three or four different dudes from New York and they charged me with aiding and abetting in what they sold him, thinking that they worked for me. Then another agent bought some coke from two dudes who were selling it next door to my club and they charged me with aiding and abetting in that. After that a dude in New York, who came to Boston for a few days to see who to rob, got arrested for shooting a Columbian drug dealer’s leg off with an AK47, who wanted to make a deal, agreed with what the government wanted to hear, that I was the leader of all the New York Boys in Boston, went before a grand jury testifying that I was. In the end he didn’t get his agreement because the government found out he was lying.

What made you decide to go to Boston?

I was doing home renovations with Brian Melton Constructions in New York when a friend of mine, who had moved to Boston from New York, and who was also into home improvements, said that there was a lot of work in Boston and that I should come up there with him to start my own business. So I did, taking some money out my account, and getting a store front calling my business Whiting Contractors, but it wasn’t licensed and it didn’t take off.

Being from New York was it easy to establish your operations in Boston?

First, let’s get it right, because that’s where some people got it twisted. It wasn’t my operation. The government and some people just assumed that it was my operation because of all my businesses, the things that I was doing for the community and my rapport with the New York Boys and some of the gangs in Boston. All I did was tell a few dudes I knew in New York who was getting money selling cocaine that there was plenty of money to be made up there in Boston in the cocaine game, and that I could get them started up there for $1,500 off a quarter Ki and $5,000 off a Ki and they went for it, doing anywhere from 1-5 kilos a week. But I wasn’t their boss. Like I said, I had a good rapport with them and some of the gangs in Boston keeping down a lot of trouble. The government just put everybody together and me out to be the boss saying that everybody worked for me. That’s how I got charged with being boss of eight dudes from Boston, four of whom I didn’t even know.

Describe the background you came from and what life was like before you went to Boston.

I came from a single parent household of four sisters and two brothers. My pops died from Typhoid Fever after the Korean War. I was somewhat the black sheep of the family, getting in a trouble, going to juvenile training school, and doing time in the city and state. I had just been home about 9-10 months off a minor parole violation for disorderly conduct before going to Boston.

Describe your time in Boston and what was going down.

Boston was good to me. I made a lot of money there both legally and illegally. Legally with my barbershop, video store, sneaker and sportswear, and my club doing concert promotions. Illegally, taxing dudes from New York who I got started up there, receiving what I called gratuity from them.

Describe the crack era and the type of money that was being generated.

Well, the individuals and crews in Boston weren’t really selling crack. They were mostly selling powdered cocaine, which the customers cooked into crack. But crack in general was devastating on communities across America. It really devastated and affected women, having them doing all kinds of things that they normally wouldn’t do, like selling their household items, food, and even themselves. It definitely generates a lot of money, but look to what cost. Even though I called myself turning a negative into a positive and setting an example by putting the money back into the community and doing something for it, I regret having something to do with the hardship that cocaine caused.

darrylwhiting3How did the movie In Too Deep come about and what part did you play in it?

The movie came about through the first agent on the case getting caught up and becoming his undercover persona, getting high off crack and eventually began suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome. He sold the story to a movie company after making a training film for undercover agents to show them the potential hazards of prolong undercover work. Other than having LL Cool J portray me as a main character in the movie I didn’t have anything to do with it.

Why did they call you God?

Because I was a 5%er or a member of the Nation of Gods and Earths and that’s who we refer to the males as being. It was no egotistical thing and what they chose to call me, not something I had them to.

What prisons have you been in and what has it been like in the feds?

Well, in the State of NY I was serving 12 years for four counts of armed robbery. I was in Clinton, Dannemora, Comstock, Napanoch, and Elmira, back to Comstock and went home from Arthur Kill. In the feds I was in Leavenworth, Terre Haute, Lewisburg, Canaan, Atwater, Coleman, and now Hazelton. As far as what it’s like being in the feds, it’s a trip with the different kinds of individuals and mentalities of dudes from different states. It’s not like being in jail with everybody from New York. It’s a whole new breed and generation of niggas.

How did the undercover get in your crew and what did you think when you found out the truth?

Once again, it wasn’t my crew and the agent and I were nothing like they portrayed in the movie. I explain the whole scenario in my book Takin’ It To Another Level.

darrylwhiting2What is your book about and where can people order?

The book is a four part fiction series based on me exacting revenge on eight individuals who betrayed me and 41 other individuals by cooperating with the government and testifying against us at trial. It’s also about me giving a young Godfather of the Bloods a 50 year plan to commercialize bangin’ into becoming in international criminal franchise that launders billions of dollars into an international conglomerate, becoming one of the fortune 500 companies and about professionalizing bangin’ to become militias, cleaning the country up from the sex slave trade, rapist, child molesters, child pornography, hardcore drugs, and to defend America against it enemies, both foreign and domestic who seek to impose their religious beliefs or way of life upon us. You can order the book online at
 http://www.coronacrownpublishing.com/ or at a local book store.

Anything else?

Yeah, watch for the results of my case to be heard on my actual innocence claim after an evidentiary hearing is held early next year in Boston where the witnesses against me recant their testimony telling the truth that I was not the leader of the New York Boys.